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  1. mattrga

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Does anyone know what they are doing? They seem to have extended the box all the way to the southern edge of the building.
  2. mattrga

    LH A350 to YUL

    Has LH amalgamated CityLine? or dropped the A340 from its fleet? Couldn't they keep the same service next year?
  3. mattrga

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    It may also have to do with Air Canada adding 4 A330s to the fleet (for a total of 12 in 2019) and basing the entire fleet of 12 A330s in Montreal: The move is made so that the (more expensive to operate) A330 flies shorter routes from YUL than they currently do out of YYZ or YVR.
  4. mattrga

    Victoriatown Condominiums - 4 étages

    An add appeared today for a new Samcon project in Goose Village
  5. mattrga

    Statistiques PAX

    August stats are up: Domestic: 757,702 (+2.6%) Transborder: 417,819 (+4.3%) International: 908,528 (+9.3%) Total: 2,084,049 (+5.8%) On the year, we are at a cumulative 13 272 394 (+6.7%), on pace for 19.4M passengers in 2018.
  6. mattrga

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    It is from yesterday, but it will be at least a month before the rest of the span over the Seaway is complete. The voussoirs need to be installed slowly and progressively as the cables are installed in the tower. This is the most technically complex part of the bridge, and the only part of the bridge that is a true "suspension" bridge. The machine just to the right of the red circle installs the voussoirs (each a couple of metres long) by suspending them over top of the already attached part of the bridge. Because the seaway is staying open during the construction of the bridge, they don't have the option of supporting it by scaffolding like they did on the north side of the tower (right side in the photo).
  7. mattrga

    YUL - 38, 38 étages

    They own the money and they own the land. Because of a bad business decision, they still own the townhouses...
  8. mattrga

    Primera Air FRA-YUL, Aer Lingus DUB-YUL

    EI is not in the Star Alliance, but AC and EI do have a Code Share relationship on the YYZ-DUB line. If you attempt to buy a ticket on the EI website from DUB to YUL, it will sell you a ticket DUB-YYZ on EI and then YYZ-YUL on AC.
  9. mattrga

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    The passerelle looks curved. DO we know where it will enter the Bell Centre / The Tour Deloitte or the sky bridge between the two?
  10. mattrga

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    If it ends up being true, it's a really nice touch.
  11. mattrga

    Air Canada veut racheter Aéroplan

    When I was a kid, my dad travelled a lot for work, sometimes for long periods. He often said that the moment he started to feel at home was when he would see the Air Canada “rondelle”, from the departure lounge, on the fin of the plane that was going to take him home. Now it’s my turn to travel frequently for business. I had the same feeling, after spending a couple of months in China, once I saw the maple leaf of the arriving aircraft from the lounge at PEK. AC may not be perfect, but it's always a welcome bit of home.
  12. mattrga

    Air Canada veut racheter Aéroplan

    ... and they were already tied to Air Canada (+ Star Alliance, which I imagine won't change) ...
  13. mattrga

    Garage Côte-Vertu (Métro de Montréal)

    On voit quand même que 261 autobus ont été achetés par l’administration Coderre (258 hybrides, 3 électriques):été_de_transport_de_Montréal Bien que l’article note une baisse d’utilisation (de 13,32 %) du réseau d’autobus sur 5 ans, elle ne cite pas comme raison un manque d’autobus. Plutôt, l’article cite une baisse d’utilisation de la flotte de 3 %, le fait que 21,1 % des autobus sont hors service pour des réparations et une augmentation d’utilisation du métro. D’ailleurs, l’article mentionne que malgré la baisse d’utilisation des autobus, pendant cette même période, l’achalande totale du réseau STM a grimpé par 4,25 % :
  14. mattrga

    PPU du Quartier des gares

    They expanded that side walk on the east side by about double and eliminated the one on the west side completely. Lucien-L'Allier will have an entirely different look when the work is finished.
  15. Not impossible. They only have one left and it's over 25 years old.