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    Diplomé de Concordia University, BA Urban Studies 1990
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    Sudbury, ON et Beaconsfield, QC
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    Aviation, urbanisme, photographie
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    Coordonateur aux opérations, transports scolaire

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  1. Timothy

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Also that Orly-Guadeloupe is the fourth largest TATL sector by forecast number of seats for end-July 2018. I never knew there was such volume. Thanks FlyboyMTL for posting the link.
  2. Timothy


    At 3:15 this afternoon, there were five transpacific flights airborne to and from Montreal. We have truly entered a new era. Image source flightradar24.com:
  3. Timothy


    AC005 is now airborne... Image courtesy flightradar24.com
  4. Timothy

    Circuit d'attente - 29 mai

    Between 5 and 6 pm winds shifted from southeast to northeast, so perhaps runway assignments changed at that time.
  5. Timothy

    AC Hotel - 34 étages (2017)

    Si jamais des employés de l’AC partent en grêve, j’imagine qu’ils pourraient manifester avec des pancartes ‘AC c’est AC’.
  6. Rusty, what Alexcaban meant was 'This has been KNOWN for a long time now'.
  7. Timothy

    Le Smith - 26 étages

    Alors on se calme, voici quelques uns des membres de la cinquiême colonne arrivés sur les lieux pour démanteler Le Smith...
  8. Timothy

    Nouveau terminal

    I just want to say that with this airport expansion I have never spent so much time checking in on mtlurb updates. This is the most thrilling thread in years except possibly REM and when the TDC/Roccabella/Icone/Avenue all got under way five years ago. Merci à tous.
  9. Timothy

    Nouveau terminal

    Exactement. C'est d'ailleurs pourquoi les WOW, les rouge et les Level s'annoncent sur le plan. Yes they will but the demand may be more on the leisure side. Look at 50 years ago: To/from North America, "Visiting Friends and Relatives" traffic was all about connections to the 'old countries' in post-war Europe. Now it's to everywhere on the planet.
  10. Timothy

    Nouveau terminal

    If ADM plans for larger average gate space, and for example every current Transborder CRJ-200 departure becomes a CRJ-900, and every ERJ-175 becomes a 737-800, seating capacity per departure doubles without affecting gate assignments or runway capacity, and the new terminal space will absorb the additional passenger flows. Of course the overseas model can't be so much about doubling aircraft size, the planes are already pretty big, so the capacity increase could come from a) additional departures on the North Atlantic outside of the current peak evening slots and b) new destinations (Pacific, South America) less constrained by the European time zone logistics. So 18 million passengers a year becomes 36 million... In theory. Meanwhile ADM retains Mirabel "in case".
  11. Timothy

    Nouveau terminal

    Thank you thenoflyzone. If that first phase of the terminal expansion is indeed built atop where 10-28 still sits, I will decree that the gates within be numbered 10-28. It will be a costly exercise for ADM but it will make me feel better.
  12. Timothy

    Nouveau terminal

    Possible yes but very unlikely if the entire terminal is housed in one continuous structure. On the other hand we will probably witness extensive use of travelators (the flat escalators) up and down those 800-900m distances between the current main terminal footprint and the furthest contact bridges.
  13. Timothy

    Nouveau terminal

    Just as an aside, if ADM reconfigures the taxiways and aprons as proposed today, and if the City of Dorval doesn't alter its land use planning, this view down 06L-24R will be almost IDENTICAL in 2040... That's Air China's 787-900 climbing away for PEK a few minutes ago. (Image courtesy dickiemoore.com)
  14. Timothy

    Nouveau terminal

    The proposed landside has shades of ZRH with the elevated 'parkland', I LOVE IT, at least on a seasonal basis, by which I mean spring, summer and fall.