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  1. Encore ce matin et depuis quelques jours, Air Canada, Air Transat et Sunwing apportent des appareils à des lieux d'entreposage : Air Canada, plusieurs gros-porteurs vers Kansas City, San Antonio et Marana en Arizona; Air Transat, des 737 en Europe (Smartwings à Prague) et des A330 à Mirabel; Sunwing, la plupart de leur flotte 737 en Angleterre et en Allemagne (TUI) ou vers Prague (Smartwings). --- Air Canada, Air Transat and Sunwing have been, and continue to, send planes into storage: Air Canada has sent many widebodies to Kansas City, San Antonio and Marana, AZ; Air Transat has returned 737s to Smartwings at Prague and has flown A330s to MIrabel; Sunwing has sent most of their 737s back to England and Germany (TUI) or Prague (Smartwings).
  2. Il semble que Sunwing aurait presque terminé ses vols de rapatriement et que ce matin quelques de leurs appareils sont en chemin pour se faire entreposer. C'est a noter que les trois appareils volant vers Newcastle portent chacun une immatriculation britanninque G-____. It appears that Sunwing has nearly completed its repatriation flights, and that this morning some of their planes are headed for storage. Note that the three aircraft flying to Newcastle each carry a British registration. Image source: flightradar24.com
  3. I would suggest an homage to this beautiful century-old planned community, 'Ville Jardin" "Garden City"
  4. Et pourtant certains des fiches techniques de la présentation du Comité de bon voisinage Canora / Mont-Royal indiquent 'Station VMR' ou 'VMR'.
  5. Sorry, yes you're right, my poor wording, however I note for instance that Delta is halting flights to and from continental Europe for 30 days, beginning tomorrow.
  6. With the US ban on commercial flights to-from the EU, is YUL (and YYZ of course) filling more seats with US passengers transiting through here? If so, this would benefit both the transatlantic as well as transborder sectors I would imagine, and buffer our overall decline relative to other gateways.
  7. Thank you Max for those unseen or rarely seen photos.
  8. En ce moment, oui, pourtant c'est la mise en valeur des terrains plus à l'ouest de l'avenue Fairview qui attire la CDPQ.
  9. ... also from the same source, in case it hasn't been mentioned previously: "Montreal – Tel Aviv eff 06JUL20 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly"
  10. That makes sense. My question is, would that effect be countered by other stopgap measures for the MAX8 grounding, for example AC subbing in a rouge 763 on Bordeaux and Sunwing using those two 'Eastern Airlines' 763s to/from YUL/YYZ and the Caribbean?
  11. On dirait des clin d'oeils involontaires au projet de l'ONF
  12. So beyond the Onex/giant competitor angle, VR is another reason why an Air Canada buyout of Transat can make sense. Even if VR results in new generations of business deals being transacted without the physical handshake, VR will never effectively replace the sun/sand/surf leisure market experiences. So by increasing their rouge-type market share, Air Canada may better hedge its bets against future business travel shifts.
  13. How about 'Air Canada Galaxie' and keeping the TS star as a visual link to the Transat heritage? Here's my visual concept (Thank you Microsoft Paint):
  14. I like the new Air Transat star motif on the tail and wonder if Air Canada might keep it.