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  1. It's a little early to judge, but the building seems to be a lot thinner than the rendering, which is a good thing
  2. I'm all for providing affordable housing for low income families, but this nonsense of building them downtown has to stop, there's not a single major city in Canada and the U.S. that builds social housing in their downtown core for obvious reasons ,chief among them is the high cost of land (plus lack of family services like schools,parks,grocery stores.......)
  3. The towers look ok, but there's way too much space between TD3 and TD2
  4. 1000 de la Gauchetière had a concrete core if I remember correctly
  5. Passed by this afternoon the pile driver was busy at work, things are looking good for this project
  6. That part of sainte-Catherine street needs 2 or 3 more projects like this , that area is becoming a real dump with half the shops closed and an army of drunks and druggies wandering the street day and night
  7. It might look like a porker when viewed from a distance, but at street level it's a very nice building
  8. no kidding this project has been dragging on forever
  9. It certainly has a major impact on the area (good or bad)
  10. We need a couple more 40 floor towers on the north side of Rene Levesque
  11. There's always an excuse to explain the poor condition of Montreal roads ( it's our magic weather, with magic snow which destroys asphalt on contact) Go on youtube and check out the condition of Calgary roads and compare it with Montreal (of course Calgary doesn't have the magic snow which only plagues Montreal)
  12. They should bring back those granite blocks as paving downtown, the roads are in disqusting shape, I would be embarrassed to bring a vistor downtown, the city looks like a third world dump. When will Montreal finally elect a mayor who will put an end to this neverending scandal
  13. Must be a financial disaster for Canvar so far, I hope they recoup their money (or break even) once the building is finished