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  1. Graffiti should come with harsh criminals fines & jail sentences I believe legal graffiti art should be displayed in more places. But i’m Fed up with visual pollution around the island & provincial landscapes. police and city have to in force these rules.
  2. Everyone is crying for money 💰 and who pays for it. When all said and done they will all give a agreed amount % after going back and forth in the media. Political people love there name in the press. It makes them think I did that love me,vote for me.
  3. Maybe we should get the Romans ,Greeks to build our stadium, they have a history of there stadiums standing the test of time. 😂🏟🏟
  4. Businesses will close especially during a pandemic and street overhaul will close even more. But when its all said and done people will come back . Business will reopen or new businesses will take the place of old,some will move then move back when its all completed . People always like new things streets,sidewalks and new business. REALLY NO CHOICE or just let everything fall apart like we were doing the last 30 years. My only wish that it was done faster .
  5. I’m happy that both projects have taken into account people with disabilities. We have Mount royal, place ville Marie as excellent view points to look over our beautiful city. We are blessed and I hope Québécois take advantage of over the years.
  6. I wonder if this project and the saint Joseph observatory will have elevators in them. Because even in 2020 I see several places being built with no regard for the disability members of society.Time will tell.
  7. FThey should put a cage around the tree’s to protect it for a couple years. (Cage size to fit the size of opening and 6 feet high. Gotta give the 🌲 a fighting chance from the morons out there.
  8. Do you remember a time when we weren’t building anything in Montreal. Which wasn’t that long ago.Sure the designers aren’t my style but i’m Old school . I like stone, brink but glass not so much. If they just marry the two I be a happy camper.
  9. I haven’t taken a bus since February with the pandemic, I strolled down to atwater on the 108 bus. They really did a good job of protecting the driver/ passenger with the clear plexiglass in the front and enter in the front and exit by the back( unless your with a disability or with a stroller) then you can exit by the front door.
  10. With HABS going for game 6 tonight , I thought I would snap a pic of HABS condo city. They really hold there own when taking a photo from afar.
  11. Just how much the Griffentown skyline 🏙 has changed in the last couple years.Here a couple pics so you can enjoy the beautiful city of Montreal and it’s nooks &. Crannies.
  12. Just a couple more pics of the parking entrance/exit for the condo structure right in front of the 108 bus stop in Cabot square. Plus the darker cement stone on the building. Not sure I like that since the area is so dark already.But time will tell when the project completed to see how it looks.
  13. I really love the design, the townhouses the 2 towers.iTs difference makes it so not cookie cutter. BRAVO
  14. Updated pics of this luxury condominiums
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