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  1. Sur La Presse ce matin c'est plein de pub d'Austrian
  2. J'ai le coeur brisé. C'est réellement un joyau de l'histoire et de l'architecture occidentale qui s'envole en fumée. La flèche s'est effondrée un peu plus tôt.
  3. N'oublions pas non plus que le gouvernement, avec sa gestion des finances publiques, se prépare au ralentissement qui arrivera tôt ou tard. La réserve de stabilisation est assez remplie, on a plusieurs grands projets d'infrastructures dans les cartons (pensons prolongement du REM, parachèvement d'autoroute, etc. ), et le vieillissement de la population peut devenir un atout pour un marché du travail qui se resserre. Le gros danger pour le Québec advenant un ralentissement mondial c'est sur les régimes de retraites et les retraités.
  4. Ça change la donne pour Garda. Une croissance fulgurante pour cette entreprise.
  5. Honestly though, the CAQ government is very similar economically than the PLQ was.
  6. India is the fastest growing air market; Jet Airways is in a financial crisis and is in serious need of new capital/a new owner; The current majority shareholder, the State Bank of India, has expressed its desire to sell. This looks much more like a business rationale rather than a network optimization goal. My question is what would happen with Air India and Star Alliance if such a transaction occured.
  7. Assisterons nous à la naissance d’un groupe international de lignes aériennes basé au Canada? SBI extends deadline for EoI to tomorrow Air Canada has emerged as the dark horse in the race to acquire Jet Airways. The Canadian airline, along with Etihad, is among the top contenders for the debt-laden Indian airline. Heartened by the interest from these foreign carriers, State Bank of India, the lead lender to Jet Airways, on Wednesday extended the deadline for Expression of Interest to April 12. “The earlier deadline was set for April 10 but some of the international airlines that are interested asked for more time. There are more than two investors who are interested in putting in a bid,” said a top source. According to another source, Air Canada has sent a written application to the state-run bank seeking an extension. According to one of the persons cited above, “Since Air Canada is an overseas airline and there is a time difference with India, the airline needs time for due diligence. The lenders have agreed to give an extension.” Malaysian carrier Air Asia and Tata Sons joint venture Vistara are also understood to be among those who have sought a clarification from lenders. Jet Airways’ current joint venture investor Etihad Airways had also confirmed its interest in bidding for the beleaguered airline. After April 12, lenders will examine the eligibility of all those who have expressed interest. Thereafter, the eligible bidders will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after which the company will be given some time to examine the books of the airline. “The qualified bidders will be expected to submit their respective binding bid(s) latest by April 30 subject to the terms set out under the bid document,” SBI Capital Markets said in a notice posted on its website.
  8. VFR is a big driver for low cost airlines, simply because that's what their marketing is targeting: the general travelling public who don't want to pay a lot for flights. Businesses don't pick an airline based on fares. It picks based on where the airline flies, how easy connections are and frequent flyer status. That's why flights to New York and Chicago are super expensive but flights to Florida, which is twice the distance, are half the price on Air Canada. The problem with Quebec is that everything is so close (relatively speaking). YUL-YQB is so short that people drive there, and business people take the train. Same goes with Ottawa.
  9. I agree with you that new air services generate demand, but the basic trends stay. The thing that prevents LCCs or ULCCs from operating here is not that we vacation in Europe and in the South, it's that we don't have enough people who are from these other places who live here. That's what drives Swoop and Spirit and Southwest. It's all to carry people around to go where they're from and come back to where they work. We have none of that in Quebec, or at least, we have none of that far enough so that they'll fly. What drives our passenger numbers to BC is much more connecting and business traffic than VFR O/D. And we should add that JetBlue and Southwest don't correspond to true LCCs anymore. They slowly drifted to a hub and spoke model, their prices are frankly not the lowest anymore and compete with the legacy carriers. That's what would support an assumption that they will start flying to Canada at some point.
  10. You can include Air Transat and Rouge if you want, it's still the same. The typical LCC customer base in Quebec goes to two places: sun destinations and Europe. Giving them heavily discounted flights to visit the Okanagan won't suddenly make them want to go there on vacation. The typical summer vacation in Quebec is somewhere else in Quebec, southern Ontario or the american northeast, which are all doable by car. If you wanna make money with them, you're better off with tolls. All this is normal. We're just not as attached to the rest of the continent than our American and Canadian counterparts. Make no mistakes, plenty of people in Quebec travel to other places (I have friends who go to Palm Springs 6 times a year for example), but those usually don't mind paying for legacy carriers. Keep in mind also that the competition is much less intense here than in the US. They don't have any issues filling planes in America. Out of Montreal though, sometimes Air Canada opening a route means the entire O/D traffic is captured through it. Plus Air Canada has a huge loyal customer base here. All this to say, the only airline in Quebec that resembles an LCC is Sunwing. They're low cost, low frills, they fly from secondary airports to very popular low cost destinations like Cuba or Mexico.
  11. We already have an LCC in Quebec. It's called Sunwing, and honestly it's the only one that we'll have here. American LCCs don't fly to Canada, so there's that. Domestic demand is not high at all from Quebec to other places, so Canadian LCCs or ULCCs don't fly here very much. The only low cost thing that really works is the south and europe in the summer, which is already covered by a lot of low cost airlines (Level, Corsair, Sunwings, etc. )
  12. leur siège social canadien se situe aussi au centre-ville, dans un ancien manoir.
  13. Le chemin que veut emprunter VIA passe par Ottawa et l'intérieur des terres (sans passer par les villes le long du fleuve / le lac).
  14. Normalement c'est pour ça qu'on intègre le concept de desserte locale vs express. Une liaison directe Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto en 3:45, accompagné de dessertes plus locales qui font le chemin plus lentement en arrêtant à plusieurs endroits. C,est ça un service complet. Pensez au Northeast Regional.