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Finally the huge crappy industrial building on the southeast side of Jarry and Viau is either going down or it'll be part of a large redevelopment!! The block is completely fenced in and the walls are being stripped and all the insides are being gutted..Let's hope for the first 20+ storey tower for the east end...the project belongs to the very deep pocketed Saputo clan and their associates.:stirthepot:

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just a quick update. the building is about half demolished. A drawing of the project is up it looks like a podium with 2 towers a 10 or 12 storey and a 15 to 20 storey next to it. Pharmaprix as an anchor tenant in the podium. I'll try to get some photos..St.Leo is hot!!The Mach Group...I think it's part of the Saputo family??

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Here are some pictures that i took with my blackberry. The 2 pictures with the ? and ? bientot are further east on Jarry. A bunch of run down HLM slums were torn down. Some new project is going up soon according to my neighbour who ran the demolition and put up the interesting ? sign. More to come!!




















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The brick exterior is almost complete and most of the windows are installed. Pharmaprix and the Viau medical clinic will be the major tenants. Two residential buildings are in the works also 8 and 13 floors. However I don't know if the residential phase will start right away.

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