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  1. swansongtoo

    Skyline De Montréal

    Nothing more to say is there ... the picture doesn't lie.
  2. swansongtoo

    1000 de la Montagne (Centra) - 45 étages

    Si les trois tours se construisent en même temps ce coin risque d'avoir une allure des voisins Roca, l'Avenue et TDC l'hors de leurs constructions. Serait impressionnant.
  3. swansongtoo

    Shibuya Station Area Redevelopment Plan

    “It may sound presumptuous, but I want people to think of Shibuya in the same way they do London, Paris and New York.” That's the kind of attitude we need in Montreal.
  4. swansongtoo

    Nest Condos - 11 étages

    I think there's an existing thread but do we know what project is to the left of that lonely house ?
  5. swansongtoo

    Union sur le parc (Site des Franciscains) - 2x20 étages

    Si rien d'autre on a un contraste vif du vieux et le nouveau.
  6. swansongtoo

    Forum de Montréal (rénovations)

    You know what I didn't even notice I was there to see The Grinch with my kid.
  7. swansongtoo

    Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    It will soon be time to raise those cranes by January I'd think.
  8. Justement cette après midi j'ai vu une affiche de compagnie de démolition dans la vitrine et les lumières allumer a l’intérieure.
  9. swansongtoo

    Forum de Montréal (rénovations)

    Was there too last week went to A&W which opened a little while ago on Atwater. Meanwhile Mandy's is opening up on Ste. Catherine's side. This place can only raise from the dead it has nothing going on besides the theater.
  10. swansongtoo

    Skyline De Montréal

    And we're not even talking of the old Children's site ... in five years we will have a Downtown West.
  11. swansongtoo

    Nouveau terminal

    Maybe I missed something in the last posts but wasn't YUL looking for financing to even suggest a start date for construction of a new terminal ? I think I saw roughly early - mid 20s for start and about 2030 for completion as a hope.
  12. Si assume les 1500 appartements (je n'aime pas le terme logements) sont tous louer et on assume disons 1.5 habitent par appartement en moyenne on parle de 2250 personnes au moins ce qui est assez impressionnent pour un coin de rue. J'imagine que les commercent a l'ouest de Bleury doivent se réjouir et on risque même de voir un rehaussement de l’offre commerciale vis a vis ce que l'on a aujourd'hui.
  13. If nothing else Devimco is ambitious ! This project, MAA Children's, Griffintown ... that's a lot of work in progress.
  14. swansongtoo

    1 Square-Phillips - ?? étages

    Wow spectacular. Throw in a hoped for QDS project and, as I tell my 8 year old son, this city is finally starting to look like a big city
  15. swansongtoo

    Le Carré Saint-Laurent - 10,20 étages

    The brick filled windows look like tombstones.