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  1. Option: Will having an REM station raise or decrease Real Estate value in Griffintown?
  2. I give the new Turcot lasting 25 years. Hopefully the one built in year 2045 will be better.
  3. Not yet completed and the bridge is seeing signs of wear and tear.
  4. Jsuis Anglophone? Nom de famille Tremblais et il me dits jsuis Anglophone. Quand tu grandie dans le West Island, il faut parler en English 😂😂😂
  5. Pauline Marois recommended it 😂😂. Bro wasn’t Griffintown an English neighbourhood? Why don’t we change Beaconsfield borough to Champ de Beacon or all the 7 English neighbourhood in MTL where English is majority speaking. laisse le en Anglais Esti
  6. Bling bling! Money ain’t a thang! 💰💰
  7. Ces arbres 🌳 semble d’être morts ou malade car il on peux de feuille
  8. What the hell? Only 4 trees on one side of the street lol. Downtown have more green on its street... looks nice but more concrete to a concrete jungle isn’t needed. More trees on each side and less gap pls!
  9. https://www.amenagermontreal.ca/griffintown-travaux-en-cours
  10. What happened to the Electric scooters that were supposed to launch at the same time of the Bikes?
  11. Someone give this guy some antidepressants or a rope and a stool lol
  12. Comments on the insane 15% condo fee increase plus 38$ add on for the gym and urban chalet fees?? 🧐🧐
  13. Avril super santé is will take over the commercial space at Mary Robert
  14. https://globalnews.ca/news/4628500/skytrain-property-value-report/ The Real Estate Intelligence Network has brought forward a new report that focuses on real estate value and proximity to transportation infrastructure like SkyTrain and the planned LRT project. The network’s vice-president, Jennifer Hunt, said if your home is within walking distance of these services, your estates value will go up by up to 20 per cent.
  15. They are supposed to come with a Juliette Balcony as promised by the sales rep. Pricing of phase 2, insane how the price increased in 2 years. Unit 204 866 sq ft 2 bedroom for 300k plus tax!