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  1. https://nypost.com/2021/01/15/23-die-in-norway-after-receiving-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. I think all these lockdowns are useless. It didnt change anything or help. Cases will go up eitherway. Closing all construction sites is the dumbest thing they can do.
  3. Maintenant je comprends pourquoi notre employeur a repoussé le retour aux bureaux en juin 2021.
  4. I think its going to be very ugly downtown especially with all the overhead electric cables and structures. Go have a look on the 10 highway and now imagine that in the middle of downtown and residential areas.
  5. Je ne comprends pas, il dit que le centre ville est mort et qu'ils ont des centaines unités vides mais il veut accéléré le processus pour construire plus d'unités au centre ville?
  6. Ils ont des belles choses mais ca ne veut pas dire ils ont des belles vies
  7. Même une semaine c'est optimiste pour coffrer, armer et coulé la dalle et les colonnes. Ils travaillent sur un horaire de 5jrs ou 7jrs semaine?
  8. Im suprised you can start pouring concrete while dynamitnig works are still going on just next to it
  9. SNC is involved. They are responsible for engineering design for the project (along with stantec and hatch), in addition to construction supervision and management.
  10. Je pense qu'il faut arrêter de badtripper, selon les statistiques d'hier le nombre d'hospitaliser et de morts a baissé. Ensuite de ces personnes tu ne sais pas combien avaient déjà des complications et ont juste était mis comme covid pour cause de décès. Pour les vaccins, 80% des personnes avec qui je parle ne veulent pas se faire vacciner et ne font pas confiance.
  11. They need to move on and stop dreaming. They need a plan B because office workers are not coming back. Our company has 5000 employees downtown and has already told us we are not coming back full time to office even after the panademic. It will be a maximum of 2 days at the office and 3 days at home. I have also other friends at other big companies who have moved to 100% WFH.
  12. Valérie Plante is the worst thing that ever happened to Montreal. The only reason she even got elected was because of her overhyped fake pink line project.
  13. Not HLM, but not classy to be on rene-levesque or at this adress
  14. Wth thats crazy. $1M for a 1000sqft condo dt meanwhile you can buy a 1000sqft condo 15min away in brossard for 300k...
  15. Lool, I remember i recently posted that I have alot of young friends who are living downtown and were telling me its becoming a "dump" are thinking about moving out. I got downvoted... Now the survey shows the trend is true
  16. on devrait annuler la ligne bleu et faire le prolongement de la ligne orange
  17. The media is so stupid. They just want to be dramatic and make everyone go crazy. Half of their stories and headlines are bs and dont mean anything.
  18. Who owns the land? Maybe it will be a Solar Uniquartier V2
  19. what are they going to do with the old loblaws building?
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