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  1. FollowTheLeader

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    I hope that hostel/motel on guy gets demolished one day...such an eyesore
  2. FollowTheLeader

    Place Bonaventure

    replace all the concrete slabs with blue aluminum panels and thats it!!! ..If your'e doing renovations, go ALL IN, not just a sad partial reclad
  3. FollowTheLeader

    Luxeo (Île-Perrot) - 8 étages

    While driving on the 20 close to I.P yesterday...the phase 1 has already hit the ground floor..theyre advancing fast. This thread should be in U/C
  4. FollowTheLeader

    Centra Condos Phase 2 - 16 étages

    I think that's another project behind?? that can't be the renders it shows that it's literally hugging the Victorian houses?
  5. FollowTheLeader

    Central Parc Laval - 22 étages

    il a deja l'air tres il reste 5 etages a construire. Tres bon projet pour le secteur!
  6. FollowTheLeader

    Coin Viger/Saint-Laurent - ?? étages

    anyone have more information about the u shaped project on rue papineau (abandoned site) close to the bridge?
  7. FollowTheLeader

    Montréal, the most reputable city in the Americas

    bunch of lazy writers in MTLblog and terrible journalism if they're even considered that..
  8. FollowTheLeader

    750 Peel - 23, 23 étages

    I hope this project crashes and dies, this site deserves a better height least build 30 storeys
  9. FollowTheLeader

    Station Technoparc - Discussion

    these ecologists and environmentalists are the type of people that live in the suburbs and never set foot on the island..what a bunch of whiners
  10. FollowTheLeader

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    any other lots zoned for 120+ m in that area which are vacant?
  11. FollowTheLeader

    Théatre Snowdon

    Was driving beside the theater today and saw lots of construction activity on site..about a dozen construction workers cleaning up the site and a fence is now up outside.
  12. FollowTheLeader

    Intelligence Artificielle - AI Montréal Plaque Tournante

    more great news for the A.I sector in Montreal
  13. FollowTheLeader

    Voltige - 26, 20, 14, 6, 6 étages

    August 27 update
  14. FollowTheLeader

    Viaduc Berri: réaménagement
  15. FollowTheLeader

    Viaduc Berri: réaménagement

    ils auraient du faire les murs vert et non rouge.. puisque c'est a cote de la ligne verte...