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  1. Exactement, ils sont juste pour les différencier une de l'autre. L'orientation magnétic actuel pourrait étre toutes les memes, come à YUL, de 057 degrées.
  2. Looks like good news for countries operated to from YUL...curious to see if anything will increase frequency.
  3. Totally agree! YUL-DEN already announced changing to E190 2x daily starting this summer I believe.
  4. +1 Lets keep it on topic, or start a new thread.
  5. I would be very surprised if they fully abandon the A330s as they`re still pretty cheap for them to operate...and if they totally get rid of them, they can forget prime routes like CDG, LGW, FCO where competition is stiff. Furthurmore, without having actual numbers, i`m sure the A330 economy of scale provides a better CASM in some cases than with A321s. Time will tell though I suppose.
  6. Amazing news!! Keep em coming!!
  7. More expensive to operate is not totally an accurate statement. When compared to newer 787/777 the 330 CASM on the shorter TATL routes was found to cheaper and more efficient than the new, high capital cost Boeing A/C. The 787/777 are much better utilized on longer segments with more J demand. The 330 seems to be the perfect A/C for the segments out of YUL, and right now there's a good amount coming onto the market for cheap with the A350 and A330neo's coming into the picture. 20 years old and turning to be very useful as part of A/C strategy!
  8. Perhaps we can start a separate thread where people can share all their trips, and keep this one focused on the subject.
  9. Not really news, but seems TAP is receiving new A/C and they have YUL in the sights.
  10. FlyboyMTL

    Navcanada ?

    An old topic, but thought i'd weigh in. NavCanada uses Dash-8-100 and CRJ-100 aircraft to test and calibrate approaches (ILS, LOC, VOR, NDB) and Nav Aids throught it's system. You will often see them doing multiple approaches with go-arounds and quick turn outs to complete another approach in succession. They're usually flying it at quite high speed as they aren't planning on landing. This is all a normal part of maintaining and monitoring the accuracy of the approach guidance systems. Hope that helps!
  11. Wow cool. Didn't even realize they were expanding the runway. Anyone have any details? I imagine it's 24R/06L just redone?
  12. Very imformative! Thanks ERJ-Boy.
  13. Around 1600 yesterday the 17th, saw a BA 744 which looked like it was on the missed approach climb out...a few hours later, saw it depart 24L. What was this flight? Extra to accomidate LEVEL stranded pax?? Cheers
  14. Interesting read...YUL definitely punching above its weight!
  15. FlyboyMTL


    +1 x 1,000,000.