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  1. Now this one here is a real joke. Who's at the helm at city hall accepting these mediocre projects?? 89m residential on a down slope right in front of a 205m goliath wtf???
  2. Are you guys seriously applauding this?? Once more, no originality in design. Just another square box. The truth hurts but its the truth.
  3. There is Mississauga, then there is this... Laval needs to up their game for Christ sake!
  4. Good news. That building was an eyesore.
  5. I can confirm that it is indeed open. I just used the exit from the 15.
  6. Preparation grue en cours pour les 2 projets!
  7. What Griffintown shouldve looked like...
  8. As far as looks go, it is mediocre. I really hope they do something about the exposed cement pillars.
  9. Cette strip noir sur le top de TDC2, c'est tu permanente??
  10. Si seulement Lewis Hamilton savait ce qui se passe avec le TOM. Il aurait surement fouetter Denis
  11. Wont be too long. I give it 2 years max before this lot is developed. Most likely scenario is that Brocolini buys the lot and bureau en gros moves into the Victoria tower. Quick swap!
  12. Welcome to the big leagues!!!
  13. I am really impressed at the speed of progress. They began excavation a couple of months after YUL2 and are now way ahead of them. Kudos!!
  14. That lighting scheme will look amazing at night!!
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