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The Bensadoun School of Retail Management at McGill University is aiming to be the destination for tomorrow’s retail leaders.

The school, which last year received a $25-million donation from Aldo Bensadoun, who built a global shoe empire which is named after him, has a goal to be the world’s premier school dedicated to the future of retail and its mission is to educate and empower a global network of interdisciplinary thinkers and practitioners who research, envision and prototype a successful world of retail.

Charles de Brabant, executive director of the Bensadoun Retail Initiative, said the school, in Montreal, will be taking in its first students in September of 2018. The school will be co-run by Dr. Saibal Ray, Academic Director of the Bensadoun Retail Initiative. 

(Courtesy of Retail Insider)

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5 hours ago, CGD said:

Not sure where this goes but this is the closest in location to the new renovation/small project. On 3456-58 de la Musee they have built a large extension that connects to both mansions. Listed as "Luxury Condos Downtown" with "nine Luxury condominiums and five townhomes" ready for late 2019. ( https://immobilierkennylangburt.com/en/properties/3456-av-du-musee-montreal-qc-h3g-2c7-2/). Can anyone help me create a new space for this project?




IMG_4122 3.JPG

You can create your own topics, I will show you how.

The first step is to make sure that a topic does not already exist for the project. Your best bet would be to search on Google the projects address/name + Mtlurb. If nothing shows up, you should be good to go. 

The second step is to find the right category for your project, so this one would be under: "Home > Real estate projects > Going up > Renovations". There's a considerable expansion to this project, so it might qualify as more than just a renovation, so it might go under simply  "Home > Real estate projects > Going up".

There is a turquoise button on the top right that says "Start new topic". Try to follow the standards for naming your thread the best you can, look at other topics for guidance. Include as much information you can, so photos, renderings, official website, etc. Don't stress if it is not perfect, a mod will usually correct any errors.

Good luck!

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