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  1. This week we have seen American Airlines mainline A319s providing service to YUL from DFW and CLT. Delta also started sending a daily CRJ900 from ATL (in addition to their ongoing service from DTW). It’s not much but at least a little bit of US traffic.
  2. Not sure why we think the consumer will benefit from this. In theory you’re right but in practice it’s possible Transat does not make it through the next couple of years and any involvement by a PKP or similar will probably require public money.
  3. See my response in the “Expos coming back” thread. The union will accept this, I’m sure. Money talks and this is better for the league-wide revenues and thus league-wide player salaries. This is not like negotiating working conditions with the union for a public service. The new park in Tampa Bay will be designed to also host the 6-7 week spring training period. This means the players (who spend off season all over USA or abroad) will move to Tampa Bay in February and then live there all the way until mid June. Then move to Montreal. Unlike any other team where players move to spring train
  4. The union will accept this with a bit more money thrown at the players to offset some inconveniences. You have to understand that in baseball spring training is over 6 weeks long. So for example a player who lives in Colorado... will travel to Florida for 6-7 weeks for spring training at a residence. Then they’ll move to a Tampa Bay for their season. So that’s two moves already. Under the proposal the new ballpark in Tampa Bay will also accommodate the Rays spring training. So that player from Colorado (or Dominican or Mexico or wherever they live) will move to Tampa Bay in February for spri
  5. Cases are down today but because tests were below 30,000. Positivity rate was still in excess of 6%.
  6. I believe some are confusing Claridge Homes (Ottawa based housing development company) and Claridge, the investment company run by Stephen Bronfman. They are not the same.
  7. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/rays/2020/12/08/rays-owner-stuart-sternberg-focused-on-2021-season-montreal-plan/
  8. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/rays/2020/12/08/rays-owner-stuart-sternberg-focused-on-2021-season-montreal-plan/
  9. La STM veut un stationnement incitatif de 1,200 places à Anjou (en surface en plus). Voyons. Ça va simplement attirer les gens en banlieue, le secteur est déjà bien desservis par plusieurs lignes d’autobus qui seront probablement améliorés en fonction des nouvelles stations de métro. Et on critique les municipalités dans l’Ouest de l’île d’en vouloir plus que zéro stationnement aux stations de REM (ou l’offre d’autobus est très faible).
  10. Air Algérie currently has a flight inbound to YUL. An A330 that should land around 4pm.
  11. AC flew YUL-SFO and YUL-LAX a few times per week as of July 1 however have not seen those flights for the last week. I assume they were not filling enough and we will have to wait some time before they return.
  12. According to AC website the A220 will be used in July on YUL-LAX on a regular basis.
  13. Not sure if anyone knows the answer but I’ve noticed that Air Canada’s A220s flying east-west between YUL and YYC are cruising below 30,000 feet. Usually 27,000-28,000. I know this is far from uncommon but it seems systematic for all of the 220 flights I’ve noticed lately on FlightRadar24. Is there a reason for this? Does it relate to ongoing training or is the aircraft more efficient at this flight level (which would be surprising) compared to more typical 30-35,000 feet.
  14. KLM is resuming additional flights in July and it would seem that Vancouver and Calgary will see flights but not yet Montreal. Hopefully by August... Source is a Forbes article, for some reason I can’t post the link from my phone at the moment.
  15. Malheureusement pas comparable. 2-6 semaines de fermeture isolé dans une région relativement petit (Québec dans l'ensemble de la planète). Ici on parle d'une crise internationale du plus longue durée.
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