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  1. So will the Imperial Theatre close? No more Rocky Horror Picture Show?! 😭😥
  2. As of right now there are 12 units for sale between the two phases. Cheapest asking price out of all 12 units is $500K for a 650sf 3 1/2 with no parking. There's another one for $515K and then the other 10 units are all $800K+
  3. Roccabella is anything but affordable... have you seen what prices those units are fetching?! 🤣
  4. those buildings don't have any heritage value? i actually like them.... more than anything it's the lawn that could use some landscaping.
  5. i really love this project. Just out of curiosity... since these are condos that were sold off to individual purchasers, how did they enforce that all the drapes be the same? Are condo owners not allowed to change them to install their own blinds/curtains/drapes? It does look aesthetically pleasing though when they are all uniform.
  6. shouldn't this be moved to "Under Construction"? IMO as soon as the developer starts demolition, the project has begun, but if that is too early then at least once excavation commences! Just my 2 cents...
  7. It may be low-rise, but this is one huge baby... I don't think "Small Projects" is the right section to put this thread under.
  8. This should be moved to Under Construction!
  9. a friend of mine bought there. Couple in their late 20s.
  10. i think this came out looking so sharp!!! Very impressed
  11. With demolition well underway, I would say this project is ripe to be migrated over to the "Under Construction" section!
  12. don't think there is a lease signed yet - they are retrofitting the space to attract a potential tenant. This is risky though - look at the spot that was refurbished across the street next to the Videotron - it's gorgeous but it's been +/- a year and they cannot find a tenant (probably very expensive due to the wasted space - super high ceilings but limited floor space).
  13. hi guys, sorry I didn't realize that this was still being referred to as the Sax project on the forum. It's a high-end rental project being developed by Mondev. My guess is that given the luxury type of units, it might be branded under something other than Mondev, which is known for its entry-level apartments.
  14. I would have to disagree with you dbzkid888 . They are one of the Montreal area's largest active developers, and have established a solid reputation for themselves. Every single large-scale project will have one-off cases where purchasers are dissatisfied, but overall, I think Devimco does a terrific job. Not just on the residential side, but incorporating retail/commercial into their projects as well - just look at Peel between Wellington and Ottawa! They have single-handedly transformed the entire neighbourhood.