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  1. FollowTheLeader

    Solar Uniquartier - projet global

    And no lights on highway 20 until Pointe-Claire really makes it look like youre in a rural area. They really need to include them right at Baie-Durfe
  2. FollowTheLeader

    Le Smith - 26 étages

    Ce projet a grandi dans l'un de mes favoris
  3. FollowTheLeader

    William Murray - 6 étages

    absolutely beautiful! This should be a standard for construction projects
  4. FollowTheLeader

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Lets hope that this bridge doesn't turn into the Oakland Bay bridge disaster. I'd rather see them take more time but build it right.
  5. FollowTheLeader

    Siège social d'Hydro-Québec (rénovation)

    It baffles me that for an enterprise that is one of the biggest in Quebec, they couldn't have properly refreshed this building with quality materials. All we received was a disappointing renovation that is on the level of Bonaventure's fiasco.
  6. FollowTheLeader

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    peut-etre que CF a lu nos commentaires et a decide de la construire apres tout! *wishful thinking*
  7. FollowTheLeader

    STM: Prolongement du métro: Ligne 02 orange vers le nord-ouest

    tu deviendras notre Rocco 2.0 du forum avec ce pessimisme
  8. FollowTheLeader

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    I hope that hostel/motel on guy gets demolished one day...such an eyesore
  9. FollowTheLeader

    Place Bonaventure

    replace all the concrete slabs with blue aluminum panels and thats it!!! ..If your'e doing renovations, go ALL IN, not just a sad partial reclad
  10. FollowTheLeader

    Luxeo (Île-Perrot) - 8 étages

    While driving on the 20 close to I.P yesterday...the phase 1 has already hit the ground floor..theyre advancing fast. This thread should be in U/C
  11. FollowTheLeader

    Centra Condos Phase 2 - 16 étages

    I think that's another project behind?? that can't be the renders it shows that it's literally hugging the Victorian houses?
  12. FollowTheLeader

    Central Parc Laval - 22 étages

    il a deja l'air tres il reste 5 etages a construire. Tres bon projet pour le secteur!
  13. anyone have more information about the u shaped project on rue papineau (abandoned site) close to the bridge?
  14. FollowTheLeader

    Montréal, the most reputable city in the Americas

    bunch of lazy writers in MTLblog and terrible journalism if they're even considered that..
  15. FollowTheLeader

    750 Peel - 23, 23 étages

    I hope this project crashes and dies, this site deserves a better height least build 30 storeys