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  1. ville-marie

    I read the store's hours will be 8AM - 12AM daily.
  2. ville-marie

    Je me souviens a ce temps la je finissais mon bac a Concordia et un de mes cours était en immobilier (real estate in general). Un jour il avait un invité de, je crois, Marathon Realty qui avait le contrat pour construire le Centre Molson. La ajd je ne me souviens plus de tout ce que j'ai appris au printemps '91 but what I do remember very vividly is the presenter explaining that the new arena could support a 50 story tower.
  3. ville-marie

  4. ville-marie

    This is excellent news and 32 stories ... look it's a start and will put a lot of people in a part of downtown that needs it. Businesses on Ste. Cath on both sides of Atwater will be quite pleased and we can maybe look forward to a rejuvenated Forum (me semble a Jack Astor's la dedans serait cool) with the added residents. 1400 dwellings at say 1.5 per is potentially approx. 2100 people so if about 75% is occupied we can be looking at about 1500 - 1700 as conservative base. Pas rien quand même. Preval to the east and closer to downtown should have been able to 30 - 40 stories easy but I digress.
  5. ville-marie

    Me semble c'est un peu plus le genre de look j'aurais imaginer voir dans les nouveaux bâtiments Griffintown. Nice, subdued, fits well in the area.
  6. Agreed! Ane the lights are turned up at the Peterson penthouse some Christmas cheer in the VIP
  7. saint-laurent

    This is why I shy away from commenting on the ridiculous comments on anything social or economic on this board. Read below ... this is not a bias, not Qc bashing, not anti Montreal anything ... simply numbers that tell us that the job market is not necessarily so rosy nationally. Lord enough with PQ/Liberal/1976 ... ‘In a word, pathetic’: Canada’s surprise 10,700 job spike today isn’t what it seems | Financial Post
  8. ville-marie

    Pourquoi cette brique pâle ... gris, rouge circa 19e siècle serait plus agréable.
  9. griffintown

    Bof c'est plutôt comme un bin gros village mais bon I get what you're saying. But this coop is not BAD comparer aux autres projets habitation sociale a jeter de pierre. Hell it looks better than the Devimco stuff growing around. Pour la clientele visée c'est pas pire.
  10. DQ opening at foot of Alt Hotel Wellington and Peel.
  11. You will all be shocked to learn a Starbucks will open at L'Avenue on des Canadiens.
  12. This is indeed great news. What I look forward to is how the STM will react to the inevitable comparisons between public vs. private mass transit. Also would a large number of riders using this service affect frequency of service on parallel metro or bus corridors. This is the first real competition public transit faces.
  13. ville-marie

    Stretching up Bleury to RL and in the immediate vicinity this area must now rank as one of the most dense hotel areas in the city. This will be an even more dynamic and visually pleasing area for visitors and Montrealers alike. I suspect the large facade up Bleury will have a substantial impact when driving west along Viger perhaps as does the Manuvie building under construction. Agree with others on the 120m ... manque cruellement d'ambition cette limite.