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    Diplomé de Concordia University, BA Urban Studies 1990
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    Sudbury, ON et Beaconsfield, QC
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    Aviation, urbanisme, photographie
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    Coordonateur aux opérations, transports scolaire

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  1. Timothy

    Échangeur Turcot

    Les côtés en pente (inclinés?) du nouveau pont augmentent-ils le risque que des couches de glace glissent et tombent sur Décarie? Do the sloping sides of the new bridge add a risk of ice sheets slipping off and crashing down onto Decarie?
  2. Is it just me, or does this NOT sound like what m. Rouleau said or intended to say?
  3. This past summer I flew ATHYUL. From speaking with three other passengers in our seating area, two of them had a final destination beyond YUL. One was Ottawa, the other London, Ont. Very anecdotal and unscientific research here, but perhaps an indication of the growing importance of connection feed over YUL.
  4. Possible yes, but as already discussed in the YUL section of mtlurb, the 'second terminal' is really an appendage of the main terminal, where 1. the planned transit centre will be located (a HUGE investment for ADM) and 2. the check-in areas will remain focused. So short of a larger-scale redesign of the in-terminal passenger flows, it would seem unlikely that a second REM station would be built to service YUL's passenger terminal. We are not CDG or Heathrow.
  5. It's the world's first vertical medina, and in all seriousness I find the look very appealing. We often see architectural components that echo or mirror other structures in the surrounding vicinity. In this case the design also echoes an important component of the cultural milieu immediately west of Concordia.
  6. Et justement cela libère des chambres dans les établissements concus pour de plus courts séjours p.e. ' les correspondances d'une nuit' dont faisait mention acpnc. C'est peut-être ce dont parlait nephersir7, 'séjour de longue durée' :)
  7. Wow, 'gradually' is correct. Taking into account the exception dates, it looks like there will be the equivalent of ONE TS A321 performing Trans-Atlantic from YUL during all of July and August, supplemented by a second plane two days a week (a total of 9 weekly departures). Transat's venerable A310s will be flying for awhile yet. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. I notice that every day the OS 767-300 is scheduled to have a five hour turnaround at YUL. In addition to connection bank synergies, does this also allow for the AC base to service the bird? Based on today's exchange rate, this could be a cost advantage for Euro-denomination OS (1 EUR = 1.5 CAD) and give some extra business to the AC base on a type of airframe they already service for the rouge fleet. Just a thought.
  9. Here's one: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/take-a-waltz-from-toronto-to-vienna-with-air-canada-s-new-service-to-austria-s-capital-1027586168 Thank you Star Alliance coordination, this gives AC potential extra connection traffic to/from OS at Trudeau.
  10. megafolie, sept mentalité ca ne sert a rien.
  11. Timothy

    Échangeur Dorval

    The southern portion of the Dorval project is still on the books within the MTMDET 2018-2020 budget: Source: https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/projets-infrastructures/investissements/investissements-routiers/investissements-routiers-2018-2020/Documents/liste-500k-montreal.pdf
  12. Donc je pose la même question que qwerty : Quelle est la mauvaise nouvelle? Quelque soit le modèle de financement, reste toujours l'incontournable de la congestion "landside" pour la durée des travaux.
  13. I am proud to say that if my wife and I had not flown in July, YUL's total enplaned/deplaned would have been only 2,038,145.
  14. Look who's about to complete a nonstop North Atlantic delivery flight... Image source: flightradar24.com
  15. Timothy

    Échangeur Turcot

    That's a nice idea however... Canadian Pacific / Exo would be very unlikely to approve any new in-town level crossings, even if solely for bikes and foot traffic. A straight line from Place St Henri station up to Ste Catherine in lower Westmount, allowing for your perpendicular portion, is about 700m. From Place St Henri station to the same point on St Catherine, via the Glen arch, is about 1.3km. For a cyclist, there's no issue with that additional 600m distance. Which leaves pedestrians, and I suspect the origin-destination demand just wouldn't be great enough to justify such an investment.