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  1. For me if the employee is working for the company ,the company should pay for all training for such employee to pass the course.No employee should be able to operate such machines without the course( Being passed ). If your not working for a company and its a field you want to get into or add another certificate to improve your chances to get employment elsewhere . Then major fines to companies and to workers who do not complete this by a certain date and schedule. SAFETY FIRST.
  2. Wow Why so negative, The bridge is there to get you from point A to point B. Now with more lanes and when the R starts running in a couple of years. It's Good enough in my books. Have a great long Holiday 2 weeks fellow Mtlurbers.
  3. GYes Some improvements to streets have happened but for me the biggest problem is the quality of the materials being used. Like is the cement Going to last for years and is the asphalt of quality. Because companies cut the quality of the product they make to pocket buck or 2 million.. Testing results of all materials should be posted on every job website. We as Québécois deserve to get the best bang for our buck. Remember the scandals from the commission years ago. We had a report but did we ever have action .
  4. One of the reasons why they are not fully built in Quebec is the track record. Ontario has had orders for trains to be built here and it's been a disaster, The company for whatever reason has never been able to get its act together. It's not fully a workers issue its a management problem. If I wanted the product to be delivered on time and on a budget I would also get my product elsewhere. Just to give a contract out to score political points is wrong and it hurts Quebecers in the long run.
  5. Its called kicking the can down the road. I agree studies have to be done but Montreal has studied it and over the last decade, I'm sure the Liberal government studied it. I know the cost would be a major factor. To see if the R would be a better cheaper way of doing it. Just decide and fix the problem in my lifetime.I know that these politicians get stuck in their ways with there own idea. Hey, how about doing what's best for the people in those districts and around Montreal.
  6. WOW The TOM is finished hmmm is the earth ending. When did they start this project 1956. LOL Just think if they do a TOM 2 it could be finished by 2096.
  7. Maison LaFontaine This deserved to in its own thread because this house a little bit of montreal history. The workers have done a great job of the exterior, I wonder what the interior will look like.I don't remember the inside of the building but i imagine lots of wood railings and panels were a part of the building.
  8. Has anyone found info if they will build a Tour des Canadiens 4 , Because they have burned and run down housing next to Tour 3 ,I hope so because they cool building in a run down area of the city.
  9. Boy they got to do a lot in a months time, But i like some of the shots in Normand Hamel pics above. I think once finished hopefully on time this will be a jewel of Montreal. With the crowds from the F1 and tv showing this around the world.It will become a great marketing tool for Montreal.
  10. Start of Construction because those big pipes will be driven into the ground, then let the digging begin. The true question will be that they will start to build one building at a time or both at the same time. (JGF)
  11. If you want to check out some nice balls head down to the gay village. Hmmm what a play on {JGF}
  12. This street housing sure has changed.{JGF}
  13. The foundation and parking ,then they start the build.{JGF}
  14. Looks like those steps will make for some good seats at lunchtime,{JGF}
  15. The new floor tiles are in need of repair, not a good sign of how long they will last.{JGF}