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  1. mont royal

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    The first Japanese immigrants arrived in Brazil in 1908. Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside Japan. According to the IBGE, as of 2009 there were approximately 1.6 million people of Japanese descent in Brazil, and estimated at just under 1.5 million as of 2014.
  2. mont royal

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Well, it's easy for you to have an opinion as well. I don' t see you buying the right to speak here for $200 million. And right, I don't agree with your naïve over-simplistic pro-capitalist agenda. The world is too complex to be reduced to Smith's invisible hands theory. Sure, developers are in business to make a profit. Good for them, but that does not makes them heroes, above reproach...especially when their decisions have a direct impact on my daily life.
  3. mont royal

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Since this is a forum about construction, I obviously limit my comments about quality of life to the impact of architecture and population density. I think that we are on the right track on density. However, I have seen density in places like Calcutta and Dacca, and at that intensity, density is a totally negative factor. We do not want Montreal to even consider unlimited density. One ugly new tower this month, one less Victorian house next month. Nothing to worry about. Right! Wrong! Totally wrong. Short term thinking, quick buck-making, carpet-bagging developers will,one building at a time, take us to the point of no return.
  4. mont royal

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    You can’ t have it both ways. You can’ t come into a market with your deep,pockets, which, of course, allows for even greater profit, cut your costs, including aesethics, create short-term employment, leave wealthier, and then expect everyone to feel grateful for your efforts. We are not talking about selling shoes here. We are talking about a profession which leaves a multigenerational imprint on the quality of life in our city. We are perfectly entitled, and even obligated, to critique any substandard edifice which we bequeath for future generations. Yes, Montrealers demand higher standards. That is part of our DNA and explains the rare quality of life we experience here. .
  5. mont royal

    1500RL - 37 étages

    37 plus 3 non?
  6. mont royal

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    What he means is that it not as if the BN is moving here from another city and furthermore if CGI were to move into the old BN space, it too is simply shifting space within Montreal. So there will be close to 1M sq feet emptied in Montreal that will require filling.
  7. mont royal

    800 rue Saint-Jacques (Banque Nationale) - 46 étages

    And, the ultimate wisdom of common sense is highly overrated. It suits those who don’ t want to leave their comfort zone. There is no basis to argue that common sense dictates that higher is more prestigious. That particular view is nothing more than a personal preference.
  8. mont royal

    800 rue Saint-Jacques (Banque Nationale) - 46 étages

    Right on! Good attitude trumps altitude. Accept our uniqueness and make the best of it!
  9. mont royal

    Le Duke - 25 étages

    Understandably so. I drove by (unintentially) a couple of days ago. A good 400 meters away I heard this terrible unpleasant noise; It was as if a convoy of tanks was catching up to me. It was very disturbing. Yes, it is easy to dismiss it as a minor NIMBY inconvenience when you yourself remain unaffected by it, but it would be hell to live or work there. Even the pedestrians I saw in the area had their fingers in their ears. At some point those living in the area have rights that are being disabused. The noise level is way over any acceptable level for unban life.
  10. mont royal

    Marché immobilier résidentiel de Montréal : actualités

    I am sure that he deliberately avoided mentioning Cadillac Fairview; in part perhaps because it goes against his central thesis. I can understand that, but the Cadillac Fairview impact is a is a current reality and it is a hangover from the past where we allowed outside interests to benefit financially, without their paying any real consideration to the long-term interests of the city. And, why would they? They are not from here; they have deep ;pockets; they can make quick bucks and then move on. That`s what they do. So., although this article demonstrates some important improvements, we still need to be careful about the role of those carpetbaggers. Yes, a few locals will benefit financially from their investments, but there could be a very negative long-tern impact on the quality of life here. Vigilance and discipline is still required. Also, some of the local developers are not exactly visionaries either. They too are looking for a quick return. One of the real challenges of urban physical development is that we are dealing with the long term, while most of our tools and instincts are to serve the short term. When Mao was asked what he thought of the French revolution , he replied that it was too early to tell. In my view , he was right, and, as a city that now has close to 400 years of history behind it, we need to benefit form the past errors of short term vision that have , all too often, had a harmful impact on our city. We can all share the excitement over the exploding energy of what is happening in our city today, and it is indeed wonderful. But we have to also temper our excitement with a calm and long-term view. Today' s mistakes will live on with our grandchildren and their children.
  11. mont royal

    Montreal's Time Square

    What McGill College currently offers is a clean line of lights from Place Ville Marie, right down the Blvd, through the Roddick Gates and up to the Cross. That was put together and financed , I believe, by those offices on the Blvd itself. They deserve a lot of credit. True, it is most impressive around the Xmas season when all of the trees are lit up, but could be worked on and improved for the rest of the year. It is a unique sightline and to cheapen it with some tawdry Times Square replica would be a sin.
  12. I am not insulting you. This is advice I would give to my dearest brother. Your constant negativity will simply turn people off. You lose credibility when time after time, even when obvious good news is announced, you feel the need to be negative. People just stop listening...or reading
  13. You can name drop all you want, but, with exception of your insider knowledge of the airline industry, your constant negativity hAs totally damaged your credibility on anything else related to Montreal.
  14. mont royal

    Marché immobilier résidentiel de Montréal : actualités

    Interesting article; ironically because it basically demonstrates that we are really talking about a non-issue. Time to put it to bed. China will continue to be the world's dominant economy for many years to come and it is only natural that, like the British and Americans before them, they will invest globally. This study shows that their numbers here are still quite low, but a quality Chinese presence here will only strengthen our own economy.
  15. mont royal

    La NBA revient à Montréal

    Even though basketball was invented by a Canadian, it is essentially an American sport. If we were to have a team here it would be dominated by American players and American coaches, not to mention the management. So basically, we would be paying to see a bunch of giant American mercenaries taking our money to play their game. With hockey, we can all identify with it. Most of us played it as kids, it is seriously played in every village throughout the province and we can all identify with the exceptional skills of the pros. The same is increasingly the case for soccer. In Canadian football, we are producing the best college teams and players in the country, so once again, there is a built-in affinity for the sport. I can only see this sport being of interest to a relatively small proportion of the Montreal pubic. We should concentrate more on sports that come naturally to us. Women`s hockey should become immensely popular if local level participation continues to advance. Having a pro basketball ream here is a form of American wannabeism; perfect for a city-not-to-be- named, but not for us.