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  1. This could very well be what ends up happening. I also wondered about the former Parasuco store at the corner of Crescent which is currently vacant. It has three stores and would also be highly visible (albeit not as visible as Place Montreal Trust) and close to Apple Store.
  2. I don't disagree and don't expect taxpayers to pay for the bill, or at least not the full bill. I am a taxpayer myself. Selfishly as a baseball fan I would be okay with them investing responsibly in the project just like they do in a number of other sectors that don't specifically impact me (that's called living in society!)... but I never suggested that taxpayers should pay the full/majority of any such project. I know enough about the economics of these stadiums that it's rarely a good deal for the government. That said, the model being employed by Cadillac Faiview and the Canadiens is a
  3. We`ve had this debate over and over again in these threads. Location is a primary driver of business, and if you're attending games with your departure and arrival point both being downtown, I agree a 20 min metro ride is no big deal. However, if you live in Laval or the south shore or the west island and you work downtown... and you need to go home after the game, that is very inconvenient. Sure it`s 20 mins from the office, but it's 1h30 home to the West Island on public transit after the game. I work downtown with many baseball fans (the kind, like me, who are willing to travel to diffe
  4. Preuve pour M. Lisée: L'équipe est parti du stade olympique en 2004. Voyons. J'étais au stade olympique hier et je le serais encore ce soir... mais même avec tout sorte de rénovation, le stade ne serait jamais un stade de baseball mode 2018, 100% impossible. Il n'y a pas de discussions à avoir.
  5. This is my view as well. The stadium was to be located close to the existing CN route. I would suspect that nothing precludes a stadium from being built there regardless of whether a station is directly under/adjacent to the stadium. We have a tendency in Montreal to think that transit needs to be underground/connected to buildings, however if it's a 5 min walk to Griffintown station, in my view that changes nothing with regards to viability/convenience. Also agree that the REM was not a must for a stadium. My concern was more if the elevated REM route would have made it impossible to bui
  6. Aside from the La Presse article which stated that the baseball stadium project was "dead" following the election of Plante (which I believe is a simplistic statement, given there are investors with significant time/cash invested in the project already), does the new route for the REM render the proposed Peel Basin ballpark impossible? Or would there still be a way to integrate a stadium into the area there? I am having trouble determining this from the map.
  7. This will be a beautiful way for people to walk from the downtown core to the eventual ballpark in Griffintown/Bassin Peel!
  8. As someone who works in this industry (albeit not at Laurentian Bank) I believe the article is somewhat misleading. LB is growing its national presence across Canada in an effort to diversify outside of Quebec and it's normal that a lot of attention is being paid to Toronto. The vast majority of decision making, to my knowledge, occurs in Montreal including the largest-growing section of the bank which is their LBC (Laurentian Bank Capital) division.
  9. Is there any plan to repave the 40 east between Pont Iles-aux-tourtes and St-Charles in Kirkland? The westbound side was completed two years ago and we had been advised at the time that the east-bound side would be done the following year. However it still looks like a job site, temporary overhead wires and lights. The 40-east on that stretch is dangerous at this point with uneven lanes/pavement and so many holes. Not only is it dangerous, but it's ugly as well given the temporary wires and lights and concrete blocks all over, despite this being one of the busiest stretches of highway in G
  10. Air Canada Increases Israel Service with a New Non-Stop Route from Montreal and Daily Flights from Toronto - Feb 13, 2017 MONTREAL, Feb. 13, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - Air Canada announced today a significant expansion in services between Canada and Israel, with the introduction of a seasonal non-stop service between Montreal and Tel Aviv and an increase in its current Toronto-Tel Aviv non-stop service to a daily frequency year-round. With the new services beginning this summer – a 28 per cent capacity increase over summer 2016 – Air Canada will be the airline offering the most seats and frequenc
  11. C'est faux. Il y a plusieurs batisse au nord de la 40 dans le secteur Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Juste au nord du Chemin Ste-Marie. MDA, Specialized, Schuler Systems, Bitzer Canada, Bionetix International. En fait il y a un parc industriel au complet (dont il y a plusieurs espaces à louer, mais aussi plusieurs entreprises).
