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  1. Gotta say the the pics Rusty supplied concerning the the Fairfield inn are great but how could they let a hotel get to this disrepair is concerning. I Totally agree blow it up,tear it down or rent it out to a hundred crazy clowns to haunt our dreams. But really the building is Ugly and with all those photos the only thing is a total wine & cheese tear down.
  2. Thanks for some of the education on the expense on such things. I still hope the city, Government of Quebec &,Canada do a cost spread sheet on a website with all the cost like the city does at the end of the year.But with greater detail. Please educate me and the public would be my message dear Governments then as a outsider we can not have these negative thoughts concerning these projects. Thanks to the other members and Administrator for there thoughts on this matter.
  3. I will never understand why ? That it could cost 400 million to take down a bridge.I want it to be published a step by step cost process. Welders,ship barges etc: Because when I see a city say a road is going to cost a million dollars to replace I can't believe it. Maybe I just don't have a grasp of the cost of things now a days. But it seems as a tax payer we are once again being screwed,and payouts ,bribes etc: are being done.
  4. ville-marie

    I imagine with all the construction and pounding of steel support beams into the ground, We are going to experience several of these sewage drains collapses. The piping is old in the underground and unlike Rock n roll. I don't think shack rattle and roll work so well here.So when driving in Montreal always have a bottle of water and a bag of gummy bears until your car gets pulled up from the underground.
  5. ville-marie

    I believe that the children hospital is a eye sore and I like the plans of the developer and I also see bending over backwards to put social housing and a community centre which decreases full earning potential from the property.Plus they will plant trees and flowers which is not there already.Trent is just worried that increasing the area value will take away value in westmount. Keep progress going it been shut down for to long.
  6. I like them to keep the name the same.I always think only name new things with new names. Old names have history and its cost its citizens to rename signs business cards and other expenses.So leave things the way things are. They are building a park near the bell centre now that would be a great place to have a *parc Rocket Richard in a hockey themed park.
  7. The project even though the process has been kind of fishy in its process. But what else is new. I Like the project but the city should add a couple of floors to the parking structure nearby.That way it would relieve some of the parking issues.The owner of the property says he will contribute money to social housing.I get that promise of money upfront.Because once the project gets done its amazing how they forget those promises.
  8. I agree I'm disabled and I use a roller walker. My only wish is that elevators were not mostly to be installed in 2022 wish they have some of them spread around The system. Because I'm looking forward to travail on the metro again.