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  1. Ok fair enough. These suggested routes will be possible with an A321NEOLR/XLR or God forbid a 737MAX10 (better a 797?). As the article above says we’ll likely see more narrowbody routes, several from YUL I’m sure. Anyway it’s all speculation. Air Canada présentation map only concentrated on North American destinations for the A220.
  2. ETOPS 180 is designed for JFK-LCY which is further than YUL-DUB. That being said there are limiting factors. This though is the maximum range Airbus is promoting etops 1180
  3. I have no idea what the numbers are but I think a nonstop to Marrakech would be genius if it’s viable. It would undercut RAM and get people to a city in Morocco that I’m sure most travelers going to that country end up in. It would be the perfect type of ground breaking route the A220 is designed for.
  4. No it’s just the maximum range the plane can go according to Airbus. I assume it’s with a full load after all they delivered Air Baltic’s fleet with nonstop flights to Riga as well as Swiss’ to Zurich both of which are out of this range. Stockholm for instance is right on the edge so realistically not viable. However I assume the rest within the shaded area is feasible and more so the further from the edge.
  5. Ok. I just did a radius drawing (5920km) of potential A220 routes from YUL TONS of possibilities. Most of Scandinavia ( Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen & Stockholm), half of Germany (Hamburg), all of The UK, 90% of France, the Iberian peninsula, Morocco (a direct nonstop to a Marrakech?), Ecuador in South America.. what an awesome plane.
  6. Ah didn’t see that thread. Mods can delete this one then. SEA for sure. Would be good to see SAN also. I’d like a few routes to Europe also if possible. Nantes, Manchester, Oslo?
  7. Found this map on Twitter taken from a recent presentation apparently. http://99D7B2AD-121F-4A03-B1B8-B0808C46B07A.jpeg YUL-SEA, Monterrey, routes from Washington DC To YYC & YVR seem to be the highlights. Not a lot of expansion. Not sure if this is proposed routes firm or speculative or if total or just the first few planes. Still lots of questions but interesting.
  8. caribb

    Humaniti - 39 étages

    Interesting videos. Kind of makes you want to take on the world lol. This is going to be an incredible complex for Montreal though. My favorite project in the city at the moment.
  9. Awesome news. Not totally unexpected but still a good start to the new year for the A220. Let’s hope it inspires United or American to eventually order it as well
  10. caribb

    4470 rue Wellington

    Me too. Looks awesome!
  11. This building just gets better and better..
  12. I’m ok with the “X” also. It breaks up the monotony and makes it stand out in a way you can easily reference these buildings. Overall it’s a nice project and enjoyable to watch going up as I pass by on the Met everyday.
  13. They are effective trains. I’ve been on both Zurich’s and Detroit’s, both super efficient. It would be expensive compared to a bus but it might impress people from other continents leaving them with a better impression of YUL all the whole shuttling travelers above the traffic and weather. Anyways, it’s just a fantasy wish, reality is another story.
  14. I’m talking pre-security zones. It could even be outside if that’s easier or cheaper to setup. YYZ & IAH both have external trains. If it was a loop then it would be a mile. It could include the parking area too then. Btw, I recall taking ZRH’s internal monorail between two concourses. I don’t know how far it was but it feel it’s shorter than what I’m suggesting. I don’t know it’s just an idea I’m throwing out, your probably right, there are other ways to accomplish the same goal.
  15. Here’s a thought.. would it make sense to run a monorail like one other airports use (Zurich or Detroit for example) between the train station and the Marriott (US departures) and have it extend right around to the main terminal (int’l/Domestic departures/REM Station)? Or just do a full loop?