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  1. (NB this is all hypothetical...) If about a third of those 30 psgrs were J fares or derivatives, or if the main cabin fares sold were the equivalent of those J fares plus some Y, and everyone wanted to fly at the time that the single daily flight was offered, then sure, why not, assign a J/Y cabin 705 to the sector. But I suspect otherwise. Thinking about how Porter Q400s fly YYZ-Myrtle Beach, perhaps cost effective to use a feeder Q400, except... It's a long sector for a single class of service at the lower speed, perhaps ok for the Myrtle Beach leisure tickets but perhaps not for the business shuttle scene. I will concede that the Q400 gate-to-gate time would still be less than the current option of having to change planes en route.
  2. Statistiques PAX

    Noting that in the 2014-2017 period YUL's international numbers (excluding Transborder) continue to surge ahead of domestic. In fact the spread is increasing: Four Augusts ago the difference between domestic and international was 20,000 more international pax, now it's 93,000 more. This may sound like a stupid question, but does anyone know how a hypothetical Jazz/Sky Regional feed passenger flying Halifax-Montreal-Geneva-Montreal-Halifax is counted by ADM? If transit traffic is counted only once per direction of travel, is this passenger counted by origin market (domestic) or by destination market (int'l)? Or does ADM capture this passenger twice in each direction (arrival from YHZ+departure to GVA+arrival from GVA+departure to YHZ)? Because of course in terminal planning it's the total number of people (and their origin/destination within the terminal airside and/or landside) that really counts. While at Trudeau, the Halifax-Montreal-Geneva passenger is one person airside, not two.
  3. I wish them well but this isn't even financed yet. YHM is a decent secondary airport for the Golden Horseshoe and they'd sure like to have some planes at the gates deserted years ago by Westjet. If I were to compare Jetlines vs a WestJet ULCC, on paper the WestJet version has defined a niche (the cross-border airport traveler) whereas Jetlines is just tossing about the major ROC cities and a couple of sunspots.
  4. Statistiques PAX

    It was less than a decade ago that we were thrilled to hit a million passenger month. We're on the cusp of doubling that. This is really very encouraging.
  5. Échangeur Turcot

    Pour le projet Turcot/R136, les caméras du québec511 sont une bonne source d'images en direct. En ce moment le caméra Atwater nous offre une perspective sur la construction du pont pour la sortie réservée aux transports collectifs: http://www.quebec511.info/diffusion/en/camera/AfficherCamera.aspx?id=3450&srcUrl=/en/cameras/montreal/
  6. Eh bien alors vous m’avez très très mal compris. Relisez mes textes. Mot pour mot, j’avais écrit: -‘the new city pairs are developed because they make economic sense.’ -‘Air Canada cherche à remplir ses appareils là ou la demande existe et quand ceux qui font la demande ont les moyens de dépenser pour un billet qui donne un rendement adéquat au transporteur.’ J’étais même en accord avec vous à propos de Reykjavik. Alors d’ou sortez vous le concept des ‘faveurs indues’? Va fouiller un peu dans mes textes, vous verrez que depuis belle lurette le succès d’Air Transat, entreprise d’ici, me tient également à coeur. J'ai supposé à tort que vous compreniez la sémantique. Un ‘décret ministériel’ pour signifier que c’était ‘imposé par Québec’. My bad.
  7. I would prefer to believe that the thread itself is actually filled with opinion and debate, which can be good. If the thread was simply a good news press release posted by a member and followed up by other members saying' hooray' and 'good news' then I'd have my doubts about the value of the forum. However when clauNorBer opined that 'Air Canada n'avait pas beaucoup d'ambition pour Montréal' I think that in view of AC's demonstrable large-scale, consistent and multi-year expansion at YUL that it's only normal that he'd be challenged by many in this forum. I do respect clauNorBer's right to his own point of view but feel compelled to challenge it.
  8. Les investissements actuels d’AC à YUL se sont produits peu à peu pendant un certain nombre d'années… C’était en quel année Geneve, Barcelone, Bruxelles? Quand Casablanca, Algiers, Lyon? Shanghai, Tel Aviv et Marseille? Le ‘upgauge’ sur Londres, dans le temps un 767 qui est maintenant devenu un 777-300? Les contrats avec Jazz et Sky Regional pour assurer l’ajout de capacité style Q400 entre YUL et YOW YQB YHZ YFC YQM YSJ etc etc etc..? Alors voici que pour 2018 AC ajoute Tokyo et tout d’un coup c’est par ordre ministeriel ou devoir moral que YUL connait son épanouissement en termes de hub et une croissance accrue du traffic en correspondence? Certes il existe des pressions politiques dans le domaine de l’aviation global, mais de dire que le plan d’affaires d’Air Canada à YUL resulte d’un décret ministeriel, voyons donc non c’est pas crédible.
  9. Alors suivant ta logique, Tokyo n'est pas un 'key global market' puisqu'elle n'est pas assez concret comme exemple? Dans ce meme présentation d'Air Canada, un autre aspect pour Montréal c'était de 'minimiser la duplication avec YYZ'. Bref, le mot clé c'est 'minimiser' et non pas pas 'éviter' ou 'éliminer'. Sinon il faudrait qu'Air Canada supprime aussi ses YYZCDG et YULLHR et YYZBCN et YULATH et j'en passe. Evidemment ce n'est pas le cas, car Air Canada cherche à remplir ses appareils là ou la demande existe et quand ceux qui font la demande ont les moyens de dépenser pour un billet qui donne un rendement adéquat au transporteur.
  10. 407 McGill - 10 étages

    Bravo Lemay, un exemple d’ou l’aperçu artistique est nettement inferieure par rapport au produit final. C’est un ajout qui se fera remarquer dans les décennies a venir.
  11. Air Canada's own June 2015 presentation stated Montreal was to focus on "key francophone markets and key global markets". Whether francophone or not, the new city pairs are developed because they make economic sense. I don't see the 'pressions politiques' that you're speaking about. I see AC wanting to earn revenues where opportunities exist. To be fair, I do agree with you about Reykjavik, yes it was probably the threat of two competitors suddenly knocking at the door that caused AC to take at look at competing. There are only so many slots that AC can use at YYZ. YUL has some free space in that regard. Geographically YUL is well positioned to feed BOS YHZ YYT YQM YFC YYG YQB YOW traffic to the NRT flight. So AC has placed larger capacity turboprops and RJs on those sectors to carry this feed as well as the PVG flight and all other overseas stations that have been added here in the past few years. AC has only recently acquired its 787-800s and 900s. These aircraft, along with the lower unit cost rouge 767-300s, have permitted the company to add lots of new long-haul into the marketplace. We hear it over and over, East Asia and North Asia wouldn't be economically feasible out of YUL without the 787s. So these city pairs weren't even an option in the business plan until quite recently. 2015 in fact is when all of this was first presented to the public.
  12. Wow, I am so very impressed. Thank you.
  13. Merci Rocco. On dirait des baleines en train de plonger.
  14. Aircraft Parking North of 10/28

    They appear to be about 120m from the edge of 10/28. As reference, the wingtips or tails of aircraft parked at gates10, 12 and 15 on the end of the domestic jetty are about 150m from the edge of 06R/24L. I would say the light standards are a little too close for 10/28 to remain active, but this is my personal opinion.
  15. Myriade - 22 étages

    I love that expression. I'd never heard it before. Merci MDCM.