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  1. Do you know who is building it?
  2. Je ne comprends pas comment l'hiver peut être non prévues
  3. La même chose s'est produite sur marcel-laurin avec le projet Garage Cote-Vertu
  4. I know very well what i am talking about because that is what alot of people that work with me do. Thank you.
  5. I dont understand whats the big deal. You drop your kids at the daycare then park your car over there or somewhere close by and grab the bus to the rem station. In the evening you take the same bus back to the daycare where you parked your car take your kids and go home. When theres a will theres a million ways.
  6. Please send it to the REM team.
  7. Je comprends pas caché derrière le cinéma? Est ce qu'il y aura un porte d'accès par derrière au cinéma?
  8. lma13

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    We will only know who is right and who is wrong after it gets built.
  9. lma13

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Hey guys any actual news related to the project...
  10. lma13

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Over-drama. Just make the parking expensive so more people will come by public transit.
  11. lma13

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I just hope I wont be working in that area anymore once its built because traffic is already terrible everyday after work. But I still like the project and will go fo sure.
  12. Smartest thing they ever did