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  1. nephersir7

    Hexagone 2 - 22 étages

    18 juillet 2018
  2. nephersir7

    Coop Griffin - 12 étages

    18 juillet 2018
  3. Chateau-Pierrefonds and Antoine-Faucon are officilaly classified in the "Classe 5 - Collectrices" category by the city, while Blvd. Pierrefonds is in "classe 6 - Artères secondaires". It's been that way for decades. I'll take the official facts over your alternative facts any day. They should have known that Antoine-Faucon East would not remain a cul-de-sac forever. It always was projected to be extended and be used by hundreds of vehicles/hour, even if the urban boulevard is built all the way up to Gouin. here's the traffic study if you don't believe me: You mean that when West Islanders complain about being underserved by transit, they don't actually want it to improve? In that case, don't blame me for finding it hard to understand what you guys really want.
  4. That's your opinion, not a fact. Fact is it was designed as a collector street when that area was developed. It was designed to funnel all the local car traffic to St-Charles and the projected north-south boulevard to the west. As I demonstrated, there likely won't be a dramatic increase on Chateau-Pierrefonds. The buses linking Pierrefonds blvd to the REM will simply take the place of the milk run routes made obsolete by the REM. There is virtually no business case for the bus frequency to be higher than the REM itself. Ok, so instead of hundreds of cars clogging their street, the residents of the ~40 homes on that 400m stretch will have a bus every 3 minutes during rush hour that can bring them to the station in 2 minutes. The best bus service in the whole West Island. I'd argue that such convenient access is a very desirable thing. They'll be able to walk out their front door unscheduled and always be less than 40 minutes from downtown MTL. That can only increase their home's value on the market.
  5. It's a collector street. Buses belong there. I completely disagree. I don't believe the REM station will increase the bus traffic on Château-Pierrefonds and Antoine-Faucon. During peak hours, there is already up to 10 buses/hour that serve both Château-Pierrefonds and Antoine-Faucon. That conveniently matches the future peak frequency of the REM at Kirkland, so there's no point in having more bus frequency than that. What is likely to happen with the Kirkland REM and the bus network redesign, is that there will be 20 buses/hour instead of 10, but they will run on either Antoine Faucon or Château-Pierrefonds, not both. That will double the capacity without increasing bus traffic.
  6. Avec l'implémentation actuelle, les bus vont continuer de passer par l'Avenue du Chateau Pierrefonds, pas St-Charles.
  7. nephersir7

    MaryRobert - 22, 22 étages

    17 juillet 2018 - Archéologie en cours
  8. nephersir7

    STM - Discussion générale

    Ça s'en vient en 2019-2020, sur tous les bus articulés
  9. nephersir7

    STM - Discussion générale

    Maybe it's partly related to service changes on other lines 180 Salaberry got +400k 171 Henri Bourassa +200k 72 Alfred-Nobel +120k 174 Cote vertu Ouest +80k 213 Parc Industriel St-Laurent +40k Maybe the service increase on the St-Jerome & Mascouche lines played a role too. But since the 121 serves 2 metro station & the 2-montagnes line, I'm betting it's a lot of people choosing to walk instead of waiting for increasingly unreliable buses. The STM didn't receive any new buses in 2014-2015 Is it possible that the buses used for the turcot mitigation measures were pulled out of the 121 route?
  10. nephersir7

    STM - Discussion générale

    En même temps il faut faire attention avec l'achalandage absolu. Faut pas s'en servir pour comparer des lignes qui ont des longueurs complètement différentes. Et dans les données il faut tenir compte aussi des ligbes express qui remplacent ou complémentent à certaines heures, par exemple sur Newman la 106 et la 406
  11. nephersir7

    STM - Discussion générale

    The Gazette a fait une demande d'accès à l'information et a obtenu les données d'achalandage pour chaque ligne de bus pour les 6 dernières années L'article complet: Fichier de données: Visualisation dynamique: On mesure bien l'étendue des dégats causés par les coupes de Coderre et les chantiers Turcot/Bonaventure/Champlain
  12. nephersir7

    Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Non il parle de ça
  13. Des détails additionnels sur les jeux de coulisses à propos de l'emplacement de la station kirkland: Kirkland’s new commuter train station will be located right where Mayor Michel Gibson wanted it, on Jean Yves, adjacent to the Riocan Centre, while Montreal had instead been planning to put it on St. Charles. “There were two visions, two different visions,” he explained in an interview. “There were two certificates signed by the government: One for St. Charles and one for Jean Yves. [Montreal Mayor] Valérie [Plante] or Projet Montréal had to put their seal of approval on it.” The decision to go with Jean Yves was the product of months of hard, behind the scene work that ultimately paid off for Kirkland residents, Gibson told The Suburban. “We met [Municipal Affairs Minister] Martin [Coiteux] and Valérie to explain the precise reasoning for having the station at Jean Yves, and she understood,” he said. “From there, things unfolded very well. It’s a great victory. The Montreal team understood what we wanted, because we need to develop the Riocan Centre where the [Colisée] cinema is located.” Gibson, who had previously shared serious misgivings about the project in an interview with The Suburban at the end of March, welcomed Plante’s willingness to listen and act upon his concerns as a genuine gesture of collaboration. “We also had great cooperation from Martin Coiteux, from his deputy minister [Marc] Croteau as well as from CPDQ and Transport Quebec,” he enthused. “Yes, I’m happy. Honestly, I’m very happy. It’s good news.” Aussi, un document de questions-réponses par rapport à l'aménagement de la station et du corridor dans l'emprise de la 440
  14. nephersir7

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Tu peux faire un clic droit et ouvrir l'image de la webcam directement dans un autre onglet et changer la date dans l'URL