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Millennials Fall In Love With Montreal | NEW 2018 VERSION


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What I like about this video is that it captures the essence of Montréal. And at any given time we know where we are because we cannot be anywhere else on earth. We see ourselves through the eyes of tourists, yet we recognize our unique city. This stuff is not made up. They are individual moments woven together in a beautiful and authentic tapestry. Congratulations for this video and the previous one as well. Chapeau!


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The girl commenting from Edmonton is FROM Edmonton. And she isnt wrong, architecturally and culturally, Edmonton is not comparable with Montreal. How is that harsh or rude? Btw, the last video had a longer quote about Edmonton, but no one noticed it before. Should we also cut the part where they say that "Australia doesnt have buildings like these." because it could hurt australians feelings? 

Lets be serious here. 9_9

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