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  1. Zenith - 20 étages

    ^ it's crucifyingly ugly and unambitious but it protects the tower views.
  2. I was talking about the thing I quoted, the Place Vauquelin, not the PVM, which is an improvement.
  3. I hate this. They ruined this, they ruined the McTavish steps, they totally destroyed the western part of Île Sainte-Hélène, they almost ruined Place Jacques Cartier. I'm glad Coderre is gone. PM should fix these mistakes.
  4. Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    ^ My hope is that the Holt Renfrew block is acquired by/donated to the MBAM. It's a shame that the timing didn't work so that the money used to build the new addition could have been used for that purpose. The new addition is fine, but it's not great, and saw the demolition of two old Edwardians.
  5. Hôtel Birks

    very unfortunate.
  6. Le King Wellington - 10 étages

    Une chose que pourrait faire Mlle. Plante c'est d'introduire un moratoire de construction de 5-10 ans pour tout immeuble détruit par incendie, ou le soupçon court vers le volontoire. Histoire de tuer la motivation de détruire le patrimoine pour faciliter la construction des condos/bureaux tout neufs.
  7. Métro - Ligne Rose

    One imagines that if Montreal pays 1/3 of the Pink line, and Ottawa commits to paying 1/3, then Quebec will find it difficult to reject, even if it's the CAQ. The best situation, of course, would be a PLQ minority government with a 5-6 seat Solidaire caucus supporting the government on supply and confidence in exchange for a commitment to fund the infrastructure in Montreal.
  8. 125, rue Charlotte - 7 étages

    this sidewalk is ridiculous. imagine walking here in winter.
  9. Hôtel Monville - 20 étages

    this building should win an award or something, truly stellar (aside from the anderson street side).
  10. 255 Duke - 24 étages

    Maybe a staging area or a sales office? Anyway, that's in 3 days, surely the project can't be
  11. Le King Wellington - 10 étages

    what is the maximum height here? 60 meters?
  12. 21e Arrondissement - 9 à 14 étages

    in total, how many units will the entire 21e arrondissement contain? 700? 800? that's potentially 2000 individuals on that block. excellent! it would be wonderful if the faubourg des récollets could one day house as many as 10,000 people.
  13. 628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    it's exciting to imagine the faubourg des récollets as a real neighborhood filled with people. 10 years from now, there might not be a single surface parking lot.
  14. Griffintown

  15. 355, Sainte-Catherine ouest (Musique Plus)

    iconic building, going generic