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  1. où sont les photos de construction?
  2. It is bad to see that downtown core's skyline will be completely flat
  3. The space between two buildings must be very undesirable
  4. The materials of buildings don't like those in the rendering
  5. Ets is a little bit far and it is not representative, in my opinion
  6. It's pool really sucks, nobody would like to use it. This building 's eyesight is blocked by surrounding buildings. I don't know why the developer wants it
  7. It looks ugly for the city that the high-rise condos in area are of the same height
  8. It seems that the pit is deeper than other buildings
  9. Will it be connected to the underground city?
  10. So, this apartment doesn't have any balcony?
  11. pretty similar to this scene in Toronto
  12. will it be connected to the subway station?
  13. Why there are so many buildings using black tiles in MTL?
  14. It is permanent,because they have provided new renders for the changed design
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