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Vieux-Montréal / Old Montreal / Novembre 2013- Part 2


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Awesome pics MartinMtl! Merci. Thank you. You have a good talent for showing us how interesting and beautiful the different styles of architecture play with each other and create a visual wonderland Montréal style. Pic #9 counting from the bottom in your series is a very beautiful shot of the Molson's Bank. What an amazing viewpoint. When I walk around Montréal and especially Vieux-Montréal and its adjacent Quartiers I am always overwhelmed at the richness and variety of the architecture and especially the streetscapes. Montréal is a city walkers paradise with endless eye candy surprises in so many Quartiers. Vieux-Montréal is the city at it's most sophisticated and sultry self. Spectacular! Montréal is my favourite walking city in North America hands down. Very soon Vieux-Montréal will be seamlessly woven into the fabric of all its surrounding Quartiers each with their own unique attributes.

DSC_0095 (768x1024).jpg[ATTACH]

In the pic below, the Quartier de la Santé is joining up with the Vieux-Montréal and will create a continuous streetscape unique to this part of the city. 11974[/ATTACH]

DSC_0223 (768x1024).jpg

DSC_0065 (768x1024).jpg

DSC_0066 (768x1024).jpg

DSC_0067 (768x1024).jpg

DSC_0069 (768x1024).jpg

DSC_0071 (768x1024).jpg

DSC_0082 (768x1024).jpg

DSC_0094 (1024x768).jpg

DSC_0232 (1024x768).jpg

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