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Flynnster a gagné pour la dernière fois le 10 décembre 2018

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  1. Flynnster

    Place Bonaventure

    I believe the words Damned if you do, Damn if you don't applies here.Because i like it better now with the glass reno, But in its day I think that look for the Place Bonaventure was the cat's meow. Times and People change with the passage of time.
  2. Flynnster

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    To much information lol
  3. Flynnster

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest Cost rise 24% Not surprised they will increase the budget as time goes buy.
  4. Be nice, spread love, don’t hate and be positive when typing,texting speaking to others. Happy holiday ‘s  and what ever faith you believe in or don’t  I will be sending you Love to all Mtlurb members to have  a safe ,enjoyable holiday & new year.

  5. It sure looks like they will building a massive underground structure, parking galore.I also thought they would build one or two at a time ,but the massive underground opening I find quite interesting. Time will tell I guess.
  6. Flynnster

    Centra Condos Phase 2 - 16 étages

    It’s going pretty fast.
  7. Flynnster

    Enticy - 22 étages

    Thank you will correct it ,if only i could remove the pics from this page.
  8. Flynnster

    1100 Atwater (Kevric)

  9. Flynnster

    Enticy - 22 étages

    Boy these things go up so fast
  10. Funny a worker stop me and ask why i'm taking a photo. I said because you guys and gals should be able to see the progress of the project. They were all working hard ,no one was sleeping lol
  11. Flynnster

    Union sur le parc (Site des Franciscains) - 2x20 étages

    What a chilly day for those workers
  12. Flynnster

    YUL - 38, 38 étages

    Update today Yul projects are coming along.
  13. Flynnster

    Membres : présentez-vous!

    Name : John ( FLYNNSTER ) Age : 54 yrs young lol City : Verdun,Quebec Occupation : Retired ,disabled Nationality : Verdunner,Montrealer,Quebeber then a Canadian Language : English ,.speaks french but not 100% still learning everyday though How I met MTLurb : Researching a building then on photo image the was on that photo Hobby : Photography, painting , reading Favorite skyscraper : I love the design of the Sunlife building ,But getting used to modern changes Things to know about me; Well I'm happy Gay dude who gets around our fair city with a roller walker.I 'am a happy type of person, don't really like drama My goal is to inform people of projects for those who can't get around like when they were younger to see parts of the city that they known and loved. Be kind to one another and that should come back at you,this is my life lesson.Cheers and love
  14. Flynnster

    Parc Jean-Drapeau : rénovations

    Oh bye the way I’m a proud Montrealer who just happened to express a opinion that some may not agree with. But opinions are good because that’s how ideas ? come about.Plus Ottawa people are nice people at least the ones I meet on my holiday trips to our nation capital.Peace and Love. It’s all good.