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    I am from Montreal and like looking at buildings.
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  1. digitalfunkster

    Marché Jean-Talon

    The above article highlights why I think people are stupid for complaining that 7 surface parking spots were lost. There is a ton of parking at the market, and it only costs $2. I think the surface parking should be eliminated altogether to make room for more vendors.
  2. digitalfunkster

    Marché Jean-Talon

    Je ne sais pas pourquoi ca chiale. Il y a en masse de stationnement sous terrain. 2 etages meme. Il y a meme deux ascenseurs. I would get rid of ALL the above ground parking and expand the market.
  3. digitalfunkster

    Siège social d'Hydro-Québec (rénovation)

    This building is so damn ugly
  4. digitalfunkster

    Plage de Verdun

    The water is not unswimmable. We are analyzing the water under all meterological conditions to better understand and predict the water quality.
  5. digitalfunkster

    Métro: Ligne Rose

    Yeah, speaking of density. Le Plateau is about 2.5x more dense than Vancouver. If you removed the new suburban boroughs and only focused on Montreal's original core it would not only be the most dense city in Canada, but one of the top in North America.
  6. digitalfunkster

    Reconstruction de l'autoroute Métropolitaine

    This might cost a fortune, but I have always thought the best plan would be to dig a tunnel underneath the current metropolitain, that way most of the work can go on without disturbing the current traffic. The tunnel would just be for traffic wanting to go from saint leonard to west of the 15. The next step would be to demolish the metropolitain. Then build an urbain boulevard at street level that can be used for local traffic.
  7. digitalfunkster

    Plage de Verdun

    We will be sampling the water at the beaches twice daily all summer for the city of Montreal. The city needs to know how the water quality evolves, especially during massive rain events when the sewers overflow into the river. With this data the city will be able to predict when the beaches will have to be closed. Last year the city did a far less exhaustive study. This year we will be taking it much further.
  8. digitalfunkster

    Hyperloop choisi Montréal-Toronto

  9. digitalfunkster

    Échangeur Turcot

    Is this guy a troll or what?
  10. digitalfunkster

    L'Économie du Québec

    I understand what you are saying. But to be fair it was the Charest government 10 years ago and now it is the Couillard gouvernment. I think it is unfair to Couillard to lump the two together. While the Couillard government isn't perfect (no government is), I think they do deserve a lot of credit for making some tough, unpopular decisions that are now paying off and turning our economy around.
  11. digitalfunkster

    Reconstruction de la rue Prince-Arthur Est (section piétonne)

    I was on Prince Arthur yesterday and I got to admit my first impression wasn't good. It seems like a weird and confused mess. We will see how it evolves....
  12. Guys, maybe try stopping the racist comments by generalizing anglophones in such a way. If you substitute anglophone by blacks I think you will get the point.
  13. Why do francophones feel the need to call me Mathieu and not Matthew? People tend to do what is easier.
  14. digitalfunkster

    Pont du Château Champlain

    Yeah this bridge needs to go
  15. digitalfunkster

    Montreal is 375, but how old are its buildings?

    TMR is not part of Montreal.