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pointe-claire Horizon Pointe-Claire - 10, 10, 10 étages


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Ce ne serait pas possible si on regarde le tracé, il faudrait que la station soit un peu plus à l'est. Mais à ce moment là, la station serait un peu au milieu de nulle part, et pas si loin de la station Des Sources.

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Wow, interesting project and I'm really surprised to see 10 stories?! Not only would make that make it one of the highest buildings in that area, there would also be 3 of them? This looks like part of the land of FP Innovations. They have a building there but I believe they are moving to another location closer to Montreal. Will the project take over the land currently occupied by the FP Innovations building?

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2 minutes ago, SameGuy said:

I hope they don't get fined for nearly finishing it while it's still a Proposal! ;)

Ha! Hopefully some kind mod will move this to "En Construction" soon!! Where's a mod when you need one?  😜

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