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  1. Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    Dense glass is a water and air vapor barrier. The black sheeting is probably there for an improved fire rating and perhaps better adhesion for the red metal siding (not sure which material will be used for the red surface area)
  2. Campus MIL

    ^^ Imaginez avoir ca sur Decarie
  3. Le Jardinier - 3 étages

    wow! c'est un joli projet! ca me rappelle de la scandinavie...Montreal a besoin de plus de developements comme ceux-ci!
  4. 5300 Molson - 7 étages

    feels like 2002 with these potato quality renders..
  5. Zenith - 20 étages

    those balconies
  6. 407 McGill - 10 étages

    un mini roccabella...
  7. Échangeur Turcot

    its a piece of crap not worth remembering.
  8. Réaménagement du carrefour Sherbrooke/Pie-IX - 375e

    at first i thought it was real people standing on top of the is this!?
  9. the addition of the calisthenics park will be huge! Lots of people will visit for sure..including me
  10. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    J'ai tout juste realise que la murale de Leonard Cohen sur la rue Crescent sera un tres bel ajout du point de vue de la belvedere.
  11. Le King Wellington - 10 étages

    ^^ I was about to say that. Such an eyesore for the vieux-port...they got to cover that station with something because that's just disgusting
  12. Vieux-Port de Montréal

    They should add LED lights on it. It will stand out at night
  13. There is a serous lack of restaurants and businesses on this stretch of road. Who will stop and enjoy this park except for dogwalkers and homeless people? I think a farmer's market on the weekends could be an awesome idea to bring more life to the park and also add a public outdoor stage for events like Nuit Blanche.
  14. Adieu Autoroute Ville-Marie

    what's going to happen to it? how will they replace the traffic?
  15. wow great video! shows how difficult it is to operate a crane. A lot of work goes behind just lifting up the most simple cladding materials.