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  1. ville-marie

    also don't contribute to the humane society; hitler loved animals.
  2. ville-marie

    it's stupid and ungainly.
  3. avenue du parc has been called "park avenue" by more of its residents for a longer period than called it "l'avenue du parc." fuck, it should be richler street.
  4. i used to feel similarly about the courthouse and the national bank. now i love them. we're montreal, not unesco quebec.
  5. the name reflects the anglophone history of the area and of the crew in question. the n.d.g. graf culture is pretty anglo: http://www.mook-life.com/
  6. ville-marie

    the "liking tall skyscrapers is because you need a big dick" thing should probably end. freud has largely been discredited.
  7. ville-marie

    i remember when i first started coming on these skyscraper forums in like 1999.... we had nothing. just nothing. this is a hell of a time.
  8. i like the sound of this hylands guy -- confident, a bit cocky and dismissive. these are good qualities for a developer.
  9. in tokyo, 400 square feet is huge. who are we, quebecers? are we city people, or do we need to pace around the barn?
  10. edit: i just said the same thing i said last time - i forgot that i'd replied!
  11. it would have been better with one ambitious tower, perhaps the one near the stock exchange. a better developer may well have convinced a hotel chain that they wanted 30 storeys atop the present configuration of that one. still, it's a decent chunk in an underused sector.