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  1. They're driving piles? Excavation is actually going ahead? I'm very surprised!
  2. ^ Looking great, though I wish they had kept the initial unpainted plan, with the brutalist-ish look to it.
  3. Vrai nom: David Age: 36 ans Ville: Montréal Nationalité: Né à Montréal Langues: Anglais, français Occupation: Avocat Comment j'ai connu mtlurb: I followed a skyscraperpage or skyscraper city link back in 2005 and never looked back. I've lost two other accounts because I couldn't remember the password. Gratte-ciel Montréalais préféré: L'édifice Aldred Autres intérêts: Buenos Aires, importation, transport maritime
  4. 5-7 stories taller, eliminate the setback on Bleury Street, and improve the materials. Otherwise: great, built it!
  5. Not great architecture, but great density, exactly what's needed!
  6. ^ I'm not so sure it's condos as a class that are losing favor. What I've read suggests that interest in small condos is dropping more than anything, and that interest in larger ones is steady.
  7. With so many crappy pre-fab towers, I like that we're now entering a "glam" phase of towers in Montreal. This tower, Maestria, Broc's new tower down on Saint Jacques, Humanité, and a few smaller ones proposed. It's a shame we didn't get the Laliberté's Alcan tower.
  8. Style architectural entre Toronto et l'Union Soviétique.
  9. The population in this area has been creeping up little by little, with a few hundred units coming online each year for the past 10 years. Pretty neat.
  10. Do we have sales numbers on these?
  11. This looks to be a wonderful design, and an excellent project. This developer, Groupe Jesta, is a very legitimate player, and has a great pedigree in top quality hospitality properties. On the question of beauty, I'd add too that the streetscape in Montreal is atrocious. Our three 'ceremonial' streets - Sherbrooke, Sainte Catherine, and Rene-Levesque - look like they belong in Beruit or Aleppo. No trees, narrow and bombed out sidewalks of the least aesthetic concrete, lighting fixtures like off a military base, just no care or charm. A black eye for Montreal that, somehow, very few
  12. I've been waiting my whole life for this ugly plot to be built out. Only 65 meters, the same height at the Ogilvy/Four Seasons hotel building? Great! Just do it right.
  13. Wow, the Saint Laurent side facade really is very unimpressive.
  14. Developer realized that it was too expensive to continue with the preserved facade part of the plan as proposed, decided on the classic Montreal solution of arson in order to expedite approval of a design change.
  15. Entrecôte Saint-Jean is maybe my favorite "comfort food" restaurant in all of Montreal and if it disappears I'll be very very sad.
  16. LA has a huge number of very interesting projects going up, including numerous towers. Check out urbanize.la for the best account.
  17. Great - will mean that they command less on the market, so are more affordable. Nothing wrong with affordable housing - especially when it increases neighborhood density in a highly walkable and transit-served neighborhood.
  18. I absolutely love this project and hope that we see similar projects at more stations. Stations like Georges Vanier and Saint Laurent could take 20+ story towers, and Mont Royal was a colossal wasted opportunity - that should have been a project just like this, with the small bus lane in the rear exactly as we see here.
  19. Exactly. My guess is that Broc sits on this site for a number of years, and focuses instead on the Guy street site. The reasoning being that zoning for this site will likely continue to evolve over the years, and that the value of whatever project eventually rises will be significantly higher in a number of years, after many of the other projects are built out. With his own development projects, Broc has demonstrated a great knack for picking projects in emerging areas, and delivering tall, elegant, best-in-class buildings - basically seeing demand where others didn't. Makes perfec
  20. Sa raison d'être étant d'héberger du monde . . .
  21. It's a no-brainer, but probably neutral financially for CDPQ-Infra once the line is built, so it'll be on the governments to foot be bill.
  22. If this cupcake just learned about this project a few weeks ago, he's not doing his job. Anyway, what's wrong with the parking lot by Bethune Square? That would be the place to put pressure on Concordia - it's the ideal site for a new building.
  23. This project has a lot of good (design is pretty nice), but it would have been better if it were zero parking spaces, the basement levels were given to storage and amenities, and that instead of lobby/amenities, the ground floor was used to keep some small commercial component on the street, so that there's at least a small restaurant or two to keep it all active.
  24. Advertisements for this project have been popping up for me as I've been browsing on different pages, so I that it's safe to say that sales are in full swing.
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