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  1. Wow! All this TOmCruz guy does is be negative . All your posting is criticing things. Wait until Griffintown is complete, all streets and sidewalks fixed, landscaping done and parks completed, this neighbourhood will thrive. You’re at 10 mins walk from downtown, 5 mins always from old port, Lachine canal and Notre Dame. Great place to live!! ;)
  2. Dave1983

    Parc Ottawa-Peel (parc B)

    Project about to start... fence is being placed.
  3. Dave1983

    Activité commerciale dans Griffintown

    Coffee shop just opened on Notre Dame Corner de la Montagne. https://montreal.eater.com/2018/9/6/17824918/chez-lediteur-griffintown-notre-dame-opening
  4. Quand est-ce la construction du prochain pavillon commencera? Celle sur la rue Peel au coins de Notre Dame (Dow building)?
  5. Dave1983

    Parc Ottawa-Peel (parc B)

    Perfect. Thanks guys
  6. Dave1983

    Parc Ottawa-Peel (parc B)

    @ScarletCoral Do you know when they plan on starting with parc B? Also, if it will be the first parc completed, will it be in summer 2019?
  7. Dave1983

    Griffintown et ses projets - Discussion générale

    When is the city planning on planting more trees and fixing all the sidewalks and streets? There's definitely a lack of green space in Griffintown...