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  1. The cladding is more mediocre than I was expecting. Kind of like Louis Bohème. I was hopping for black coloured steel and glass
  2. It's not bad compared to 20 years ago when they weren't building anything around there. Maybe we'll see taller buildings if this trend continues. The Tim Hortons would be perfect for a 30-40 storey building
  3. Le Saint-Francois had a bit of a Barcelona look to it with the way the part facing the intersection was set back a bit.
  4. It is OK. I find it a bit too massive with the same façade continuing for too much distance. I would have preferred that this be divided into at least 2 projects. And to be honest, I find it a bit tall.. It dwarfs the historic buildings around it somewhat.. Maybe varying heights would have worked better? Additionally, I would prefer more of a normal pattern of windows, and less "random". Having said that, this would go well in a lot of locations. If the Palais de Justice could be moved, a project like this would be much more harmonious with the area..
  5. This building has a real "Berlin" or "Rotterdam" look to it.
  6. Qu'est ce que tu utilises? Avez-vous des recommandations? J'ai un vieux Nikon D3100 avec un objectif 18-55 mm et un 35 mm f / 1.8. Le 35 mm en particulier est génial. Mais les reflex numériques sont assez gros et encombrants. J'ai aussi un Canon Powershot G7X Mark II (qui est "ok") et un Pixel 2 XL. Aujourd'hui, 90% de mes photos sont avec mon Pixel. Il a des images de bonne qualité, mais il lui manque un objectif grand angle. L'année prochaine, je vais changer de téléphone, alors je réfléchis à la meilleure option. . Mais assez sur moi... qu'est-ce que tout le monde utilis
  7. Bon débarras de ces bâtiments sur René-Lévesque!
  8. Honnêtement, je pense que cette partie de l'avenue du Parc devrait être densifiée de plus de 4 étages. La rue est large, il y a de grands immeubles à proximité (La Cité, sur Bleury, sur Sherbrooke). Et c'est un quartier en perpétuelle forte demande qui est bien desservi par les épiceries, les pharmacies, etc. Je ne parle pas de changer le reste du quartier, mais je pense qu'une exception pourrait être faite pour l'avenue du Parc, en particulier lorsqu'un bâtiment brûle jusqu'au sol et doit être remplacé.
  9. It's insane how much this looks like what was built in Griffintown.
  10. The prefab has a bit of a pattern. It makes it a bit less jarring than on most buildings. Although the slight difference in colour compared with the stone is strange. They should have tried to match the colours better
  11. It reminds me of Edmonton circa 2009 for some reason.
  12. This is a downgrade. It seems like the Brix from Bleury but slightly taller. It's not really an attractive building. The balconies on the podium are obscene.
  13. I really like this one. A million times better than the Drummond twins and anything on Bishop or Crescent. Slim building + dark red brick + no balconies = win.
  14. We can't accept this method of statue removal, regardless of who the subject is. If it becomes acceptable for one, the same logic would be applied across the board. Certainly there are more than a few people who don't like almost any historical figure in statue form. It will never stop now that heads have started to roll. What would people say if activists ripped down the statue of Montreal's founder Paul Chomedey sieur de Maisonneuve who until recently even had a plaque that bragged of him killing indigenous people with his bare hands? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.477724
  15. Pre-fab gets a bad rap on here sometimes, but this is an example of it done really well. Way better than some window-wall spandrel mess or the another charcoal/yellow brick building.
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