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  1. nephersir7

    Palais de justice - 30 étages (1966)

    Au niveau du sol, le 500 Place d'Armes est 1000 fois mieux que le projet illustré dans ce fil.
  2. nephersir7

    Parc-nature Turcot – La falaise

    Avis pour les intéressés
  3. Ou pourquoi pas les locaux actuels du Musée McCord?
  4. Le musée de l'holocauste ambitionne de déménager de Côte-des-Neiges au centre-ville, un projet de 45M$. Le projet est en cours d'analyse par le ministère. D’Arcy-McGee Liberal MNA and candidate David Birnbaum confirmed that a re-elected Liberal government will be a financial partner in the planned relocation and expansion of the Montreal Holocaust Museum. The Museum leadership has already secured a major lead donation and completed a feasibility study for the ambitious project, evaluated at about $45 million. [...] It has also long been recognized that the museum needs more space than available at its current location in the Jewish Community Campus on Côte Ste-Catherine Rd [..] The Museum is seeking a site in downtown Montreal, and the support of all levels of government. Treasury Board President and Mont-Royal-Outremont candidate Pierre Arcand currently serves the territory where the museum is situated. It will find itself in D’Arcy-McGee after the election. [...] Birnbaum noted that an initial analysis of the Museum project is already underway by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, with the details and modalities of the provincial government partnership still to be determined.
  6. nephersir7

    Raccordement du boulevard Cavendish

    Mayor says Cavendish Extension is in the works [,,,] It is no longer a question of if, it is a question of when, said Brownstein, noting he's made it a top priority since assuming office in 2016. While Canadian Pacific (CP) is asking for a costly tunnel under the entire rail yard, Brownstein said he, along with the other levels of government, is pushing for two underpasses under the two separate tracks just north of Cavendish Boulevard. Rather than being an alternate to the nearby Decarie Expressway, it would be a quieter, ground-level roadway that, fitting with the neighbourhood's character, connects Côte Saint-Luc to Mount Royal's Royalmount Avenue and St-Laurent's section of Cavendish Boulevard. The indirect route would follow a to-be-built, fenced-in road through the rail yard and a small portion of private land owned by the property developer, Olymbec. Montreal reserved that undeveloped land for expropriation and, on Thursday, the agglomeration council extended the reserve for another two years, to buy time for Montreal to continue its negotiations with CP. The future of the Cavendish Extension hinges on those negotiations — negotiations that have been ongoing for a number of years. "We just need to keep pushing to get the proper road built that isn't a highway, but allows us a way out of our city," said Brownstein. The renewed two-year extension on the reserved land, he added, means "everybody is on a timeline." However, Montreal also extended negotiations by another two years Tuesday and MNA David Birnbaum described that decision as "disappointing" because it green lights further delays. "We have always said and continue to say, we will be absolutely and fundamentally involved in the development of the Cavendish Extension," he said, describing it as not only important for the safety of residents, but also for the economy. He said he's called meetings between all the players involved to accelerate the process and the province has been offering support. "We're all ready to be a major part of this project and it's time for it to move forward." For that to happen, he concluded, Montreal needs to complete negotiations with CP. CBC reached out to CP for comment, but didn't hear back in time for publication. [...]ôte-saint-luc-gas-leak-highlights-city-s-vulnerability-1.4832902
  7. nephersir7

    Station McGill - Discussion

    Proposition d'édicule qui est passée sous le radar source: Objectifs d’aménagement, avenue McGill College, Provencher Roy, 13 avril 2018
  8. nephersir7

    Solstice - 35 étages

    2 autres perspectives:
  9. nephersir7

    Station Île-des-Soeurs - Discussion

  10. nephersir7

    Griffintown et ses projets - Discussion générale

    19 septembre 2019 Le skyline flatline de Griffintown
  11. nephersir7

    (Rénovation) 400 René-Lévesque Ouest - 24(?) étages

    18 septembre 2018 La réno cheapounette
  12. nephersir7

    REM - Discussion générale

    Il n'y en a pas eu depuis janvier. Le best-case scenario c'est 2020
  13. nephersir7

    Ouvrages d'art - Antenne Rive-Sud

    18 septembre 2018
  14. nephersir7

    SRB Côte-Vertu - Sauvé

    Plan des aménagements prévus srb_Cote_vertu.pdf