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  1. Mar 22nd. This morning and afternoon. Difficult to see here, but this is making good progress
  2. Agreed and Agreed 100%. For mental and physical health, it is advisable for people to take a 30 minutes walk. I live and work downtown, so all my picture taking is going from point 1 to point 2. Yesterday I walk from work to Adonis, then home. Be safe all!
  3. I have been working on sending our workforce home. We went from 211 employees in the Montreal office to 6 (me being one of them). I am still going as I still have to send equipment or fix issues for my team (72 in Montreal), but I will eventually go home as well. I am enabling Social distancing 🙂
  4. March 19th. Multiple angles of the "moved" crane and pics of the process of removing the equipment used for the move.
  5. Mar 19th. The sidewalk is now blocked for deeper digging
  6. A second excavator was deployed this morning. Mar 18th.
  7. It is my pleasure to contribute as much as I can.
  8. Mystery "solved". They are moving the crane to a different part of the site. Pictures are not great (I was on taxi on the way home), but if you zoom in these pictures, you will see the crane getting built elsewhere
  9. Mar 16th. One of the active sites today
  10. On my pictures of the 14th was still there. Today was still there. Not sure what are they doing...
  11. March 16th. Still working at 5:30pm
  12. Mar 16th. Still working at 5:30
  13. Mar 16th. Sunrise views
  14. The more, the better 🙂
  15. Symphonia Pop is moving. I just posted new pictures and it is possible to see the change compared to 3 weeks ago Interesting. Didn't know that. I moved to Montreal in March 2000