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    I am from Montreal and like looking at buildings.
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  1. Échangeur Turcot

    Is this guy a troll or what?
  2. L'Économie du Québec

    I understand what you are saying. But to be fair it was the Charest government 10 years ago and now it is the Couillard gouvernment. I think it is unfair to Couillard to lump the two together. While the Couillard government isn't perfect (no government is), I think they do deserve a lot of credit for making some tough, unpopular decisions that are now paying off and turning our economy around.
  3. I was on Prince Arthur yesterday and I got to admit my first impression wasn't good. It seems like a weird and confused mess. We will see how it evolves....
  4. Guys, maybe try stopping the racist comments by generalizing anglophones in such a way. If you substitute anglophone by blacks I think you will get the point.
  5. Project for maisonneuve between mountain and crescent ????

    Why do francophones feel the need to call me Mathieu and not Matthew? People tend to do what is easier.
  6. Pont du Château Champlain

    Yeah this bridge needs to go
  7. Montreal is 375, but how old are its buildings?

    TMR is not part of Montreal.
  8. Le Réveil de Montréal

    We can never have a productive debate when that is your starting point.
  9. Le Réveil de Montréal

    I find it to be very self-destructive to blame Canada anytime Quebec doesn't get what it wants. If the BIC goes to Toronto it's not because the ROC hates Monreal. Toronto is very worthy. It's not like it's going to Winnipeg! It's such a lazy argument. The equivalent to the God of the gaps.
  10. Le Réveil de Montréal

    Certainement. I am one of those types of anglos
  11. Le Réveil de Montréal

    For sure. Oui, billinguisme est une stat plus importante au Quebec que la lanque maternelle selon moi aussi.
  12. Le Réveil de Montréal

    Pour etre juste il y a des commentaires qui sont terrible dans les journaux franco aussi. Regarde les commentaires d'un article de Mathieu Bock-Cote. Scary shit. En passant le francais comme lanque maternelle au Quebec est plus comme 75% de la population. En 2011 c'etait 78%, alors surement vers 75% aujourd'hui. Demographie linguistique du Quebec — Wikipedia
  13. Le Réveil de Montréal

    In fairness Waterloo is an hour and a half away by car from Toronto. Not insignificant.
  14. Le Réveil de Montréal

    I can see Mark's point. I think when companies from outside of Quebec and Canada start investing in Montreal it will be a much better indicator.