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Redéveloppement des terrains du Cavendish Mall


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Looks like the development will be a mix of townhouses, two to three story condo buildings and huge mansions (judging by the terrain sizes). Massive waste of space in a high-demand area IMO.

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All because the city of CSL didn't want apartment/condo towers out of fear it would increase traffic in the area.


The Cavendish Mall people rightfully pointed out that the increase in traffic would be no greater than what existed at the height of the mall's popularity.


Stupid city officials. Stupid stupid stupid.

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The desirability/demand for single-family homes in the middle of downtown is probably astronomical, but that doesn't mean any single-family homes will be built there soon (or ever) and with good reason. The land is simply too valuable/useful to be "wasted" on small houses.


(Of course, zoning doesn't permit it either. But you get the point.)

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