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  1. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    I think everyone needs to calm down. Contractors don't guarantee the outside appearance of their buildings. It's stipulated in their contracts that appearances are subject to change at the Contractor's sole discretion. Not the discretion of mtlurb. Buyers' purchase at their own risk. Shit happens. That's life.
  2. 425 Viger - Rénovation et agrandissement

    2019 Q3
  3. Éco-campus Hubert Reeves

    http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/technoparc-montreal-and-fpinnovations-are-proud-to-announce-the-signing-of-the-purchase-of-the-lands-for-the-implantation-of-fpinnovations-at-the-technoparc-de-montreal-651903463.html Technoparc Montréal and FPInnovations are proud to announce the signing of the purchase of the lands for the implantation of FPInnovations at the Technoparc de Montréal MONTREAL, Oct. 20, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - Technoparc Montréal and FPInnovations today concluded the purchase of lands by FPInnovations for its establishment at the Technoparc de Montréal. The lands, totaling more than 360,000 square feet (33,400 square meters), are in the southern part of the Technoparc de Montréal, the Eco-campus Hubert Reeves section. "I am pleased in regard to this first step toward building an integrated international biomaterials innovation centre under FPInnovations' leadership. This is an opportunity for the greater Montreal area as well as for the Quebec and Canadian forest industry to lead the way in the field of biomaterials and clean technologies," said Mr. Pierre Lapointe, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPInnovations. "The location chosen at the Technoparc will allow us to get closer to our current partners, to facilitate travel for our collaborators, and to allow our employees to work within an environment that promotes innovation and cooperation," he added. "We are very proud of this transaction, which marks a real kick-off in the development of the Eco-campus Hubert Reeves. FPInnovations corresponds exactly to the type of resident companies looking for a workplace with a perfect symbiosis between humans and nature. We are convinced that the arrival of FPInnovations will attract a growing interest for companies wishing to settle in an environment where nature protection is a priority," said Mr. Mario Monette, President and CEO of Technoparc Montréal. "The Éco-campus is a unique site in all of North America. It was designed to welcome clean-tech research firms—a sector that we want to develop in Saint-Laurent. In fact, this type of company wants to locate in an environment where biodiversity is preserved… And that's one of the main values of our own Administration! The agreement that has been signed with this first company confirms the vision of long-term development of our territory, and the Borough Council members and I are very proud of this," stated the Saint-Laurent Borough Mayor Alan DeSousa.
  4. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Maybe the little fatties are part of a masterplan https://renx.ca/montreal-tour-des-canadiens-3-condo-tower-launches/ Office towers could accommodate Amazon He noted new office space at Quad Windsor could accommodate Amazon’s needs as part of Montreal’s bid to land the Seattle-based company’s second North American headquarters.
  5. Nice find GDS, great news. A shovel in 12-24m means a proposal in the very near future.
  6. Symphonia Pop - 32 étages

    http://www.lelezard.com/communique-15020142.html Invitation média - Lancement d'un investissement immobilier de plus de 100 M$ à l'Île-des-Soeurs MONTRÉAL, le 19 oct. 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - Le Groupe de sociétés Westcliff convie les médias au lancement d'un projet immobilier de plus de 100 M$, le 24 octobre à 10 h 30, à l'Île-des-Soeurs. Pour l'occasion, le maire de l'arrondissement de Verdun, M. Jean-François Parenteau, le directeur général de Développements Symphonia, M. Kevin Robinson, et M. Roch Cayouette, associé architecte chez Provencher + Roy, présenteront l'essence de ce projet haut de gamme. Réalisé sur la pointe sud de l'Île-des-Soeurs, en bordure du fleuve Saint-Laurent, le projet consiste en à la construction d'une tour de 31 étages comprenant 240 unités. Les travaux seront terminés à l'automne 2020, soit après les grands travaux du nouveau pont Champlain et de l'échangeur Turcot. Les médias auront alors l'occasion de faire le point sur la situation du marché des condos à Montréal. QUOI : Dévoilement d'un projet immobilier de 100 M$ QUAND : Mardi 24 octobre 2017, à 10 h 30 QUI : M. Jean-François Parenteau, maire de Verdun M. Kevin Robinson, directeur général de Développements Symphonia (membre du Groupe de sociétés Westcliff) M. Roch Cayouette, associé architecte chez Provencher + Roy OÙ : Au 100, rue André Prévost, sur la pointe sud de l'Île-des-Soeurs SOURCE Développements Symphonia En lire plus: http://www.lelezard.com/communique-15020142.html
  7. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    The glass currently installed on the base of TDC2 resembles the original render and not the new one. Right? The new render looks way darker. So many questions
  8. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Thank you. As crazy as this sounds, I prefer two non-identical decent looking towers, than two nice looking twin towers. I just find the twin concept to be extremely overused, boring and uncreative.
  9. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    I'm confused, are TDC2 and TDC3 twin towers or not?
