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  1. Nice! The A321LR/XLR offers new possibilities for YUL. Star feed will help this route for sure. I wish them success. Now, SAS next?
  2. WOW!! That’s awesome news! Let’s hope it happens. They are a Star Alliance partner so maybe there is fuller joint venture with Air Canada in the works. YUL is on fire lately.
  3. Good news.. Copenhagen was a missing link in our global network. Milan, Berlin & Moscow still need service on a side note, I wonder if Air Transat will eventually join Star Alliance once the Air Canada purchase is finalized (and if they stay a separate entity for a decent number of years).
  4. Given the MAX grounding I think these are still pretty good numbers. Were consistently gaining on most other Canadian airports.. as long as we keep doing that YUL’s importance as an attractive hub to global airlines will grow.
  5. Thanks for asking this. I too looked at this pic and had no clue what it was.. I also thought the entire front of the parking structure had to be moved back in the new terminal renovations. Can enyone give a fuller explanation as to what they are building here.
  6. From P2P demand from USA/CAN cities to SGN/HAN over the past 12 months was as follows: *Round trip pax below* SGN-LAX 170,000 SGN-SFO 120,000 SGN-JFK 75,000 SGN-IAD 50,000 SGN-ORD 35,000 SGN-IAH 65,000 SGN-SEA 50,000 SGN-DFW 35,000 SGN-YYZ 80,000 SGN-YUL 25,000 SGN-YVR 50,000 HAN-LAX 35,000 HAN-SFO 25,000 HAN-JFK 30,000 HAN-IAD 10,000 HAN-ORD 10,000 HAN-IAH 5,000 HAN-SEA 7,000 HAN-DFW 5,000 HAN-YYZ 30,000 HAN-YUL 10,000 HAN-YVR 20,000
  7. I picked adding green spaces even though many of the issues you listed could be a primary focus.. With climate change the city is only going to get hotter as time passes and we will need to find ways to cool off.. trees and parks are one of the best ways to do it plus they bring all the benefits of nature and comfort and make the city more liveable..
  8. It’s a nice nod to indigenous people. It will take time to get use to saying it though.. kind of a tough name to remember especially that it’s not verbalized exactly in the same manner as it’s spelling. Adadegon vs Atateken
  9. Rumors on say most are for Air Baltic’s startup in Europe although I thought they secured LOI’s already for that. These are also LOI’s so they must have potential customers in mind. Spirit could be the main customer, it seems logical enough, or some unnamed airline.. , as you said we’ll find out soon enough.
  10. Nice to see a major leasing company placing an order.. it’s a good sign.
  11. Personally I prefer all blue or all red.. but hey white will do 🙂 ..and I’ll leave it up to you to make the disco ball suggestion to PVM.. or better still a laser ball!
  12. A couple of things MTLBlog is hardly the New York Times and frequently makes attention grabbing headlines so.. The rainbow effect probably is for testing purposes only. I doubt the lighting will often be more than one solid colour. You can’t please everyone, there will always be complaints.. always, we see it here in every thread. It’s human nature. So for what it’s worth, I like the lighting.