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  1. ville-marie

    this will really cut quite the figure in the faubourg des récollets. hopefully it sells well and sets further development into action along saint jacques. little by little...
  2. yeah, very unusual in montreal to see such a building enlarement.
  3. ville-marie

    wonderful !
  4. ville-marie

    answering my own question - the commercial component remains. very strange that it's reached by stairs off the street. also, the short podium looks very functional here, basically to capture 2 stories of square footage that would have been lost if the entire building were setback from the street. look carefully, the ground floor entrances are flush with the building above the podium. here's what the building looks like without the podium, with the same stairs. another interesting note: 20 units remain for sale in the drummond. 4/172 units on floors 1-19, 16/39 units on floors 20-25. the next building (drummond ii) has learned this lesson. 210 units, but the project will be 23 stories (not 25 as drummond i) and it will include no ground floor residential component (drummond i included ~3800 square feet of residential in the ground floor). so, an identical number of units in a building with 2.5 fewer floors: each unit in drummond ii will be smaller, less expensive. this is perhaps why the drummond ii has already sold 43/210 units.
  5. brossard

    should label it 'brossard' so that montreal people don't accidentally follow it.
  6. ville-marie

    huh? why does it have stairs off the street? is there no commercial component?? townhomes??
  7. ville-marie

    I believe SNC's building sale includes a longterm leaseback provision.
  8. ville-marie

    i really really hope that steve's music is successful at this location for many many years. thanks for the photo.
  9. ^ that's the best guess, this is probably a through lot?
  10. ville-marie

    looks like a giant data center. i love it. will definitely age very well, in the sense that it will represent the moment perfectly, much better than the mcgill hospital, which feels like it should have been built in atlanta or something.
  11. ville-marie

    So it's topped out. One thing that everyone must realize is that the QdS is truly Montreal's architectural showcase "neighborhood." Very exciting to imagine what the new MAC design will bring.
  12. ville-marie

    architects' full suite of exterior renderings:
  13. ville-marie

    on aime bien qu'il n'ya pas d'entrée au stationnement par la rue.
  14. ville-marie

    the image featured is viewed from clark street, the one i quoted is viewed from the main. i believe that the hotel owners are developing the project.
  15. ville-marie

    the project from the front