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  1. ville-marie

    What else do you expect?? The mob and unions run this town. A construction strike is an annual event here just like the jazz festival.
  2. Whats the rational with a 80m height limit for this part of town?? I just dont get it!
  3. ville-marie

    La hauteur limite pour ce terrain est 120m. Le promoteur na pa demander de derogation pour le YUL alors je ne vois pas pourquoi il le fera pour ce projet.
  4. ville-marie

    Exact. Le nouveau projet sera certainement du 120m comme le YUL.
  5. A couple of brown envelops will get anything approved
  6. ville-marie

    Can they design something other then a square or rectangular box? Same copy and paste project one after the other with these developers. No originality whatsoever!
  7. ville-marie

    Du gris sur du gris encore une fois. Quel deception comparer au rendu original.
  8. ville-marie

    Mon dieu. Ca va etre le "juggernaught" des immeubles prefab comme jamais vu auparavant!
  9. ville-marie

    Even the eagle is screaming at the ugliness of the prefab...
  10. ville-marie

    I wouldn't rent a unit in this building for the reason of those prefab slabs alone.
  11. ville-marie

    This site has been a complete joke for several years now. This is prime real estate right off Rene-Levesque and its left abandoned. Clown promoters i tell you!!
  12. ville-marie

    Wow. Nothing much has been done since the last photo update. Sad. Would've been a perfect time for a launch.
  13. On aime ca les grandes roue a Montreal. Ce video avec le theme de Superman, vraiment!?!? cringe
  14. ville-marie

    I agree. Looking terrible. And already graffitied by the bums living nearby.
  15. ACPNC is just a victim of the small town Quebec mentality. Do not trash him too much. He doesn't know any better. Toronto is booming light years ahead of Montreal and Quebecers just have to accept it. You reap what you sow!