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  1. Parait que la construction du REM sur le tablier du pont s’achève peu a peu, et bien sur c'est grace à Denis...
  2. ... not sure why this disappeared, I had posted it about three weeks ago... Satellite views of mobile gantry 'Anne' outside the Brault and Martineau at St Charles Blvd, and 'Marie' on the Doney spur east of Avenue André. From their positions, and the state of greenery, I assume these images were captured this past April or early May, before the construction season resumed. Source: www.cumberlandgis.maps.arcgis.com
  3. Tout a fait d'accord. Here's a photo I took 15 years ago of a similar setup in Beaconsfield, during reconstruction at the north end of the Westcroft pedestrian bridge. It was perfectly safe, though a little unnerving to walk on
  4. The REM station's initial working name of 'Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue' was changed to 'Anse-à-l'Orme' to avoid confusion with the Vaudreuil-Hudson line station of the same name. Similar reasoning would apply to 'Baie-d'Urfé'. Similarly, REM 'Pointe-Claire' has been changed to 'Fairview Pointe-Claire'. I like 'Anse-à-l'Orme', another option would have been 'Sainte-Marie'.
  5. Some potential infill for the Jazz void triggered by COVID-19... As posted yesterday evening by @Mark_Brandon on twitter, "new Regional route coming to @yulaeroport Starting Aug 31, Quebec airline, Air Liaison will operate 2 daily flghts onboard their @Beechcraft#B1900! DU200 YZV-YBC-YQB-YUL 8:50 DU900 YUL-YQB-YZV 9:40 DU901 YZV-YQB-YUL 15:00 DU201 YUL-YQB-YBC 17:00"
  6. C'est un reflet du Pont des Îles, construit il y a maintenant 54 ans pour relier les iles Ste-Hélène et Notre-Dame pour l'Expo 67.
  7. OWG... and if your flight is exceptionally memorable, good or bad, simply turn the 'W' upside down.
  8. Warning: Going on a tangent here... Yabucoa77's July 5th photos also depict the 40's quality pavement laid down in about 2007 if I'm not mistaken, in both directions between St-Charles to Sources and beyond. This roadway surface has stood the test of time and proves that good materials and workmanship yield quality results with minimal repairs. Yes, I know, at a price...
  9. For those of us not driving by there all the time, the MTQ's 40/St-Charles camera now shows Anne slowly moving into view at the right-hand side:
  10. etk qu'elle soit officiellement connue comme 'Griffintown - Bernard-Landry' ou pas, de jour en jour on finira par l'identifier tout simplement par 'Griffintown'. Car a part de la voix enregistrée qui annonce en toute douceur l'arrivée sur le quai, 'Griffintown - Bernard-Landry' c'est long à exprimer... Just my opinion.
  11. Hi Fly Malta's A380 9H-MIP is sitting at YUL gate 63 this sunny afternoon. It is the world's first, and only, second-hand A380 (formerly Singapore Airlines). I'm not sure of its purpose at Trudeau, but I'll guess COVID-19 repatriation. In the past week Hi Fly has also operated at least two A340 flights between Montreal and Seoul.
  12. During the past two months of COVID-19, Qatar has been one of the very few scheduled overseas carriers operating into YUL, carrying passengers from India to Canada, with cnx at DOH. If I understand the reports correctly, the original plan had been for Air Canada to maintain an 'air bridge' to-from the Indian subcontinent during COVID, however India's own pandemic measures meant that each AC crew arriving at Delhi would have to quarantine for 14 days in order to access their crew rest hotel. This was a logistical mess and Qatar, able to turn their crews to Doha for rest, stepped in to provide t
  13. Merci Normand, chute brutale, bien dit. Si on se fie aux tendences 2017-2018-2019, on s’imagine une baisse de trafic de passagers pour le mois de mars pire même que le -46.2% affiché par ADM. Si on anticipait atteindre une croissance semblable à 2018-2019, on aurait atteint +\- 1,850,000, et alors une baisse de 50%+.
  14. Etihad 777-300 A6-ETH is at YUL today, scheduled to depart for Kuwait City at 6:30 p.m. as EY144.
  15. 1. Are the front-cabin business class seats being sold as revenue space on YYZ-NRT or are they left in place because of the greater complexity to remove them? (You can see their layout if you zoom in on the cabin diagram in the second photo posted by Normand). 2. acpnc, je suis en accord avec Wave Arts, tes boutielles d'oxygène et tes bisons dans ton 747 Combi, tes expériences méritent d'avantage d'être partagés parmi nous...
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