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Board of Trade


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8 minutes ago, Doctor D said:

Beautiful building. Residential or offices? Any more information?

Offices. Nothing more for now but its a huge reno. The whole building is being refurbished totally. Its a jewel of a building, mostly hidden from sight as its main façade is on a tiny street.

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Dommage que l'ancienne ''version'' du bâtiment aie brulée, les fenêtres y étaient beaucoup plus grande et le bâtiment avait un style un peu moins austère. Je suis curieux de savoir à quoi va ressembler l'intérieur et si des anciennes parties du décors y sont encore présentes

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8 hours ago, Rocco said:

The history of the site: a first building was built in 1893 by the Board of Trade. A gigantic fire destroyed it in 1901. The building was rebuilt on the old foundations, in a more classical style. It is the building which is still on the site today. The Board of Trade accommodates there as well as several tenants. For more than 20 years, until the 1920s, it was the largest building in Old Montreal. The Board of Trade moved in 1967, but the building remained an office building. All the tenants finally leave the building for a total renovation in 2020-2021. Photos: 1) first building from 1893, 2) the same building burnt down in 1901, 3) the new building from 1903 in place of the old one, which still remains today.




Thank you for the detailed research and illustrations.

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