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Pôvre Madame, elle va souffrir dans sa luxueuse maison de 2M$ à cause d'un peu de poussière et de quelques tracteurs.... Qu'elle aille faire un tour dans le quotidien des gens d'Hochelaga pour apprendre la vrai souffrance. Non mais y'a bien à dire, on est tous humains mais on vit sur différentes planètes.....

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So when did it become a crime to be rich?


Totally agree.


With the way most construction sites here in Quebec are handled, they have every right to be worried. One of my townhouses in Saint Laurent had a new building built behind it. The tenants showed up one day to see their parking spots being used to dump various equipment, all without prior approval. The downstairs window was also broken.


Throughout construction there was zero regard given to the residents around the area. That's not acceptable and situations like that happen all over Montreal these days.

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