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  1. I love the juxtaposition in that first picture
  2. je suis d'accord
  3. On 3456-58 de la Musee they have built a large extension that connects to both mansions. Listed as "Luxury Condos Downtown" with "nine Luxury condominiums and five townhomes" ready for late 2019. (a little late?). "An extraordinary collection limited to only nine Luxury condominiums and five townhomes, the Percy Robertson affords its residents an uncompromised lifestyle. Built in 1909 for Montreal financial magnate Mr. Robert Cowans by renowned architects E and W.S Maxwell, the Percy Cowans house stands as a hallmark of Neoclassical Design. By preserving its facade and accentuating
  4. I love it but it looks like a good place to get mugged
  5. Odd - I see it twice. What am I doing wrong? I even see it on your reply.
  6. A little more done since December
  7. Great picture! Demonstrates that Humaniti makes a great addition to the skyline.
  8. At least we get to keep the facades
  9. So can someone please clarify this: the garage is essentially where the Poirier station is going to be? So if they build the platform station and an exit (Vill Marie, Vendome and others only have one exit) there is only one more station to go?
  10. Is it possible to at least pone a station where they built the garage?
  11. So glad to see this hole get filled in; I lived on Bishop for three years and hated seeing a cut open back alley with walls covered in graffiti, and the garbage bins of stores and restaurants in plain view.
  12. Why isn't this project in "under construction"? It clearly is.
  13. Great improvements on two major points: 1) making the library accessible from Sherbrooke; 2) allowing the general public to see the classic Victorian architecture of the original library which is mostly obstructed by the extension. When I went there, you could see pieces of the original grey stone when walking through the extension but you knew there was so much more hidden away. I can't wait!
  14. Here's the latest from the Gazette: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/rem-will-cover-small-section-of-tracks-in-t-m-r It’s not the 1.8 kilometres that it had initially proposed, but the Town of Mount Royal said Monday it is happy with a deal to cover a small portion of the tracks in the centre of the city. Planners of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) announced Monday morning they had come to an agreement to cover a section of 150 metres of train tracks in the Town of Mount Royal — stretching between two bridges currently being used by cars. “It will become
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