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  1. orages lointains

    1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    MacDonalds will go eventually, not many people eat like that anymore. The more worrying issue is that they killed the second tower! NO!
  2. orages lointains

    Tour Quartier des Spectacles (projet mixte) - ?? étages

    To me, that looks like an office tower, which means it probably won't be built either. But the FTQ is a serious and surprisingly aggressive player, and I wonder if it might be condos or even rental (please oh please), which would make it likely to go very quickly. Do we know?
  3. orages lointains

    Brix (400 Dowd) - 6, 16 étages

    No kidding. A real missed opportunity.
  4. orages lointains

    Agrandissement supermarché PA (Du Fort) - 3 étages

    Alors si ils n'ont pas de problème en cette matière, on exige qu'ils en réduisent de quarte stationnements de plus, et qu'ils gardent l'immeuble.
  5. orages lointains

    Agrandissement supermarché PA (Du Fort) - 3 étages

    @MDCD: Regardez la carte avec ces tracés de stationnement adjacents à la ruelle - ils prevoient remplacer l'immeuble que serait démoli avec 4 stationnements de surface. Ridicule.
  6. Because the plan presented is completely out of all proportion to costs in even the most expensive cities' subway projects in North America (LA and SF). The process cannot possibly cost 3.9G, for 5.5km, it's among the most expensive in the world, with only NYC costing more (so, less than London's Crossrail, than any system in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America outside of NYC). HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??
  7. orages lointains

    Agrandissement supermarché PA (Du Fort) - 3 étages

    Ah, compris, on détruit ces appartements pour qu'on ne perde pas de stationnements. Projet Montréal, please say no.
  8. orages lointains

    Devimco_Projet Mixte (Aut. Bonaventure) - ?? étages

    That video could have been taken from one of my dreams. Please let this be true.
  9. orages lointains

    Agrandissement supermarché PA (Du Fort) - 3 étages

    ^ I panicked about the two residential buildings too, but I think it's this area.
  10. orages lointains

    TOM Condos - 42 étages

    ^ Looks like it came out of Russia or Panama City.
  11. orages lointains

    21e Arrondissement - 9 à 14 étages

    ^ Excellent. Would be better with no garage at all.
  12. orages lointains

    Centra Condos Phase 2 - 16 étages

    this is heartbreaking
  13. orages lointains

    6250 Lennox - 10 étages

    Overall, it looks terrible. But Montreal needs exactly this sort of cheapish new construction housing that will lose value over time.
  14. orages lointains

    Appartements Saint-Marc - 5 étages

    Make it twice as tall, no parking.
  15. orages lointains

    2020-2050 de la Montagne - 4 étages

    This is a terrible project that should be turned down like a bedspread. 1. Loses density 2. Bad design 3. Introduces parking space and a parking ingress 4. Heritage loss