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  1. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    I think its time to make them pay for all of the others court cost, Which would make them take less action on claims were they can't be proven.The courts are wasted and the cost of all of this is crazy. Move on with the project and get the first pillars in the ground already. Tired of talk wanna see action.
  2. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Kinda glad Montreal is out of the running. In the states you hear how New Jersey is throwing billions in tax breaks at Amazon.I believe it’s going to Boston area anyways. Just my guess.Plus I don’t see 50,000 Jobs being created anyways. I rather have thousands of smaller businesses than 1 large one. Amazon will take,take & won’t give much in return.
  3. Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Compared to the old Champlain bridge the New Champlain Bridge has that 3D feel to it.The other looks more like the ice bridge. Bigger lets hope better.
  4. Le Centre Eaton et le Complexe Les Ailes

    I tried today to get some photos of the renovation at the Eaton's center today .But they sealed those section off from my noisy eyes. One day a construction worker will leave the door open for me to take a pic.I do like the design rendering ,But as we all know on Mtlurb (Great site & work by our Godfather on here) is what they start off with doesn't always look like it at the end.
  5. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Progress as of Jan.12th 2017
  6. Le Drummond - 24 étages

    My walk today to see what is going on in our beloved city Photo taken on Jan .12th, 2017 on a cloudy & rainy day.
  7. Métro - Ligne Rose

    Check she will start the rolling on that next year, Now that she just raised all our taxes and our rents will go up along with everything else.Question by the time if it ever get built will Montrealers have 2 nickles left in there pocket to ride the Pinkline. TAX US TO DEATH TO BUILD HER DREAM.Don't worry the last year of her mandate,she will give us a small tax break. SAME OLD SAME OLD.
  8. 1er budget Plante

    Hey if we didn’t complain or express our true Québécois feelings of our hideous politicians of every stripe or party.{ Ah there’s a couple of good ones I guess .LOL } Thus being Federal,Provincial or THE NEW Mayor of Montreal and the cities of our province. This is why we come on here to express out truths. So glad with MTLURB we get to see art being built. I love ❤️ the design of our new buildings street,parks and highways. Keep giving your thoughts on here while praising me The Flynnster. Lol😆
  9. 1er budget Plante

    Well now the people will be paying for her lies. Yes open your wallets ,or dine less, drink less for the month because rent,school taxes and everything else is going way up. OH HYDRO QUEBEC hasn’t begun to screw us yet.BUT THEY WILL. Denis ya might of been a load mouth but we miss you already.
  10. 1er budget Plante

    Mayor Plante's first budget. {LIES AND MORE LIES WE WERE TOLD.} Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has delivered her administration first and last The percentage is on average 1.9 percent, but coupled with the water tax to a total of 3.3 percent, or $ 118, for homeowners - higher than the inflation rate. Hardest hit are: RELATED STORIES Montreal project promises low tax increases in wake of budget shortfall Modest tax hike, savings in snow removal announced in 2017 Montreal budget PICTURES Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said she did not break any campaign after Jan Jan. 10, 2018. Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie: 5.6% Villeray-St. Michel-Park Ex: 5.4% Outremont: 4.5% CDN-NDG: 4.2% Plateau-Mont-Royal: 3.2% LaSalle had the lowest increase at 0.7% per cent. Executive committee chairperson Benoit Dorais defended the larger hikes, saying the recently elected representatives of those boroughs had signed off on them. "All the boroughs made their choice for taxation," he said. "In Villeray-St Michel-Park Ex, there is no more surplus in the past, and the boroughs have to make choices to respect the needs of the population. " Plant says no promise broken Plant had been taxed in the form of $ 21 million in taxes. However, Montreal Project revealed the party had a $ 358-million budget shortfall. That's about 7 per cent of the City of Montreal's $ 5.472-billion budget. Plant then changed her tune to say she would do her best to limit tax increases. On Wednesday, Plant denied breaking any promises, saying the property and water taxes are different things. "The words I have during the campaign, we've always talked about the property tax," she said. "To me, we are respecting our promise." She added that the increase in water was necessitated by Montreal's aging water system. "We made sure we would not raise the tax rate," said Plante. "This is something that has been respected and is very important to us. Lionel Perez, interim leader of City Hall's official opposition, called the hikes "clearly a broken promise." "For her to try and suggest it's only certain, it's honestly legalese and demonstrates a lack of respect for the taxpayer," he said. "When they get a tax bill, they do not start parsing it on which line says what." They look at the total amount and the global increase. The administration said it will continue to grow, and it will go down to 1.1 per cent for residential properties and 0.8 per cent for non-residential properties. Planta said she thought she would be better off than she was. More money for boroughs, public transit This budget has an additional $ 11 million for the boroughs, an increase of 1.1 per cent, lower than the inflation rate of 2.1 per cent. Montreal project also announced in its budget at $ 27.7 million. Plante's Propositions: the Pink line, and the 'traffic squad' that has been promised to respond quickly to bottlenecks around the city. Plante said there is some wiggle room in the transit budget to spend on studying the Pink line. An additional $ 138.4 million will be set aside for this year's roadwork. In the budget highlights, Montreal Project said it is earmarking an additional $ 1 million per year for a 30-member inspection team to prioritize access to property and clean housing, meaning a total $ 21 million investment thanks to the home ownership assistance program. The snow removal budget is going up by $ 6 million to a total $ 163.3 million. Last year, then-mayor Denis Coderre pulled the same amount of snow removal coffers, quoting better management of contracts for cost savings. "This increase will help make operations even more effective, and it includes additional credits of $ 1.5 million in salted sidewalk," the budget statement read. Plants said to increase the number of clearing passes to 25 times, up from the current 15 passes. Montreal project also announced it is increasing its funding to the Arts Council to $ 2.5 million. It is also investing $ 1 million in contributions to sports organizations, with $ 450,000 for the sport events program, and $ 85,000 for outdoor activities. As well, $ 575,500 will be given to non-profit organizations to improve their public services The administration also said that it is currently developing a strategy to help struggling businesses affected by the construction work, though it did not mention how much money would be earmarked for the cause. "End of spring, summer, that's what we're going for, when there's a lot of construction happening," said Plante. This is a CTV MONTREAL REPORT. I LOVE THE Lies LIKE THE PINK LINE NOT BEING IN THE BUDGET, WE ALL WILL BE SCREWED WITH HIGHER RENTS.
  11. Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    I think the Cleopatra sign is degrading to woman.I do not think we should have signs of a woman exposed.Sure if you cover up some parts of it then it would be more acceptable.I think its long over do that the sins of the past should be corrected and its 2017 we should have a gender respect for each other .Cover up the nude parts of the sign to make it appear. With the presents of children on our streets i think we can do better with our young men.
  12. Place des Montréalaises

    They should use the tunnel and put elevators at each end of it. It would save a lot of money and it does the job of connecting Champ de Mars & old Montreal. But we will waste tons of money building a structure,sure it will be nice but at what cost.
  13. Place des Montréalaises

    Thanks nephersir7 if that design is picked i hope it fits in with that budget.Wish the public can see some of the other designs.But if this is the way the designs start off with ,its going to be a hard choosing process.Cheers to the design firm.
  14. Place des Montréalaises

    I like it but i didn't see a cost breakdown for this type of design to get the go ahead. Plus what is the official date when they announce the park design winner and budget for the park.I do like the design of it.
  15. Well done to the artist who painted this mural, It does Montreal justice to honor a man who loved our beloved city.Like to see a few more around the city as well a placard to explain who they were and the value to our city.