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  1. WOW The TOM is finished hmmm is the earth ending. When did they start this project 1956. LOL Just think if they do a TOM 2 it could be finished by 2096.
  2. Maison LaFontaine This deserved to in its own thread because this house a little bit of montreal history. The workers have done a great job of the exterior, I wonder what the interior will look like.I don't remember the inside of the building but i imagine lots of wood railings and panels were a part of the building.
  3. Has anyone found info if they will build a Tour des Canadiens 4 , Because they have burned and run down housing next to Tour 3 ,I hope so because they cool building in a run down area of the city.
  4. Boy they got to do a lot in a months time, But i like some of the shots in Normand Hamel pics above. I think once finished hopefully on time this will be a jewel of Montreal. With the crowds from the F1 and tv showing this around the world.It will become a great marketing tool for Montreal.
  5. Start of Construction because those big pipes will be driven into the ground, then let the digging begin. The true question will be that they will start to build one building at a time or both at the same time. (JGF)
  6. If you want to check out some nice balls head down to the gay village. Hmmm what a play on {JGF}
  7. This street housing sure has changed.{JGF}
  8. The foundation and parking ,then they start the build.{JGF}
  9. Looks like those steps will make for some good seats at lunchtime,{JGF}
  10. The new floor tiles are in need of repair, not a good sign of how long they will last.{JGF}
  11. The is a interesting project.So much underground work for the skating rink / park.{ JGF}
  12. So sewers and electricity is buried in some parts ,getting around wasn’t to bad.{JGF}