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Microtel Dorval - 5 étages


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54 minutes ago, budgebandit said:

Currently under construction.

GC: Ruche Construction

Mentioned in this press release: https://masterbuilthotels.com/2020/11/25/canadian-lodging-news-masterbuilt-a-good-time-to-invest-in-hotels/

Address: 1745 Rte Transcanadienne


Thanks! I was wondering what was being built there. So another hotel...right next to the Home 2 and across the highway from the Hilton that was built a few years back. I guess it is a good time to invest in hotels!

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6 hours ago, budgebandit said:

August 13, 2021



Do we have any news on a project in front of Square-Victoria? No one reads this thread so u can spill the beans here 😏😋

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This is a Wyndham hotel. I am sure some of you may have seen it while driving down the 40. In terms of ugliness it gives Coop Montagne Verte a run for its money. 

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