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  1. I passed by here two weekends ago and compared it versus Time Out Market. While Time Out has a great diversity of restaurants, and differentiates against the usual food court fare, it is still a food court, just a classy one with replaceable vendors who have non-distinguishable signage. No surprise it is backed by institutional capital with low risk tolerance. The Central is a genuine food hall. It is a better version of the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn or a modernized version of San Telmo in Buenos Aires. Between the counter seating to the exposed MEP/HVAC and the geometrically diverse spac
  2. This building cannot come down quickly enough. Westmount always needed a little gentrification LOL
  3. The curtain wall on Bleury is pretty atrocious. I know its for a hotel...but really. is this the best they could do?
  4. Brivia going big. I mean when they bought the dirt on Rene-Levesque everyone said Brivia-who? Give Kheng Ly total credit for taking a massive bet on Montreal when it was incredibly unpopular to do so. They have refined their sales tactics over time and delivered architecturally appealing residential towers to downtown Montreal. Excited to see their vision revealed. This site is not easy to develop so lets hope there are 1150 residential users ready to move in.
  5. I expect that this project is due to Cominar relinquishing control and bringing in a capable developer to construct the tower. They have a very disciplined and non-egotistical CFO (Heather Kirk) and a 100% interest would be too risky for even their balance sheet. Spreading the risk and the reward is a smart move.
  6. Bentall Kennedy the owner of the site will certainly develop this property as rental apartments. They also have the right to demolish, partially demolish or over-build the larger-floor plate property where Herzing College is located - i know first hand that the rent is very low for the college and other parts of that building. Total allowable density is in the range of 200,000 - 350,000 sf subject to what they maintain. The park in the front may still be maintained if they only do an over-build structure, however they could also create a new street-wall that encourages commercial space with hi
  7. I think for this petition to gain force the City of Longueuil will need to revisit its urban plan and demonstrate how it will densify the stations and perhaps utilize value-capture to pay for its extension. based on its current population, the area served by this line does not justify a public subsidy.
  8. This project will likely be a twin-tower rising over a podium base. Could be both condos or rental + condo. Maximum density is 921,000 SF and max heights of 40 storeys.
  9. Great looking project. Maybe with the proceeds the Domtar folks will re-clad their 1960's brutalist building.
  10. i think it is pretty clear that the bridge wellington station services the baseball stadium that coderre wants to build on the Canada Lands site. but there should also be a station at Ottawa/Wellington to service cite multimedia and local residents from McGill to de la Montagne who want to head north into DT.
  11. Additionnelle is moving over...bigger store and cheaper rent.
  12. forget the impact on housing, think about the retail sales that are generated by these wealthy families situated themselves in Vancouver. but really, how are we to compete with the weather. these are highly mobile, super wealthy individuals and families. unless we do not want them in canada spending their money, we have to accept that they will re-settle in greater vancouver or on Van Island. Maybe what we need to do is up the investment parameters if they leave the initial province in a certain time span.
  13. the site was sold to the pointe-zero group from tidan. big number so they will need to do something large or of high quality to justify the price tag.
  14. These organizations have a point, that the relocation of RC from la cite des ondes and pulling the other broadcasters with them will be devastating economically to the Centre Sud borough. Unfortunately, Radio-Canada represents all Canadians and does not exist for the sole economic benefit of the Centre-Sud borough in the same way Bombardier does not exist to create jobs for Mirabel or Ville Saint-Laurent. As such, the borough and related organizations in concert with the City of Montreal should be coming up with innovative ways to retain the public broadcaster within the borough, suc
  15. i guess affordable housing cannot afford to provide windows to its residents. this is quite bad.
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