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    I moved to Montreal 4 years ago from Toronto, at the age of 23. I have been employed in the banking sector for 6 years, specializing in real estate construction lending. My portfolio of clients consists of some of Montreal's largest and best known developers and real estate operators. I am currently also pursuing my MBA and CFA.
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    real estate development, spending time outside, dining out, walking my dog, reading
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    Real Estate Account Manager

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  1. avilner10

    St. Charles Condos

    Saint Charles Condos - 16 unit project going up on Saint Charles Street in the Pointe, between Ropery and Charlevoix. The developer truly paying homage to the historical heritage of the neighbourhood!
  2. avilner10

    Édifice du Canal - 5 étages

    This should be moved to Under Construction!
  3. avilner10

    Noca - 8 étages

    a friend of mine bought there. Couple in their late 20s.
  4. avilner10

    LeART - 16 étages

    i think this came out looking so sharp!!! Very impressed
  5. avilner10

    628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    With demolition well underway, I would say this project is ripe to be migrated over to the "Under Construction" section!
  6. don't think there is a lease signed yet - they are retrofitting the space to attract a potential tenant. This is risky though - look at the spot that was refurbished across the street next to the Videotron - it's gorgeous but it's been +/- a year and they cannot find a tenant (probably very expensive due to the wasted space - super high ceilings but limited floor space).
  7. avilner10

    W650 - 10 étages

    hi guys, sorry I didn't realize that this was still being referred to as the Sax project on the forum. It's a high-end rental project being developed by Mondev. My guess is that given the luxury type of units, it might be branded under something other than Mondev, which is known for its entry-level apartments.
  8. avilner10

    Amati - 14 étages

    I would have to disagree with you dbzkid888 . They are one of the Montreal area's largest active developers, and have established a solid reputation for themselves. Every single large-scale project will have one-off cases where purchasers are dissatisfied, but overall, I think Devimco does a terrific job. Not just on the residential side, but incorporating retail/commercial into their projects as well - just look at Peel between Wellington and Ottawa! They have single-handedly transformed the entire neighbourhood.
  9. avilner10

    Amati - 14 étages

    Ok so it's confirmed - this IS a Devimco project! It is the 4th Phase on the Parc Ste-Anne project (construction on the 3rd phase, known as Elements Condos, is to commence in Spring 2017)
  10. avilner10

    Activité commerciale dans Griffintown

    Rocco: except for EQ3, which is a special case, the other tenants that have left, unfortunately were not able to bring in business. It has nothing to do with the neighbourhood. If you look at the tenants that have most recently opened up or are slated to open up soon (Adonis, Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen), these are investment grade tenants who have entire real estate departments doing extensive due diligence prior to picking a location for a new lease. If they have faith in Griffintown, that speaks volumes in itself. As for Doca, the Laitue shop and the place that sold used furniture, well unfortunately, they simply didn't make the cut. C'est la vie.
  11. avilner10

    21e Arrondissement - 9 à 14 étages

    I agree! I live in the neighbourhood as well (on Soeurs Grises between William and Wellington) and I am so hyped up for Tejano to open! Mcgill and the Old Port in general have a great selection of restaurants, and all of them have one main thing in common - super expensive!!! That's not to say that they're no good or not worth the $$$ (I love a good number of them). However, it's nice to know that something more "accessible" is opening in the neighbourhood. Up until now all we've had is Five Guys lol...
  12. avilner10

    Éléments condominiums - 14 étages

    I totally agree! and as for the fact that all the units look the same, have you seen what the 1000s of condos going up in Toronto look like?! 100% identical. This is the new normal, guys.
  13. Given the negative press on the developer in today's JdeM, I'm afraid that this project might see some delays... if the issue is investigated, of course! http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2016/05/11/les-promoteurs-dun-projet-de-500-m-lies-aux-panama-papers