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  1. I like it, the only issue i have is the slope of the yawning should be tilted more , because snow laying on top of the structure . The sidewalks are great and i'm happy that in the original were the post are they had the cement tripping hazards which they don"t have the recent photos,
  2. Keeping the brick facade , they are going to add one hell of a building in this spot. Right besides a metro .
  3. Holes are dug, Now let the building rise.
  4. Changes , changes walked Montreal on some of the side street, sure nothing like the places I grew up in. Most of my bars are gone that I went to restaurant closed or change, I’m a stranger in my own land. LOL
  5. Taking shape , Wonder if there will be a 4. Still wondering about the land with the burn out building on the other side of the street. Perfect build site.
  6. A lot cleaner but still has aways to go.
  7. Not a bad looking building on overdale in front of the YUL town house.
  8. the lafontaine house. They done a excellent job on the outside of the building.
  9. Yul & the lafontaine house looking good
  10. McGill station , they seemed to closed a large section of the dig.
  11. Timeout kinda looks like a cafeteria with the lights turned down. Note they closing shops at another part of the mall to start renovation in that section of the mall.
  12. Eaton center Reno is taking shape. I really hope they add green plants and some form of colors to this mall when it’s said and done.
  13. Slow moving thought they be further ahead on the build. Winter I guess.
  14. Building are going up, two are now in the works.3 more to go up . Condo 🌃 city. A different view