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  1. As Matthew Mcconaughey would say "alright alright alright"
  2. yup my thoughts exactly, it's a great example of copy and paste architecture, a real disgrace
  3. Good to see 1111 Atwater make some real progress, it was stuck on the same floor for over a month
  4. The major problem with ste Catherine( which can't be fixed) are the huge indoor shopping malls like the Eaton center and Montreal trust, these places have 100's 0f shops and resturants, the street level stores have a very difficult task competing against these mega malls (especially in the winter). Unfortunately when they close down the graffiti animals immediatey attack the empty stores, followed by homeless people camping out in front. The same situation has been happening in Toronto with Yonge street
  5. rich people don't get sick they just infect poor people
  6. That last photo shows us how the yul towers would look if they were 45 storeys high
  7. Montreal's serra pelada
  8. It's like cutting off Bender's antenna
  9. did they make design changes? that model looks pretty impressive
  10. It wouldn't upset me if one of those scumbags fell from the scaffolding
  11. considering how well the front of the building turned out, they must've been on some serious drugs when they designed the rear (what a mess)
  12. That apartment building just west of this new project has to be one of the the ugliest building in DT, a real concrete horror show (it could survive a nuclear war)
  13. We now need Chick-fil-a and popeyes
  14. I could go to any shopping mall in Montreal and Laval and park for free all day, why waste $20 to park downtown? bring back free Sunday parking DT and you'll see business pick up, of course our great mayor is more interested in building bike paths ( used about 7 months a year) and waging against cars
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