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'Discover Montreal' Videos

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il y a 40 minutes, Chris1989 a dit :

Tourists visiting Montreal for the first time since the pandemic, and realizing how much they love it (and missed it) ❤️


Very good work Chris. We have been visiting from Ottawa 1 a month since Aprol and just never get tired of the city, so I can see how visitors who have not been for awhile would be overjoyed. 

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It feels like New York! It looks much more modern than San Francisco! 😂

I agree with those statements. I would not have said that 20 years ago though. Montréal indeed has this special New York urban flavour, minus the skyscrapers of course. They have Central Park but we have the Mont Royal. Obviously Montréal is more on the scale of Boston and both are student cities, something the average tourist does not appear to be aware of. It would be nice if @Chris1989 could do something on this particular topic.

As for San Francisco it has a very special charm about it, just like Montréal does. And San Francisco is anything but flat, again just like Montréal. We even have surf like they do, but not on the same scale of course.

Many cities in the world are multicultural, but few speak two languages that its different cultures share with increasing enthusiasm. At least one person in this beautiful video was struck by this unique aspect of Montréal.

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Thanks everyone! And yes Normand, I'm planning to do a University/Student video at some point. This summer I'm going through and cataloguing thousands of video clips into subjects/themes so that I can edit faster. I was coming across so many videos of people visiting for the first time since 2019 and being overwhelmed to be back in the city, I just had to create a quick one about that. Stay tuned!

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