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  1. The problem with underground rem is not about feasibility. Everything is feasible is you have unlimited cash and resources. The project must be viable. Cost and schedule can easily double with underground projects that I've worked on.
  2. Il n'y a pas assez de poteaux il faut en rajouter. Une chance que c'est au milieu d'une autoroute
  3. Non mais c'est quand même logique ce qu'il dit
  4. thanks for your intuition. Tell us what else do you see in the future
  5. the trains are not super sleek but honestly the light green color is not bad
  6. Ca sert a quoi. On dirait plus qu'on vaccine plus les cas augmentent et plus ils mettent des restrictions.
  7. Oui c'est sûr un meilleur indicateur serait les prix individuelles. Mais on peut voir clairement avec le nombre de nouveau inscriptions et le prix median l'impact. Voici un autre graph. Ville-maire est le seul secteur qui est maintenant un marché vendeur pour les condos.
  8. Nouveaux chiffres Montreal (ville-marie). Premiere fois je vois une baisse de prix
  9. Sorry i meant TBM. I dont know about information sessions. Most of the times no real information is shared. Anyways STM is doing the design (with a consortium of engineering firms) and they cant deign the tunnels without knowing the excavation method. Tunnel design for a TBM is different than a haveuse.
  10. not true. It was decided to be havage in the beginning and they changed it last year to tunnelling. I know alot of people working on the project and thats what i was told.
  11. What I read is Legault is only imposing tougher restrictions because they want people to get scared and get vaccinated. Apparently Legault spends $13m per month on vaccine marketing ... and that vaccine hesitancy was a huge problem in Quebec and Ontario. So their solution is to create fear about new variants and impose tougher restrictions so that people don’t hesitate to get vaccinated
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