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  1. We're in for an interesting summer watching these major projects climb to the skies (over 10 towers)
  2. Maybe they'll put up another Leonard Cohen mural
  3. Isn't the entire block of abandon stores on St. Antonie also reserved for the palais?
  4. Thank God that hideous project was never built
  5. One of the biggest eyesores in NYC,that building looks like it was designed by a 7 year old with a lego set
  6. Fits in well with the concordia buildings to the west
  7. sorry NYC has some very bad roads but Montreal is still number 1 by a mile
  8. Maybe one day we'll finally elect a mayor who will fix our disgusting roads, someone who will put an end to the corruption that has made Montreal a laughing stock in north America. I've watched dozens of driving videos posted on you-tube taken all over the U.S. and Canada, and I must say I've yet to see a city with worse roads than Montreal (not even Winnipeg)
  9. Will covid-19 shutdowns affect the construction industry?
  10. looks like a crane they use to put up mid-rises (10-15 floors) not a 44 storey tower, I was expecting a kangaroo crane
  11. A solid proposal, I love how these 3 new 200m towers impact the entrance to Montreal
  12. it's better than a block of run down empty stores
  13. that row of 120m towers looks pretty awful, real minor league
  14. Some people seem to forget that this building will be finished in 3 years, anything can happen between now and then (good or bad)
  15. wow great work by everyone photographing this large construction site, keep up the good work
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