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  1. I love the juxtaposition in that first picture
  2. CGD

    Amati - 14 étages

    je suis d'accord
  3. On 3456-58 de la Musee they have built a large extension that connects to both mansions. Listed as "Luxury Condos Downtown" with "nine Luxury condominiums and five townhomes" ready for late 2019. (a little late?). "An extraordinary collection limited to only nine Luxury condominiums and five townhomes, the Percy Robertson affords its residents an uncompromised lifestyle. Built in 1909 for Montreal financial magnate Mr. Robert Cowans by renowned architects E and W.S Maxwell, the Percy Cowans house stands as a hallmark of Neoclassical Design. By preserving its facade and accentuating its architectural elements including its cornices, symmetrical openings and red brick, the finished building is set to be nothing short of a visual masterpiece. Inside, both visitors and residents will experience five newly designed units inspired by the original Victorian details all the while benefiting from the modern comfort and finishes sought after by today’s buyers. Price upon request (from$2.250M-$2.9M) AN ADDRESS OF DISTINCTION 3456 Avenue du musée Sitting Majestically on Avenue du Musée, nestled within the Golden Square Mile in Downtown Montreal, the Percy Robertson Luxury Residences offer its owners an uncompromised location that blends downtown living with a serene environment. Neighbouring the famed Montreal Museum of Fine arts and steps away from international luxury boutiques, art galleries, the subway network and Mount Royal, the Percy Robertson boasts an exclusive lifestyle that is second to none. Some of the amenities included: – Expected completion date End of 2019 – 2 interior parking spaces per townhouse – On-site personal ‘concierge’ service – Indoor gym and sauna + Private massage room – Residents-only interior courtyard boasting magnificent French gardens – Italian kitchen – All highest quality kitchen appliances included – ie Sub Zero Fridges etc – Hardwood floors – Finest finishes throughout – down to the minutest detail
  4. I love it but it looks like a good place to get mugged
  5. Odd - I see it twice. What am I doing wrong? I even see it on your reply.
  6. A little more done since December
  7. Great picture! Demonstrates that Humaniti makes a great addition to the skyline.
  8. At least we get to keep the facades
  9. So can someone please clarify this: the garage is essentially where the Poirier station is going to be? So if they build the platform station and an exit (Vill Marie, Vendome and others only have one exit) there is only one more station to go?
  10. Is it possible to at least pone a station where they built the garage?
  11. So glad to see this hole get filled in; I lived on Bishop for three years and hated seeing a cut open back alley with walls covered in graffiti, and the garbage bins of stores and restaurants in plain view.
  12. Why isn't this project in "under construction"? It clearly is.
  13. Great improvements on two major points: 1) making the library accessible from Sherbrooke; 2) allowing the general public to see the classic Victorian architecture of the original library which is mostly obstructed by the extension. When I went there, you could see pieces of the original grey stone when walking through the extension but you knew there was so much more hidden away. I can't wait!
  14. Here's the latest from the Gazette: It’s not the 1.8 kilometres that it had initially proposed, but the Town of Mount Royal said Monday it is happy with a deal to cover a small portion of the tracks in the centre of the city. Planners of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) announced Monday morning they had come to an agreement to cover a section of 150 metres of train tracks in the Town of Mount Royal — stretching between two bridges currently being used by cars. “It will become a public space, and I think all citizens will be very happy with this,” T.M.R. Mayor Philippe Roy said. The suburb that owes its existence to the railway raised alarm bells last year about the dramatic increase in trains that the REM project would entail — going from 62 per day up to 550. When it comes into operation gradually between 2022 and 2024, the T.M.R. branch of the line will serve as a feeder line to four separate branches of the rail network, which stretches to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, the city of Deux-Montagnes, the airport and Central Station, linking to the South Shore over the Samuel-de-Champlain Bridge. Trains will be passing through T.M.R. at the rate of one every 2.5 minutes during rush hours, which stretch over six hours each weekday. Outside of those periods, the trains will run roughly every five minutes. Trains will be in service 20 hours a day, from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. The REM is being built with federal and provincial money, with the majority coming from the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), the province’s public pension manager. As a way to reduce the noise from the trains, T.M.R. had proposed to cover the entire section of the tracks in its municipality, stretching from the Metropolitain Expressway to Jean-Talon St. However, REM planners had rejected that idea, saying it was impossible to do within the project’s budget and timeframe. On Monday, a new plan was unveiled — to cover over a section in the centre of the town and creating a public space that would be a natural extension to the large Connaught Park in the centre of the town, across from the Mount Royal Train Station, which will be refitted as part of the project. “This is a first step, and it opens the door to recovering other sectors of the tracks,” Roy said. Harout Chitilian, a spokesperson for CDPQ Infra — the infrastructure arm of the pension fund — said planners have made adjustments to their plan to integrate the project into T.M.R. in order not to increase its overall cost. He said a sound wall blocking the view of the station has been cancelled, and a passageway that had been planned, which was denounced by several residents as unsightly, has been cancelled. A temporary passageway will be built instead. The Town of Mount Royal will put forward $6.5 million toward the project, according to the agreement. The new public space will be 23,000 square feet. Roy said, however, that his residents remain concerned about noise levels that the project could bring to the quiet municipality, but said he has been given assurances that the overall noise from the trains would be less than the ones that currently go through the city.