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  1. Auditorium de Verdun

    Verdun is not the future ... Verdun is Verdun and proud of it. Why do people want to compare us to any other. Verdun Rocks on it's own and does not have to hold a candle to know one. I'm a verdunite and darn proud of it.❤️❤️👌👌🏘⛪️
  2. Wow 700 pages and the shovel only went in the ground last week, by the time its done we will be over 2000 pages for sure. REM is going to be a hot topic tocome folks.😀👌🚃🚊
  3. Échangeur Turcot

    I agree to having a steel framed over pass, but I think planter boxes all along the bridge would be a good enough solution. Having lights design to give it a beautiful look. It’s to get people from point A to B but to also keep cost down. Governments throw these millions around like its nothing but like everything in life the ....... is going to hit the wall ,sooner than later.( someone gonna have to pay 💰 the bill )
  4. UQAM - Agrandissement du pavillon Judith-Jasmin

    What ever happen to grass , it seems like concrete is the new grass in Montreal. Every park is a concrete jungle. Progress i guess?
  5. Only if you replace the water with beer then I'm in. Saint biere de suds river. LOL I go swimming every day.
  6. Tour 1 Le Square Children's - 38 étages

    I wonder in 40 years what they would think our architectural style. Because they way I look at it we are all going to be metal and glass structures .Its like when in Jurassic Park they brought the dinosaurs back to life all the Archaeologists were out of business.Shame that they rarely do they marry the two. But in the end I guess if its fresh & clean and brings some pop back to a neighborhood is at least something.
  7. Parc Mary-Griffin

    Good luck with that Mayor hates cars let alone Parking ,We will have Bike racks all over the place and in the winter we will have skidoo parking. Cars belong underground hidden from the view of the public. LOL
  8. Le Grand Déblocage

    Hmmm ,I think I trust the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec over the PQ. There not in the business to lose money on a project. The PQ are grasping for air because the other Party's are taking it all from them. The Quebec solitaire has the PQ scared.With the CAQ and the Liberals fighting for top spot. The PQ are more or less found in the back pages of the news. The project starts in april so whom ever is in office come election time, They will have to live with what has been started.Don't worry they will try to start a culture war or a language war to serve there gains.Hope no one bites at the apple and just let them pass away as a party.
  9. The owner should be forced to keep the land clean and safe. Any vacant lot should be forced to be kept clean. This should be in the city bylaws if its not already. Its a shame when land is not up to the standards of the neighborhood.FINE FINE FINES
  10. Having a Gondola from McGill University (The Mountain) to downtown would be neat and it would set us apart from other cities.I kinda thought new it was a April fool joke but the idea is not all that bad, except for the CDPQ’ would foot the bill. That's what gave it away but look at this photo it can be done with a couple twist and turns. I like anything that sets us apart from other cities and Vancouver has a great system .Why not Montreal. What do you think.
  11. If they are thinking about making a park out of McGill street ,why not have it connected to saint Catherine street within the proposed park to the mountain top. That would be awesome and the tourist would love it as would us locals.
  12. Upon reflection and checking out previous articles your right and thank you. I should of read the articles from top to bottom. Will check more carefully next time. My statement concerning mr Cardinal is incorrect so please disregard. Thank you.
  13. Totally agree with you. 90's But its sure beats what on the land now a old gas station and a shameful lack of attention over the last decade of a great cinema.But we live in the now and booms don't happen every year. So I'm all in all happy with this project as it stands in the photo.
  14. Échangeur Turcot

    I believe executions for graffiti artists,or at least 25 years in jail. Harsh yes, ( lol )Somewhat joking but so tired seeing Montreal looking like a dump.Stop ticketing them and releasing them, 👮🏻‍♀️👮🏼‍♂️ They gotta clean them up and pay for it. Plus the city got to put wireless portable cams around the city for problem spots around the city and post there pics online and in news papers. With money 💰 awards for turning people in.Spread the love😀😇