  12. What amazing news! *Daily year-round service right out of the gate, too. Will be a nice bonus to see a 787 at YUL. Proud of AC and YUL for this! *Will be a nice boost to our economy and tourism potential. *
  13. I really hope this is a new route announcement (PVG) although I know the many challenges associated with slots. PEK going daily would be nice as well, however that doesn't seem to be "major announcement/press conference" worthy. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  14. And let's not forget that these stations will also indirectly serve the sizeable off-island populations in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Ile-Perrot, Pincourt, etc. who will park/ride from Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Additionally, there is significant industrial development potential in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue just north of Autoroute 40 near Rue Morgan... the south side of the 40 is already well built up with an industrial park, but there's a lot of potential for the north side. Having a REM that can allow passengers from all over the island to reach that area will make it more competitive compared to lower-cost
  15. I agree, there was never any mention of an intermodal link with the existing AMT train line there. Additionally, I think the road network in that immediate area is far too saturated to accomodate the expected influx of users. It's already jammed at rush hour with very little room to expand/improve because of the CN/CP lines and residential areas. I was picturing something more like this (below) where the red line is the REM, and the dotted lines are road extensions that would be required to adequately serve the station.
  16. I agree. And since the mayor of Ste-Anne has advised the Ste-Anne station would be south of the 40 that makes sense. But I do not know to what extent the mayors are up to speed with developments. Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue is an unusual town in that it's home to only ~5,000 people however has ~10,000 people that work there each day either at McGill/CEGEP and the hospital. Additionally, it serves as the primary route for commuters from off-island to switch between Hwy 40 and Hwy 20, which causes a constant flow of traffic through the town on Boulevard des Anciens-Combattants, which is already
  17. Do we have any idea where they would put the Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue station? The mayor has hinted that it would be south of Autoroute 40 and north of Autoroute 20. There is significant land in that section which I believe is owned mostly/entirely by McGill as part of the MacDonald campus and used as experimental farms for the agriculture school. If I am Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and Baie d'Urfé I would want this service to improve accessibility to : 1) McGill/CEGEP John Abbott, which is home to ~8,000 employees and students 2) The significant industrial park in Baie d'Urfé located along
  18. This is such an exciting news day. I have two questions for you, some of you may have already figured this out. I've been looking at the map and trying to line it up with the actual street map. 1) How do you guys figure the portion between the Autoroute 13 station and YUL station will be built? I understand the Doney Spur... but how do you think they connect the area around Autoroute 40/Hymus to YUL? I can't wrap my head around how they would get to YUL unless they go underground a significant distance. Given the roughed-in train station is built beneath the US terminal/Marriott
  19. Je pense qu'ils parlent de frequence de 12 mins... le trajet sera de 25-30 mins selon les infos publiés.
  20. Unfortunately I am unable to paste the full text but there is an editorial in The Globe and Mail this morning that is of interest to this topic. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/editorials/is-quebec-corrupt-or-just-more-vigilant/article29365096/?service=mobile
  21. Wow this is nice news for sure. I assume US Air becoming American Airlines opened the door for a Star Alliance connection to PHI. Is the AC flight to IAH in addition to a flight operated by UA? Hope we can also get something to either of PIT, CLE or CVG. Reaching that area of the US used to be quite simple but with the de-hubbing of CLE and CVG's decline, YUL has lost out here.
  22. In 2015 I flew to Cleveland and Pittsburgh for the SOLE reason of wanting to attend baseball games in their beautiful downtown ballparks. Baseball was the only reason I booked these trips. I stayed in hotels, ate at restaurants, visited museums. In recent years I've flown to San Francisco for baseball and driven to Boston. Yes I'm a baseball fan but more than anything we use baseball as a reason to go visit a city. Every ballpark is unique. Summer is a great time to travel. I'm far from alone, baseball fans travel more than any other sports fans. Especially American baseball fans.
  23. Mark - how close (or far) is Montreal to landing a flight to Seattle? Seems like the O&D numbers make it a realistic opportunity.
  24. http://blogs.windsorstar.com/sports/bob-duff-rob-manfred-views-montreals-loss-of-baseball-as-a-tragedy Bob Duff: Rob Manfred views Montreal’s baseball loss as a tragedy Rob Manfred, baseball fan, thinks it’s wrong that there’s no longer a major league baseball team in Montreal. “I think it is always a tragedy when a city loses major league baseball,” Manfred said. Rob Manfred, commissioner of major league baseball, realizes that finding a way to rectify the situation isn’t going to be an easy or quick fix. “I’m hopeful that someday there’s an opportunity for Montreal to aga
  25. Mark - perhaps not the most high profile destinations but is there any chance we'll see a return of CLE or PIT as a destination from YUL? There's nothing to that area of the USA. I know CLE-YUL was dropped when UA dehubbed CLE, but there should be enough O&D to justify a flight to at least one of those two cities.
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