  10. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/a-downtown-montreal-residential-hat-trick-651445473.html A Downtown Montréal Residential Hat Trick MONTRÉAL, Oct. 18, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - Members of the team behind the success of Tour des Canadiens and Tour des Canadiens 2—Cadillac Fairview, Canderel and the Club de hockey Canadien—will be building a third phase of Montréal's most acclaimed and successful residential projects. Inspired by one of the greatest franchises in the history of professional sport, the new high-rise tower will be completed in 2021 and will offer 567 new housing units featuring a refined urban style. This marks another important milestone for Quad Windsor, the new vibrant downtown district in Montréal that is centred on commerce, entertainment, multi-modal transit and high quality residences that is charged with the energy of the Montréal Canadiens at the Bell Centre. Unparalleled amenities The new Tour des Canadiens 3 (TDC3), located at rue de la Montagne and Saint-Antoine Street West, will offer unparalleled amenities that give it a distinct identity from the other phases. The distinctive common areas and accessible services include a state-of-the-art fitness room, a modern games room, adaptable private party rooms and a breath-taking 55th-floor skylounge. In addition, "The Club" at TDC3 will feature a Mediterranean inspired indoor pool and outdoor terrace, with views overlooking the new 2-acre city park proposed at Quad Windsor. The building will also offer a storage area enabling deliveries to be received without constraints for online purchases and grocery delivery – a rarity in Montréal condominiums. Its luxurious design, with a boutique hotel feel, will include access to incomparable common areas, among them a unique ground level café spilling onto the outdoor Pocket Park, providing a true new urban oasis to the residents of the project. Outstanding facilities will rival those to be found at the most sought after hotels worldwide with an urban wi-fi lounge where people will want to linger, work or simply relax. Borrowing from the latest European design trends that encourage collaboration and conversation, these innovative and welcoming common spaces, designed by the Montréal firm CAMDI, will energize the community. With its impressive boutique hotel-style two-storey lobby, its spiral staircase, marble counter and majestic fireplace, the design of this venue exudes a style that is both warm and glamorous. A signature architectural complex in the heart of a vibrant district Designed once again by the renowned Canadian architectural group of Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects, jointly with Béïque Legault Thuot Architectes (BLTA), the building's architecture will be integrated with the surrounding area. The new inner courtyard and the exterior cladding of sculpted glass in slender, skewed and tapered shapes inspired by icicles favour this harmonious integration. The building's alignment allows for full enjoyment of the city, revealing the splendour of the St. Lawrence River, the energy of the downtown area and the colours of Mount Royal. The construction of a pedestrian bridge, a new visual and architectural landmark in the area, will provide a crossing above Saint-Antoine Street from a podium overlooking the entire district, connecting TDC3 to Tour Deloitte, Windsor Station, the Bell Centre and Montréal's underground network. "TDC3, with its architecture, unique features and unparalleled location, is at the heart of Quad Windsor, and is another important milestone in our journey to create a vibrant community, where people feel connected to the City and to each other," says Brian Salpeter, Senior Vice President, Development, Eastern Canada Portfolio, at Cadillac Fairview. "The importance of offering a desirable living environment focused on the needs and desires of Montréalers – including commerce, entertainment and residences - in today's fast-paced world cannot be understated. This mix, together with respect for the identity of this part of the city and its alignment with Montréal's Downtown Strategy is a true source of pride for us and for our partners." The 55-storey tower has been designed specifically to harmonize with a lifestyle that characterizes the emerging generation. Conveniently located at the doorstep of various transportation links, TDC3 will offer easy access to the commuter rail and Via rail, to public transit including the métro and bus network and the future REM light-rail system. Major highway links as well as Montréal's extensive bicycling and underground pedestrian networks are directly accessible. TDC3 will be located mere steps away from the new Provigo grocery store, the new and unique Taverne Moderne 1909, various new retail outlets and restaurants near ÉTS, and many other conveniences, in addition to benefitting from the revitalization of Sainte-Catherine Street. An address that reflects pride, for a unique lifestyle TDC3 will feature 567 new units, both practical and refined, available in various configurations with one bedroom, one bedroom and boudoir, two bedrooms, two bedrooms and boudoir, three bedrooms and penthouses. These units provide smartly designed, opened living areas with outstanding views of the city. A unique feature of this third phase will include 12 townhouses located on the south side of the tower. These urban townhouses, which are a rare commodity in the area, will take advantage of the two-acre municipal park announced by the City. The park will act as a true junction between downtown and the Griffintown district, along with Old Montréal and the Old Port. Both day and night, with the emblem of the Canadiens illuminated at the top of the building, TDC3 will serve as a beacon for Montréal and act as gateway into the city. "We are seeing significant buyer interest in exceptional units in a dynamic real estate market like Montréal," adds Daniel Peritz, Senior Vice President, Canderel. "Remember that the original Tour des Canadiens, four years after its launch, remains the fastest-sold real estate project in the history of Montréal, while Tour des Canadiens 2 sold almost as quickly. TDC3 is already garnering significant excitement, offering amenities that rival those found at grand hotels worldwide and access to an urban lifestyle like no other." True to the history of the Club de hockey Canadien, all the facilities will evoke the close association between the residential project and Montréal's emblematic sports team. Residents of TDC3 will thus enjoy exclusive benefits and access to the team and the Bell Centre. "The new homeowners, just like the residents of the Tour des Canadiens and Tour des Canadiens 2, will be entitled to a special relationship with the team that is such a source of pride for us," states Geoff Molson, Owner, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Club de hockey Canadien. "They already have access to the Bell Centre for games and events at their doorstep. Experiencing the Canadiens and the Bell Centre through TDC3's exclusive access is part of the outstanding living environment we are offering." It is possible to register for the priority sales list at http://tourdescanadiens.com/ and to be among the first with access to the exclusive benefits offered to future owners.
