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  1. Flynnster

    Parc Ottawa-Peel (parc B)

    Why do they call a concrete base with a couple of trees a park. What ever happened to grass, it always seems like 20% grass & trees and 80 % concrete.
  2. Flynnster

    Métro: Infrastructures Auxiliaires

    With the closing of Beaudry station Why can't they install the Funicular-Style Inclined Elevator like in Huntington Metro Station ( Washington Metro ) can be installed by a track over the stair cases on the side .Here is a video of what i mean which has been installed in the USA. enjoy the video. Its a shame that closing a metro for this long doesn't fix all the issues for the public.Simple solution for several metro station . What do you think. Photo by Ben Schumin
  3. Flynnster

    Plage de Verdun

    Well construction crews were back at this project once again . The area has been blocked off due to the construction of the Verdun Auditorium/ Denis Savard arena ,so pics wer limited this time around. Enjoy my Mtlurb Friends.
  4. Flynnster

    Auditorium de Verdun

    Update of the Verdun Auditorium and the Denis Savard arena, Well as you can see the Savard arena was torn down and will be moved over so a passage way can be put in the middle.Think you will be able to access the new beach.
  5. Flynnster

    Abribus - STM

    They should put a tv in them since we have to wait so f@#$ing long for buses ,when they decided to show up at there scheduled time. ya 108 yesterday bus didn't show up had to wait for the next one.People were saying its because of the pending strike,that they are not repairing them.So bus shortage.
  6. Now the clean up begins then the underground parking structure will be formed.
  7. Flynnster

    Le Gabriel - 14 étages

    Well the building is now gutted. I’m kind of glad this building is being redone. It was looking old and it wasn’t taken care of over the years.
  8. Flynnster

    Complexe Desjardins - Rénovations et Nouveautés

    The outside looks great, fits the area .
  9. Flynnster

    Le Carré Saint-Laurent - 10,20 étages

    A little update for ya all
  10. Just a update pic , because we now know the put some money to get this project moving.
  11. Flynnster

    Our beloved Montreal in pic form.

    Some different pics of our smart city playing chess & a very nice outside eating area
  12. Flynnster

    Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    Hope they get all of panels on before it gets to cold.
  13. Dorchester park is getting a facelift.
  14. Flynnster

    Abribus - STM

    I just I take this photo of solar panels on our bus shelter, It’s would be nice if this is the norm.
  15. Flynnster

    PPU du Quartier des gares

    Bigger sidewalks seems to be going well , See how much they get done before it gets to chilly.