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  1. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    According to the criteria as I understood them, it is far from certain that Amazon is looking for a suburban campus. In fact, ready proximity to public transport and to an urban environment seems to be important criteria. Whatever the case, the cities of Brossard, Laval and Montreal better speak with one voice if we are to have any chance of attracting Amazon. If they start backbiting each other, it will be game over.
  2. Montréal, 3 é Centre Financier en Amérique du Nord

    Is this a useless indicator for New York? for London? for Toronto? Or is this famous bias you keep referring to exist only towards Montreal? This analysis comes our of London and China...why would they have a special bais in favour of Montreal? Maybe the bais is actually quite closer than you think... like about 3 inches above your forehead.
  3. Statistiques PAX

    Even though it is true that Africa as a whole is now the fasted growing economy, we are not talking about countries or continents immigrating here; we are talking about individuals. As a rule, Senegalese will probably adapt quicker to Quebec than will Koreans. That being said, I have heard that a growing number of Korean shop keepers are moving to Montreal from Toronto, since they will earn basically the same amount of money here, but it will go further.
  4. Le Wellington Griffintown (Phase 3) - 19 étages

    Sorry, but don`t even try to out-Rocco Rocco.
  5. Statistiques PAX

    Of course they would. The Senegalese are renowned entrepreneurs and speak French. Makes total sense to me.
  6. I kind of enjoy conspiratorial thinking. It’s so creative. You can do it about almost anything...and after a while it actually starts to make sense in your head...even if it really makes no sense at all. Inevitably, it gives way too much credit to an imagined manipulative brilliance of people who in reality are no smarter than anyone else. So, keep up the conspiratorial thesis; it’s fun to see an active imagination at work. What really disturbs me about your analysis is the presumption that YUL couldn`t possibly achieve these additional flights on its own merits. There must absolutely be another reason; right?. Not necessarily! Montreal has an immediate catchment area of over 5,000,000. Our economy is robust. Our markets are expanding. Our location is excellent. The YUL passenger transfer system is, compared to many, easy for the newcomer to utilize. As YUL approaches the 20M passenger total we will begin to see spontaneous exponential growth. It will make sense for a growing number of airlines to grow here. . AC is ahead of the curve on this and ...tant mieux.
  7. BOMBARDIER C series Airasia considering C Series
  8. More anglos in Quebec

    Totally misleading headline. The percentage of native English speakers continues to diminish, although the absolute numbers have gone up by 2000 over a 5 year period. You wold have to be pretty extreme to continue to see this a threat to the survival and/or dominance of French in Quebec. Although the percentage of those speaking French at home has diminished slightly, this is obviously because of the growing number of immigrants. We do not really need to fear that Farsi, Arabic or Hindi are going to displace French. And, thanks to Bill101 , the overwhelming majority of children of immigrants will grow up speaking fluent Quebecois French in their daily life outside of the home. Hopefully, most of them will also keep the language of their parents, as that can only enrich Quebec in the future. However, it is also safe to assume that by the third generation, their offspring's mother tongue will be French and any other language will have to be learned in the good old-fashioned and difficult manner that most of us here have experienced.
  9. tennis

    I think that this question touches on a fundamental Montreal issue. Toronto, like most American cities, supports sports teams out of a sense of municipal loyalty. They will even support a bad team, or a badly managed team, or even a dishonestly managed team (all part of the Leafs tradition). The Toronto AC arena can be full, but you can practically hear a pin drop. The well dressed suits at the game are there out of loyalty, to be seen properly, as they discuss real estate while the game goes on quietly. Montreal fans go for 2 reasons; The fans are an event unto themselves. Yes, the event matters, and the fans, along with their reaction, are a significant part of the event. But ultimately Montrealers are consumers of quality; be it of food, cars, clothes, or sports events. If the quality is not there; if the effort is not there; the fans will not be there. This is especially true if the majority of the players are not from Quebec, do not speak the language, go back to their real homes in off-season, etc. Why be 'loyal' to them? The more the team is genuinely rooted in the community and the better the product, the more Montrealers will be the best fans in the world.
  10. tennis So, who still thinks that Montreal is a one-sport town?
  11. Statistiques PAX

    Mtl; YTD including June; 8.5M; plus 8.6% Cal; YTD, including June; 7.7M, plus 3.1% Vanc; YTD including May; 9.2M, plus 8.6% Tor: YTD including May; 18.3M, plus 7.7%
  12. So far, West Jet has not learned how to compete for Quebec customers. Its `aw shucks` western image is meaningless here. Too bad. We need internal competition in order tp get the prices down ...especially for traffic to the regions. Personally I think that West Jet is not up to it, and someone else will have to step up to fill in the gap. No obvious candidates tho. .
  13. Humaniti - 39 étages

    There is nothing lightly amusing about denigrating what is considered by some to be sacred territory. I could have just as easily said English settlers. Rocco, irrespective of his mother tongue, needs a little bashing from time to time. I have no doubt that his feelings are not hurt.
  14. The issue of whether a specific airline is providing unfair competition on international routes has to be resolved at an international level; not by a National government. A Canadian airline has lots of natural advantages, unavailable to airlines from other national carriers, which would also have to be taken into consideration. (educated workforce, long-standing brand, natural national market...which is inapplicable in most Gulf States, built-in customer base due to large distances and dispersed population, several major cities to draw from, cheap electricity, etc.) Most of these are unavailable for a carrier from a Gulf Sate or from many other parts of the world. So they will bring their own value added advantages and, when necessary, it will be up to international authorities to determine whether or not they have an unfair advantage. For example, is it really unfair for a government to provide subsidies? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If AC authorities are not defending their turf and are not presenting arguments to the Canadian government as why a certain airline is providing, in their view, unfair competition, then they are not being responsible to their shareholders. The Canadian government however, has a double-barrelled interest; yes, to protect important jobs in the airline sector, but also to ensure that Canadian consumers have the best possible choices. In the current protectionist environment, it is the consumer who loses out.