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  1. Centra condos (phase 3) - 11 étages

    It is a boring building design, nothing special here
  2. Oh wait it election time we will get promises for everything, look how long it took for the blue line extension and it really hasn't happen yet.( Every election ) I kind of don't take people in politics seriously during election time. When all 3 governments put money behind it and the shovel hits the ground. Then I'm a believer.
  3. Tour des Canadiens - 50 étages

    Ya I think I would of called it the { Original six tavern } to me it would translate well. Plus have Carey Price Tuesday with 33 different types of beers. Plus taco platter coming out of mini Stanley cups. Well that just me, lol not like I thought about it.
  4. EstWest condos (Square Children’s) - 2 x 27 étages

    I believe it was a space ship like in Independence Day over head that was causing all the shade.( lol ) Progress has everyone on all sides.But we learn from each other points of view most times its out of our hands.So respect ,learn and be happy that a site like this is here so we could freely express our thoughts .MERCI/Thank you
  5. EstWest condos (Square Children’s) - 2 x 27 étages

    I like the new square children's project. I seen people write the words heritage in there views. Well as it stands the old hospital was just a old building not classified as a heritage site. I know it is a interesting building but the sites owners want to make a healthy profit off there sight. Restore or renovation to this existing building was never a sound financial option. The city is getting tons of new tax payers and community center. So it's a win in my books.
  6. Molson - Nouvelle brasserie de 500 millions

    Yes just checked out google maps lots of ground to expand , This seems to be a perfect location just don't know how much of the land belongs to MolsonCoors.
  7. Nouveau Pont Champlain

    The way I look at it if the battens were pink and the concrete purple it really does not matter.Its new and hopefully does not have to be under constant repair every year. It's Montreal All I hope it does not turn into another white .elephant.🚝
  8. Métro - Ligne diagonale

    This is never going to happen it's election year and project Montreal has to say something to run against the mayor. We should be used to being treated like idiots election after election.Focus on express buses to get the people in the area's of the island to the centre city.
  9. Réaménagement Place Vauquelin

    I love the stones right up to the tree with holes in them for water and what not. It takes away the tripping hazards. Great design Good job.
  10. So the people of Paris hate us this much by offering us these - art thingies- Guess it's in the eye of the
  11. CTV Montreal cancels local sportcast

    Bell media gutted the ctv sports room by firing all the sports host. No more Randy,Brian And Sean. Gutless corporate bastards. CTV NEWS / Bell media can kiss my butt.
  12. Le Smith - 25 étages

    My God it's like 3 separate designers took a part of the building and started designing it without talking to each other. I usually see something in a design that I can say hey it not to bad, but in this one it's. As ugly as sin.
  13. 4014 Sainte-Catherine - 11 (16) étages

    Love it, time for a building update. I know this will bring some life and a bit of class to the area. More over to be so close to mall & transport is a bonus.
  14. we have worked with municipal authorities to ensure that the architectural aspect Of the post fits well into the surrounding urban fabric. " Well that was your first mistake. Sometimes it would be better to give the concept to students . The should of had the colours of the stain glass on the champ de mars metro. But hey it's only my opinion.
  15. Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine

    As much as I 'm not a fan of the sign, I find it hard to understand that the sign has To go but it's ok to have all those half naked woman on Calvin Klein ads. But that's the world we live in public opinion decides what's can stay or what can go. It all depends if you make a politician life miserable enough that he has to do your bidding.