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  1. I am really impressed at the speed of progress. They began excavation a couple of months after YUL2 and are now way ahead of them. Kudos!!
  2. That lighting scheme will look amazing at night!!
  3. wellz

    Humaniti - 39 étages

    Pourquoi surpris??? Il coulait du beton pendant l'hivers ca fait des siecles!!!
  4. 8 pages of discussion based on a rumor and pure speculation. Unless an official press release is obtained, this topic should not be in the Proposal section.
  5. Jesus Christ. Now its a rumor about an IT firm. What next?? These topics should not be discussed in the Proposal section unless there is an official press release.
  6. He could be trolling. Who know??!!
  7. Guaranteed it ill be 750 Peel. CF finally found a tenant for this lot. My guess is BMO also!
  8. wellz

    Evolo X - 36 étages

    Seems topped out. Just the mechanical floors left.
  9. I heard they opened up a fish market at the base of this project. Anybody know the name??
  10. Heck of a monotonous 120m wall being built in that area. A little diversity in height is much needed. Lets just hope the design is not another square box like the others.
  11. The sector is heating up ?. Another 150m to 180m project would be a nice Christmas gift!!
  12. I'm sure chunky brown or yellow envelops still get passed around in some cases. You would be a fool to think this doesn't still happen. No way this project doesn't get approved!
  13. Valerie Plante n'a pas de pouvoir a opposer ce projet. Le projet renconre deja les normes de superficies et hauteur prevus pour ce site!