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  1. I heard a rumour he's working on Viger square
  2. If it wasn't for the massive podium this building would be around 20 floors by now
  3. Unfortunately the building is in the wrong location(old Montreal)
  4. a few photos I took last week
  5. This building would be jaw dropping if it was 20 floors taller
  6. All the university buildings put up in Montreal the last few years have been top notch, this project could turn out to be best of the lot, I like what I see
  7. It's a shame a large company like Quebecor has a crappy little HQ
  8. Could this tower turn out to be the tallest In Montreal? 1000 dlg is 215m measured from st antonie, st Jacques is about 5m lower than than st. Antonie, so that gives us 220m....... valarie must go,bring on the new lean Coderre
  9. Only a matter of time before the graffiti bums make a mess of those sculptures
  10. Needs a massive mural (maybe Celine Dion).
  11. Wow 😳 that's one hell of a photo
  12. Not much of an impact on the skyline, it will be overwhelmed by its 2 giant neighbors by late summer,still it's a very nice looking tower
  13. Wasn't he the mayor who wanted to bulldoze old Montreal to the ground ( run the ville Marie expressway through it)? and lets not even mention the olympics financial fiasco
  14. 50 storey towers yeah right, it's most likely going to turn out to be griffintown part 2
  15. It doesn't look like there's any bridges in the rendering so I'm guessing they'll come down. Plus it would be an extremely dangerous feature if it's part of the design
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