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    Jeune professional de finance. Ne a Montreal est passione de architecture.
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    Vieux Montreal
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    Finance, sports, plages
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    Fusions et acquisition

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  1. It is. My comment was more general and simply used the reply to yours as an opening. I think we can ALL get behind more donations like this to any and all Quebec universities!
  2. Just to build on your thought. For the life of me, I can't understand the unjustified anger that exists in certain spheres to McGill. As an internationally-renowned research university, McGill adds so much dynamism, economic activity, international exposure and prestige to Montreal and to Quebec. We should all embrace the school's strengths and help it excel further. Which is exactly what this donation is doing. Unfortunately, rather than promoting McGill and helping other Montreal-based higher education institutions get better, there is often a covert or even overt message that it's a zero sum game and that when McGill wins all the others lose.
  3. Gotti

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I think j'aime Montréal means something different to every person. And rightly so. J'aime Montréal could be mean more parks, more TEC, a "human-scale" city and less congestion as easily as it can mean increased per capita income, lower taxes, towering skyscrapers and more commercial offerings (chain and/or boutique) or even a combo of both. To each their own version of a utopian Montréal. No one group owns this definition despite what they scream and shout. And the jury is out on the development's progress - only time will tell. This can either be a simple modification adding minor delays or could be the beginning of death by a thousands cuts. We will see. But professing this thing as DEAD or as for sure going to be COMPLETED (even if modified) is simply not knowable right now. Personally, I can easily see equity and debt partners getting spooked by (i) delays (ii) political moves (iii) costly changes and (iv) the simple time value of money. We shall see...
  4. Gotti

    Royalmount "Quinze40"Élections_municipales_de_2017_à_Montréal 42.5% taux de participation aux élections municipales de 2017. Pas vraiment un majorité. Et ça n’inclus même pas Les gens des villes defusionées. I still don’t understand how it’s ok to change the rules of the game once everything is ready to go and has been approved by the authorities? The time to deal with these important issues was before and during the acquisition of land and planning phases. There will be severe financial and time penalties associated with changing the project to a mixed residential one. While I don’t agree with the project per say, I can’t understand how so many people are willing to change the rules because they don’t like it. ive heard many here state that in this case an intervention is needed because this is a special case. It’s very easy to make any and all cases special- everyone has an opinion.
  5. Gotti

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    Hopefully, the promoter can now move onto one square Phillips now that his project is in a sound and secure financial footing!
  6. Gotti

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Lots of complaining, lots of handwringing AFTER the promoter met the required criteria AND spent untold amounts of private money acquiring the land, designing the plans and beginning construction. “Vincent Robidas, a rappelé que le projet tel que présenté par Carbonleo respectait en tous points le schéma d'aménagement de l'agglomération, et que les certificats de conformité nécessaires à la réalisation des travaux avaient déjà été émis.” Where were all these opponents while this project was being developed? I ask because I honestly don’t know. If carbonleo didn’t respect the rules then they should be stopped on those grounds. But if they did respect the rules in place then the rules need to be changed for the next go round - not at the last minute. Last time I check we lived in a rule of law jurisdiction. All these committees, elected officials and university professors can give their opinions until the project is dead or is built. But what can anyone actually do to stop it? Not much...
  7. Progrès. Ils travaillent fort dans le froid.
  8. Gotti

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Moi, je dis bravo à M. Leblanc. Faisons des changements pour les prochains projets. Mais ne changez pas les règles du jeu à la dernière minute.
  9. Je suis d'accord avec tes propos. Je veux simplement souligner que c'est dangereux de prendre pour acquis que le taux d'occupation va naturellement augmenter suite aux travaux.
  10. Unless people learn to live without it. I remember the years of construction on Boulevard Saint-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal. It took years to recover (if it has - I haven't been there in a long time). And the stores that moved in are quite different from what was there before.
  11. Gotti

    750 Peel - 23, 23 étages

    J'ai entendu que KPMG a déjà renouvelé leur bail. Peut-être des rénovations auront lieu bientôt.
  12. Gotti

    750 Peel - 23, 23 étages

    EY just moved into the Maison Manuvie this past summer. There's no way they signed a lease for less than 5 years - more likely 10 years. They aren't going anywhere. As for KPMG, they've been at 600 de Maisonneuve since 2005 or 2006 so that makes more sense. However, they have their name on the tower.