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  1. On attend toujours une explication... sauf erreur de ma part, aucun règlement n'a été brisé au cours de la discussion dans "l'autre fil".
  2. Oh my goodness, very sad to hear this terrible news. He was an excellent contributor to the forum. May he rest in peace.
  3. J'peux comprendre si quelques messages avaient été supprimés, mais supprimer le fil au complet.... not impressed.
  4. Those Victorians are used by various clubs, associations etc. with ties to the university
  5. They don't have anywhere to move the department. As soon as they do, this lot will be for sale.
  6. Max height here is 182.5m (assuming the current regulations remain in place...)
  7. The linear park is gonna be a lot more popular in 2 years
  8. May 1st 2021 Nice view of 628... for the next 4-5 years
  9. No news on this one unfortunately.. but there is a building that will be up for sale on Rene Levesque O in the near future!
  10. I think they'd like to sell a few condos first
  11. The cladding (prefab) is being installed on this one.
  12. Don't ask for an update, become the update. 😂
  13. Stop building??? This is an essential public transit project for the Montreal Metro area, regardless of the 10% decline due to WFH accommodations.
  14. Construction has already started on this one
  15. Unless I’m mistaken, the sketch for the project in BC only includes 1 tower. Two different sketches
  16. April 24, 2021 Tracks have been completely removed on the east and west sides of the Toupin crossing
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