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  1. FollowTheLeader

    Réseau express métropolitain

    Je conduisais sur la 40 ajourd'hui et jai vu beaucoup de test de sol proche de Timberlea, Boulevard St-charles, Fairview et Dorval... une large quantite de avance!!
  2. FollowTheLeader

    Place Bonaventure

    Now imagine if the building was completely covered in glass..a missed opportunity
  3. FollowTheLeader

    Réseau express métropolitain

    le troisieme choix me semble le plus attrayant! des belles lumieres et des lignes propres. La St-laurent est aussi interessante mais me semble que ce sera un gachi en realite avec les rayures DEL.
  4. FollowTheLeader

    CHUM - 17, 20 étages

    Wow! C'est fou combien plus d'espace il y en a! Ce territoire est zone pour combien de metres?
  5. FollowTheLeader

    Parc-nature Turcot – La falaise

    I can't believe your'e being serious right now..this building is an absolute disgrace for the entrance of Montreal
  7. FollowTheLeader

    Rénovations Hôtel Le Germain

    are they adding those additional 5 top floors as well? 20 million seems quite low for that
  8. FollowTheLeader

    PC victory effect on Quebec

    As we all know by now, Ontario voted for Doug Ford's conservatives, how will that effect its relationship with Quebec and the upcoming elections in October?
  9. FollowTheLeader

    Projets de Toronto - Nouveautés et progressions

    Last couple months when I was in Mississauga around burnhamthorpe and hurontario, the street level was extremely's still retains a very suburban type of vibe around square one especially in the evening.
  10. Lived in Montreal (12 years) , Calgary (3 1/2 years) , and Toronto (8 years) and this is all I could think of as of right now Montreal: Pros- affordable, good public transport, easy-going lifestyle, close to great hiking spots, economic resurgence, unique food culture, great bike infrastructure, possesses more architectural value downtown and throughout the city Cons - French (pour ceux qui parlent pas), political instability (PQ and Bloc Quebecois make foreign businesses feel uneasy), infrastructure on the island is in poor state (metropolitaine / pointe claire interchange/ st-jacques interchange, aut 20 close to Dorval with its ugly blue walls), less $ pay compared to Toronto, colder weather in the winter, higher provincial taxes Toronto: Pros - English speaking city (convenient for immigrants), lots of nice parks and greenery in the city, lots of job opportunities, great road infrastructure, fast growing city, skyscraper construction frenzy, better pay than in Montreal, less colder than Montreal & Calgary in the winter, less taxes compared to MTL Cons- Ridiculously unaffordable housing & rent/ utilities/ car insurance, mediocre public transport for its size and very expensive fares, everyone is in a rush to make money, crazy congestion on the 401/ DVP/ 400, horrible bike infrastructure, Yonge street isn't s great as it seems; gotta venture out west on queen/ king/ college/ bloor if you want to experience better atmosphere, no nature whatsoever (gotta venture min 2 hrs north of Ontario for good hiking/camping), no French representation Calgary: Pros - family and immigrant friendly city, proximity to the Rockies, great public transport for its size, small taxes, Cons- Economy too reliant on petrol, crazy weather during winter/summer due to Chinooks, commuter city, downtown is mostly dead after 6pm, lack of cultural value (festivals, food, art), more expensive real estate and rent than Montreal (considering its Calgary), while living in Toronto I also noticed lots of cars from Alberta meaning that Calgary/ Edmonton are mostly transition cities especially for immigrants, the majority of people are very conservative thinking
  11. FollowTheLeader

    Coop Mile End (ex-École des Premières Lettres) - 6 étages

    Alors le revetement blanc final devrait etre du type stucco? ca na pas l'air d'etre de la brique sur les rendus..
  12. FollowTheLeader

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    la progression pour cet ete va etre crucial pour voir si ils seront capable de livrer ce projet en temps...
  13. FollowTheLeader

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    it seems that in between each concrete slab of the initial grey columns there is something being a white foam? does anyone know what it is and what it is for?
  14. FollowTheLeader

    Nouveau terminal

    2018, a big year to remember for Montreal! Nous sommes vraiment gates cette annee!
  15. FollowTheLeader

    Théatre Snowdon

    add some soft white neons or LEDs highlighting the building and it will be a charm to see from Decarie