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  1. This is never going to happen it's election year and project Montreal has to say something to run against the mayor. We should be used to being treated like idiots election after election.Focus on express buses to get the people in the area's of the island to the centre city.
  2. vieux-montréal

    I love the stones right up to the tree with holes in them for water and what not. It takes away the tripping hazards. Great design Good job.
  3. So the people of Paris hate us this much by offering us these - art thingies- Guess it's in the eye of the
  4. Bell media gutted the ctv sports room by firing all the sports host. No more Randy,Brian And Sean. Gutless corporate bastards. CTV NEWS / Bell media can kiss my butt.
  5. ville-marie

    My God it's like 3 separate designers took a part of the building and started designing it without talking to each other. I usually see something in a design that I can say hey it not to bad, but in this one it's. As ugly as sin.
  6. westmount

    Love it, time for a building update. I know this will bring some life and a bit of class to the area. More over to be so close to mall & transport is a bonus.
  7. we have worked with municipal authorities to ensure that the architectural aspect Of the post fits well into the surrounding urban fabric. " Well that was your first mistake. Sometimes it would be better to give the concept to students . The should of had the colours of the stain glass on the champ de mars metro. But hey it's only my opinion.
  8. As much as I 'm not a fan of the sign, I find it hard to understand that the sign has To go but it's ok to have all those half naked woman on Calvin Klein ads. But that's the world we live in public opinion decides what's can stay or what can go. It all depends if you make a politician life miserable enough that he has to do your bidding.
  9. I would suspect with all the ice and water coming through the ceiling that it would be not safe. It seems to be a good idea but the cost to restore it would be to much.I would of like maybe a beer and wine Garden with the tunnel storing the wine so you could do wine tasting.Oh! To dream with other people money can be fun.But like most things in Montreal it going to be history for that tunnel..
  10. griffintown

    Sometimes I can never understand design over function, the balconies should be more user friendly. The building OK but nothing much to write home about. But I guess in the end it's what's inside and the services that are offer and of course how much green your going to have to shell out to live in it.
  11. griffintown

    Yoo is a thing of beauty, the interior and the exterior are beautiful. The design is high end class. More designs like this would be a welcome addition to Montreal scene.
  12. The problem with the STCUM is they rarely show the design of the station they are working on until its almost completed.They must of had a design of what its going to look like. They one of the Vendome station.Guess it was nothing special then most likely a boring entrance.
  13. May 25 th 2017 update of the scaled down metro entrance. More windows and less space for the homeless to sleep is there goal.Which should be a safer metro station in the future.
  14. Wow Reading some of the comments it's like don't build nothing in Montreal unless it's a park. So I guess we should do nothing and like in 1976 have everyone move away and for 40 years have nothing big being done. Well if you want you kids to stay and work in Montreal then let's build this city. Lightrail,green buildings smart systems. Then we can complain if the building is ugly or not like we do with art work at the museum.
  15. Wow Chris What a great film you put together. It honours all that is great about Montreal Quebec and Canada. I lived here all my life and I'm still learning of a new spot to visit and with all the changes that are happening now like Griffintown and the R.E.M. Light rail planned. It's only going to make our beloved city even more of a jewel that it is. OH and THE FOOD so YUMMY. MERCI/THANK YOU