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  1. vieux-montréal

    ^^ I was about to say that. Such an eyesore for the vieux-port...they got to cover that station with something because that's just disgusting
  2. There is a serous lack of restaurants and businesses on this stretch of road. Who will stop and enjoy this park except for dogwalkers and homeless people? I think a farmer's market on the weekends could be an awesome idea to bring more life to the park and also add a public outdoor stage for events like Nuit Blanche.
  3. what's going to happen to it? how will they replace the traffic?
  4. wow great video! shows how difficult it is to operate a crane. A lot of work goes behind just lifting up the most simple cladding materials.
  5. ville-marie

    man that ugly ass pre fab wall..
  6. ville-marie

    I don't think its so bad, there are far too many condo towers being built in MTL for today's demand anyways. I'd rather wait a couple years for a better and more daring project to come up. Babylon looked quite cool on the renders but I don't believe the end result would be as spectacular since I am more than certain they would cheap out on materials. I actually would prefer a nice urban park on that lot
  7. In a lot of ways it does seem to work, but the fact that the TTC, GO transit, YRT & MiWay are unable to make independent decisions causes huge delays when one body has to make every single transit planning decision for them & a dysfunctional city council which stalls important projects for years. The Spadina subway extension is set to open for December 2017 at the earliest when it was supposed to be ready for this summer, the Finch LRT was also supposed to have started several years ago and now, we're only talking about 2018-19 for the start of the project, the Downtown relief line which should have been built decades ago is still in its early planning development and construction is expected to start in 2020 which is ridiculous when the Yonge-University line is already overcapacity. The Scarborough subway/LRT seems to be an never-ending debate and the start for construction is also unclear. I just hate how Canadian infrastructure projects are subject to the volatile forces of politics creating roadblocks for the STM and TTC to improve their transit system.
  8. that's absolutely retarted..similar to the worthless Metrolinx system setup in Toronto. Too much bureaucracy and decision-making.
  9. Go Habs go! I am optimistic about beating the Sens!
  10. Shocking. May you rest in peace Yvon! I will really miss his on point photo updates and his passion for Montreal.
  11. Holy shit that blew me away! I didn't even know DC has such eyesores
  12. Ill wait for Memphis until I make final judgement of the tower but so far it adds very nicely to the skyline
  13. Beautiful bridge! But I agree that it needs 8 lanes instead of 6..A little bit disappointed that there is no presentation for the SLR Take 2 steps ahead and one back