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  1. 1,200 stationnements pour un métro en pleine ville?!
  2. This is very interesting, but just to be clear how are US transborder numbers reflected in these results for both Canadian and USA airports?
  3. The first revenue flight for Air Canada's A220 departed a snowy YUL this morning en-route to a freezing YYC (where it's -30/feels like -41). https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA317
  4. Est-ce que le magasin Samsung est encore dans les plans? Je suis passé l'autre jour et il me semblait que leur affiche avait disparu...
  5. The article brings up some valid points, however this is only relevant in the case of a publicly financed stadium. If it’s privately financed (or mainly privately financed) then this is no different from any private investment in entertainment or any other business.
  6. For those of you with a subscription to The Athletic, this is a must-read. Direct transcript of a 45-min discussion with Stuart Sternberg. Impossible to not feel encouraged if you are in Montreal. This is not some fly-by-night idea, this is something they are thinking very hard about and if you read the transcript Stuart clearly is very excited about the summer in Montreal. https://theathletic.com/1450338/2019/12/11/it-just-makes-all-the-sense-in-the-world-qa-with-rays-owner-stu-sternberg/
  7. Je ne crois pas que Martin Leclerc maitrise la situation. C'est loin d'être terminé.
  8. Cette histoire est loin d'être terminé a mon avis. La ville de St-Pete veut developer le terrain du Tropicana Field, ils ne veulent pas attendre jusqu'en 2028.
  9. Go figure that now it’s the area right across from the Eaton Centre / Les Ailes that is most in need of a face lift. Walked out of Eaton Centre after going to Time Out last Saturday at 6:30pm, it was dark, quiet and sad.
  10. I have heard from respectable sources that engineering firms have been mandated to map out efficient extension routing for the REM to reach St-Jean-sur-richelieu/St-Luc via the 10 and 35. I think this is completely absurd and ridiculous but the preliminary work is happening (at least behind the scenes).
  11. What do we think about this setup when it comes to pedestrian safety? In this day in age when large events need to be blocked off from car traffic with barricades (given events that have happened on other cities). I would expect to see at least some slight difference in elevation from road to side walk and the presence of posts/etc that would protect the large pedestrian groups (in a visually appealing way of course). I find it strange that this was not taken in to account on Avenue des Canadiens. Instead before and after events there are 10 police cars with flashing lights blocking all
  12. Exposteve

    9e Eaton

    See this article today in The Globe and Mail. At the end there is mention of Montreal. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/commentary/article-is-toronto-too-downmarket-for-eataly/ Is Toronto too downmarket for Eataly? Sylvain Charlebois is a professor of food distribution and policy, and director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab, at Dalhousie University. The Eataly chain is like no other in food retailing. It’s an Italian-only food court on steroids: nine restaurants, a cooking classroom, a wine bar, a brewpub, a grocery area and even a mozzarella-making counter, all in
  13. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2019/11/07/ce-patron-proposera-a-ses--employes-dhabiter-en-ontario Ce patron proposera à ses employés d’habiter en Ontario La réforme de l’immigration fout le bordel dans le recrutement de travailleurs Un haut dirigeant de Trans-West prévoit établir sa quinzaine de nouveaux chauffeurs européens en Ontario plutôt qu’au Québec, pour éviter que le gouvernement Legault lui mette des bâtons dans les roues. «Je vais les inviter à déménager l’autre côté de la frontière, en Ontario, et ça va devenir des citoyens ontariens, et le Québec va se priv
  14. I like the look. I work near the Bell Centre and can say that one drawback is that the cracks end up filled with cigarette butts and it looks pretty bad on mornings following events. It's unreal how many people throw their cigarettes on the ground (in 2019!!!). Hopefully these blocks hold up over time, on Avenue-des-Canadiens they had to repair/replace a few sections this summer that didn't make it through the first winter in good shape.
  15. Bon point. Et pas un mot sur le gouvernement Couillard / Leitao qu'avait tout de même contribué a remettre la province sur la bonne voie au niveau financière. Je ne veux pas ouvrir une discussion politique mais ils ont pris des décisions difficiles qui ont contribué a la relance tout en apportant de la stabilité politique.
  16. There is no Hilton hotel in downtown Montreal which shouldn't be the case forever. Even the airport Hilton is now a Sheraton. I don't have any insider info on this but I suspect Hilton would be in the mix.
  17. Roughly 600 parking spots at Bell Centre. It’s not very big. You’d probably expect something about the same size at a ballpark where average crowd will be about 25,000-27,000.
  18. Tu as probablement raison re: le traffic causé par le Costco. Mais est-ce qu'on peut vraiment se tourner le dos sur un tel projet a cause qu'il y a un Costco pas loin? Evidement pas. Peut-etre que le Costco trouvera un autre endroit.
  19. Voyons, what is with this response? The ballpark will be located where I have the red star in the picture below. This is across from St-Patrick/Wellington. There was probably a miscommunication on my part of where I was describing the stadium to be, but if you are walking from downtown it will be the equivalent to walking to Wellington/St-Patrick and not Wellington/route 112. There will be access to the ballpark without having to walk all the way around via route-112. For what it's worth, I am connected with what is happening and would venture that I'm about as educated on this topic as o
  20. There is no plan for any subsidy for the ballpark and there would never be any question of public funds to prop up an actual team. That is not even on the table.
  21. Exactement, les années avec des stades et foules (régulières) de 50,000 au basement sont chose du passée et c'est correcte... on vise maintenant des plus petit stades, plus intime, avec une offre de service plus varié qui fait en sorte que les dollars générés au stade (par partisan) augmentent. C'est une évolution des choses... la facon que les gens passent leurs temps en 2019 vs 1990 est très différent, mais la réalité est que MLB voit ces revenus augmentés de facon incroyable.
  22. Voici la carte que j'ai utilisé. J'ai mentionné Robert-Bourassa dans mon texte parce que ca connecte avec le métro Bonaventure. Mais du Centre Bell au stade ca serait 18 mins. Ne pas oublier que le stade sera au coin de St-Patrick (alors que ta version de la carte déscend plus au sud ou seront situées les condos/bureaux/commerces). Je présume évidement qu'il sera possible d'une facon ou un autre d'accéder au stade sans faire un détour jsuqu'a la rte 112 (on s'entend qu'il aura plus qu'un seul accès au site!).
  23. Exactement. En partant du Centre Bell a pied vers le coin de Wellington & St-Patrick (exactement ou serait situé l'entrée du stade) c'est 18 mins a pied selon Google et moi je viens juste de le faire en 15. En plein été, ce n'est rien comme marche quand tu considere aussi qu'il aura des navettes, le REM, vélo, etc. C'est comme dire que les gens qui travaillent au centre-ville n'iraient pas a la Place des Arts apres le travail parce que c'est 20 mins de marche de leur bureau. Je crois qu'une fois qu'on voit le REM en action on réalisera a quel point que ca sera bien connecté. Il n'y au
  24. I think it's too early to make anything public, however Bronfman has advised in the past that they had been working with Populous on preliminary plans / designs / cost estimates. https://populous.com/our-projects/ballparks
  25. Let's not forget that the ballpark would be a 15 min walk from downtown where there is plenty of interior parking. By the time you get in/out of stadium's dedicated parking with all the traffic and congestion, best to walk to downtown and you'll be on the road in the same amount of time or less. Those who park under the Bell Centre will understand.
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