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  1. It doesn’t matter, you’re not technically on the South Shore where it only counts. 🙄 😆
  2. I can see it just fine from the east end..
  3. That second photo especially is spectacular! Thanks!
  4. I know.. I just meant in reference to the old TCA liveried A319
  5. That livery will look cool on an A220!
  6. I’ll take it while we can. Air Canada has been consistent in opening routes fro YUL to key far flung world cities around the globe. It’s hard to judge anything long term in the current environment so I appreciate any new service like this we can get. Most everything I read about online involves contraction so this is exciting.
  7. Nice to see the expanding during this depressed time. Fingers crossed for all this.
  8. Took this pic Jan 1st https://flic.kr/p/2kpBV4z
  9. Qatar Airways going daily to Montreal Qatar is upping its service to YUL to daily in line with its new Air Canada code share to Toronto.
  10. Aeromexico is upping service to 5x a week too
  11. I agree. St Zotique would be for Santa Cabrini for sure. I assume the Assomption station will inter connect with the metro station since its going below ground at that point. Eliminating st clement and Davidson would speed up the trip to downtown. Seems like a lot of stops along notre dame but I presume they’ve done a population and population movement study to justify all this. Tbh this is exciting news.
  12. Yes I’m seeing that now as I’m discovering more details. I actually like the plan so far (at least as a first impression). I don’t see it as paralleling the green line and Sherbrooke’s extension is only from Honoré-Beaugrand. The north line if it is going right to the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital will need to be underground at that point.. it’s a densely populated residential area so it makes sense. I’d still extend assomption to notre dame and go up there but it looks like they are starting at Dixon and moving westward for some weird reason. Interesting though.
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