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  1. Looks amazing. Often rated a world’s best airport, I can see why.
  2. 800 years of history and in 8 hours it was almost wiped out. Such a tragic event, one if the saddest I’ve ever seen. My heart goes to everyone in Paris and France. I’ve been inside the Cathedral twice and have lasting memories of its beauty. I found this link last night and one good thing the top exterior roof was destroyed but the inside stone decorative support roof still stayed intact for a good part of it protecting a lot below. It was devastating but it seems a lot was saved too.. and no lives lost which is most important Pictures on the inside of a Notre-Dame after the fire
  3. Interesting but is VFR really the main driver? I can see that being true in the US at certain times of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter when people go home to visit their families. I also can envision a lot of families going to Disney World or Hollywood or New York City cheaply plus a lot of student travel. I’m sure some companies send their employees on these flights to keep costs down too but I don’t know what is the true main driver come the end of any fiscal year. Do you have any links to a site that may look at this more in-depth? ..and is it the same for Canada or are we different? Canadians as a whole don’t move around between provinces as much as Americans do among US states but what I’ve read but yes more among English Canadians than French Canadians and yes that will factor in. An LCC might want to try YUL-YQB as a tag on to to say YYZ or YVR-YOW-YUL. Just a thought but maybe all with YHU instead if that ever materializes . btw, your completely right about The changing role of Southwest and JetBlue.. you can add Westjet to that group as well.
  4. Ok I am fully aware of all this. Just forget Sunwing et al and southern destinations and Europe, I’m not talking about that. I’m referring Canadian/US LCC’s and ULCC’s flying internally in Canada and/or North America . My point is this type of service can be market to us and to other Canadians and nurtured like any other new destination YUL gets. You have to start somewhere. Do we not vacation in BC because we don’t normally go there or for the same price or lower we can go to France? I dunno really, maybe it would be different if it was much cheaper and we were more familiar with the BC region. I agree it’s much easier for Air Canada with a loyal customer base and onward connections but you pay extra for that in this scenario. LCC’s or at least ULCC’s are relatively new here, they too start fresh in every city they start flying to and have to grow their market. Yes it is a bit easier among the English speaking provinces with more scattered families and perhaps a more natural tendency to travel to/from them then from here... but if marketed correctly I believe they can grow traffic both ways (after all any route out of YUL isn’t solely dépendant on our need to use it, there is the inbound market as well). If Southwest comes here from BWI it’ll be the same thing. Maybe they’ll funnel us to Florida and the Caribbean or maybe to a Phoenix and the West Coast. Conversely they may funnel Americans here to connect to European and Asian flights, or to Western/Eastern Canada. btw I’m aware they have no connecting partner here. I’m thinking students and low cost travelers looking for cheap flights overseas in this instance. I find it strange no one has really tried to even enter the Quebec market. Flair has expressed interest in YHU so maybe that’s the key, a low cost secondary airport. Maybe it’ll attract the likes of Southwest and JetBlue in the future.
  5. I agree on TAP. And Iberia. Would love to see them here again. I think though with the right marketing and right price an LCC could convince Quebecers to visit the rest of Canada and vv. There seems to be little effort to do that and the lack of LCC’s serving YUL/YQB doesn’t help. I’ve never heard Sunwing described as an LCC either. Technically it is but more southern vacation oriented and would include Air Transat and Rouge in that category. That’s not the same as Swoop or Flair which I suppose are ULCC’s which was more where I was heading with my comment or at least lower cost carriers a la Southwest with intra North American flights.
  6. BWI is Southwest’s east coast hub. It’s the best city in their network to start the route from if it ever happens which at this point seems unlikely. I’ve read or heard nothing since this article from a year ago. With Canadian LCC’s avoiding Quebec like the plague and US LCC’s flying to border cities it looks like we will just have to wait or hope someone locally starts up a LCC based here, .
  7. This looks amazing! I can imagine it attracting the attention of foreigners. Fingers crossed it gets built.
  8. When the first renderings of the A350 came out with the ugly A380 nose/cockpit I thought it would be so ugly but somehow they’ve pulled it off beautifully. It’s gorgeous! The raccoon cockpit windows help,, the nose isn’t as bad as they originally portrayed and those winglets..! Omg..
  9. Lufthansa’s A350 passing over my place this evening. First scheduled A350 to Montreal, first flight for LH for LH474 and my first spotting of an A350 lots of firsts 🙂 D-AIXM Lufthansa A350-941 performing the inaugural flight MUC-YUL.
  10. Ok thanks both of you. I sensed it really ended closer to Baie d’Urfé than Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, if anything it really is stopping in Baie d’Urfé. It seems designed to serve both communities I suppose. There seems to be room to have extended it south to the existing rail tracks and go right into the existing SADB station which they could redo. It might still be a good first trip once it opens. Grab supper by the boats and head back providing the bus service is quick and direct and is operational into the late evening. 🙂
  11. Where is this station actually going to be located? Along the 40 or closer into the town near the current rail line? REM maps just plop it generically short of the city and generally in the center of the west tip of the island. I live way out east but I like the little restaurant row along the water front there.. REM will make it a fun way to go there.
  12. The “St-Laurent” was my choice too plus I like the interior colour scheme. The dark green is fine with me. Looking forward to using these and seeing these trains around the city!
  13. I wonder now how this will impact Air Canada and Icelandair at YUL. They are both chasing more premium passengers than WOW was but I'm still curious if it will give either of them a significant bump in passenger demand . FI was going to use 737MAX9's this summer.. not sure where that stands now with all the MAX issues.. I wonder if they'll return to the 757 for while when they start up. I presume Air Canada will use A319 or A320s unless they switch up to one of WOW's old A321's they took on. Either way with less competition and less congestion creating delays at KEF it should be a better year for them there. As noted in the post above mine.. European airlines seem to be in a real state of flux at the moment. Probably more changes to come.
  14. Yeah sad.. hard on the employees and of course anyone stranded away from home. One less competitor for Air a Canada and Icelandair though albeit they were chasing a different market segment.