  11. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    The message is clear. There is strong demand for residential (600) and less than expected demand for commercial (750).
  12. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    http://www.lelezard.com/communique-14993012.html Avis aux médias - YUL Condominiums : Cérémonie officielle marquant le début des travaux de la 2e tour MONTRÉAL, le 17 oct. 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - M. Kheng Ly, Président et chef de la direction du Groupe Brivia et de YUL Condominiums, convie les représentants des médias à la cérémonie officielle marquant le début des travaux de la deuxième tour d'habitation du projet YUL Condominiums : Quand : Le mercredi 18 octobre Heure : 11 h Où : 1400, boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest YUL Condominiums est l'un des plus importants projets résidentiels au centre-ville de Montréal. La deuxième tour de 38 étages fera partie intégrante du projet développé en partenariat par le Groupe Brivia et le Groupe Tianco. Projet à grand déploiement architectural, YUL s'inscrit dans une vision d'avenir pour le centre-ville de Montréal. La cérémonie se terminera par un cocktail organisé dans le bureau des ventes situé au rez-de-chaussée de la Tour 1. SOURCE YUL Condominiums inc.
  13. Le Duke - 25 étages

    Merci Scarlet. Aucun rendu sur le site web. C'est effectivement la location - 'espace commerciale et residentiel à louer'. 33,000 PIED CARRÉ 300,000 PIED CARRÉ D'ESPACE Au coin de la rue William et Duke , le site se trouve en bonne place sur un coin chapiteau de la nouvelle Bonaventure Greenway .
  14. http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/westjet-launches-montreal-boston-650969833.html New non-stop flight brings low fares and competition to route CALGARY, Oct. 15, 2017 /CNW/ - WestJet today announced the start of service between Montreal and Boston. The inaugural flight from Montreal Trudeau International Airport arrives at Boston Logan International Airport this morning, marking the last of three new routes launched by WestJet from Montreal this year. "WestJet has significantly expanded its service to, from and within the province of Quebec in 2017," said Brian Znotins, WestJet Vice-President, Network Planning, Alliances and Corporate Development. "This expansion demonstrates our commitment to bring lower airfares to communities across Canada and create new opportunities for business and leisure travellers to get more value for their travel budgets." "I would like to thank WestJet for their confidence in us and for their support," said Philippe Rainville, President and CEO of Aéroports de Montréal. "Boston is a popular destination for our passengers, who travel there both for business and leisure. The addition of two flights per day enhances the departure options from Montréal and offers greater flexibility. This is great news for Montréal and confirms Montréal-Trudeau's position as a hub." "With several different destinations to choose from, Boston Logan has become a terrific gateway for those traveling to Canada," Massport CEO Thomas P. Glynn said. "We are pleased that WestJet is adding twice daily flights to Montreal to our roster, providing even more options for our customers to enjoy Canada." WestJet began point-to-point service for the first time within the province of Quebec on June 15, 2017, with four daily flights between Montreal and Quebec City. In addition, the airline launched twice-daily service between Montreal and Halifax on March 15, 2017. With the addition of WestJet's new services, the airline now operates an average of 167 weekly departures from Montreal. All three new routes are operated by WestJet's regional airline, WestJet Encore, and its fleet of Canadian-made Bombardier Q400s. Proud to support this iconic Canadian company, WestJet flies the fourth largest fleet of Q400s in the world. By mid-2018, the regional airline will have a total of 45 aircraft. WestJet began serving Boston Logan International Airport in 2016 with thrice daily service from Toronto on WestJet Encore. Details of WestJet's new non-stop service: Route Frequency Departing Arriving Effective Montreal – Boston Twice daily 7:15 a.m. 4 p.m. 8:45 a.m. 5:30 p.m. October 15, 2017 Boston – Montreal Twice daily 9:25 a.m. 6:15 p.m. 10:57 a.m. 7:47 p.m. October 15, 2017