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  1. I picked adding green spaces even though many of the issues you listed could be a primary focus.. With climate change the city is only going to get hotter as time passes and we will need to find ways to cool off.. trees and parks are one of the best ways to do it plus they bring all the benefits of nature and comfort and make the city more liveable..
  2. It’s a nice nod to indigenous people. It will take time to get use to saying it though.. kind of a tough name to remember especially that it’s not verbalized exactly in the same manner as it’s spelling. Adadegon vs Atateken
  3. Rumors on say most are for Air Baltic’s startup in Europe although I thought they secured LOI’s already for that. These are also LOI’s so they must have potential customers in mind. Spirit could be the main customer, it seems logical enough, or some unnamed airline.. , as you said we’ll find out soon enough.
  4. Nice to see a major leasing company placing an order.. it’s a good sign.
  5. Personally I prefer all blue or all red.. but hey white will do 🙂 ..and I’ll leave it up to you to make the disco ball suggestion to PVM.. or better still a laser ball!
  6. A couple of things MTLBlog is hardly the New York Times and frequently makes attention grabbing headlines so.. The rainbow effect probably is for testing purposes only. I doubt the lighting will often be more than one solid colour. You can’t please everyone, there will always be complaints.. always, we see it here in every thread. It’s human nature. So for what it’s worth, I like the lighting.
  7. Nice, I too thought it would only be white. Also I was under the impression lighting would only be installed after the bridge was opened. I’m kinda anxious now to see it all up and running.
  8. You never know though, Air Canada may roll Rouge into Air Transat and keep them as a separate entity, or run all three carriers as separate but integrated like Lufthansa does with its airlines. No details have been signed or revealed yet. Keep your fingers crossed. I’d also say AC won’t have a true monopoly. There are still competing airlines on many of routes or at least alternate routes flown by the competition
  9. I agree. Would be nice to see a tower with a different colour glass than grey or dark blue. Maybe a deep mauve or gold (although it’s not a bank) or any other respectable colour that makes it stand out without it being gaudy.
  10. Well the top image looks ok.. maybe it’s just the dull look of the bottom rendering that makes it look so bland. The AC hotel looked ugly in its rendering, so did Myriade.. both turned out ok.. the AC actually quite nice. So I’m going to give it a chance by waiting for more detailed renderings. Not sure what they were thinking with the bottom ad.. horrible dull tones.. displaying concrete walls, blanked out reflective curtain.. they couldn’t have made it look more unappealing.. way ta go in missing a chance to generate excitement and interest in their product. Looks like an ad from the 1960s.
  11. It’s definitely the best case scenario for all parties including YUL. Westjet would have been the next best case. The HQ won’t move out of Montreal. Air Canada will have a fortress hub more capable of connecting passengers to more cities worldwide. They will acquire and integrate Air Transat’s best and most innovative employees and add them to their talent pool. The hotels TS and AC own will likely be fuller as they will be in reach of more people. Fleets are similar and familiar. Air Canada has been criticized for its lack of French usage but compared to all other suitors they are the best match to Air Transat on this front (imagine Westjet).. YUL won’t likely see a massive withdrawal of available seats although I’d expect some service cuts for TS (Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Athens) as Air Canada Rouge or Air Canada mainline will take over with a larger plane or an extra flight or two per week depending on the route. Next step, let’s see which players will oppose this merger and tries to stop it. Let’s see if Onex tries to somehow undercut the deal. When that’s over let’s see what the regulators decide. My gut says Air Canada wouldn’t have done this if they felt it couldn’t happen.
  12. I’m admittedly shocked.. but at least TS stays in Canada and most importantly in Quebec. I doubt a full deal will pass regulators though.. they compete head to head on a lot of routes.. competition would be cut heavily and prices will likely rise . On the plus side they’d get A321NeoLR’s which they’d probably grow instead of the 737MAX9’s on order.. flights on popular routes could be consolidated, weaker ones cut.. the hotel business could be integrated into AC Vacations.. Air Transat itself probably would merge into AC Rouge. Someone on joking suggested they should rename Air Transat as Air Canada Bleu lol.. slap on a Rouge livery in blue. YUL will become a significant hub in Air Canada’s network.. it is a major push here by Air Canada and Westjet will be locked out with little hope of ever penetrating our market in the near future. All in all.. an interesting week in the airline biz in Canada.
  13. If not stained then add a false ceiling.. it looks like unfinished work as it is now. It does however match the rendering so any of this is doubtful. The project overall though is fantastic.
  14. Thanks for sharing that.. quite interesting! Merci!