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  1. Montréal : le tourisme bat de nouveaux records

    OK, but one of the most important aspects of any risk analysis is on the quality of governance. The reality is that good companies don’t just take risks; they minimize them…and those with the deepest pockets do a lot of homework before taking a decision whether to proceed or not. Good governance makes all the difference in the world. And...we’re not talking here about true entrepreneurs who actually mortgage their houses because they can’t get loans from the bank.
  2. Expos coming back?

    I would rather have a mayor look at this issue from an economic and social perspective, than one who is doing it from a fan perspective.
  3. Altoria - 35 étages (2014)

    Good question. ‘If you got" is North American colloquial; think of it as English Canadian joual. 'If you have" is definitely better grammar.
  4. Le Drummond - 24 étages

    Just a guess: maybe to increase density first, rather than having a few, relatively isolated high towers (a la Toronto)? Once the density improves, then maybe higher towers could be encouraged..
  5. Expos coming back?

    I am not sure that I agree with your assumption. An investment is different from a simple purchase. They should not be asked to buy their citizenship. They are being asked to invest in their new country. An investment implies direct financial return. So, they can invest for example, in a restaurant or, presumably, in the Expos. It would be their decision as to what investment gives them the best return. In either case, they would get landed immigrant status.
  6. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    My sense is that they are looking for a more urban location. They want ready access to public transport and, presumably, the benefits of city energy and diversity. I am not even sure whether the Blue Bonnets site would satisfy them; it may be close in minutes to downtown, but it is totally missing the youthful vitality of Mile End or even Le Plateau.
  7. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Anyone growing up in Montreal should be familiar with the history of ' Speak White”. This was a favourite form of the ridiculing domination of anglos during my parent’s’ generation. If a francophone dared to speak French in a commercial establishment in the downtown area, he could be told to 'Speak White”. I have friends who were told that and it changed their lives...and their politics. Being unaware today of the real importance of this term is understandable, I guess, and, clearly, times have improved since then, but if we are not aware of the history of our own community, we are, as they say, damned to repeat it.
  8. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Good for you. When you are able to drop your anger and outright bigoted reflex, you can actually add some intelligent comments to this forum. I agree with you that most promotors will simply assess the limits of supply and demand and try to maximize their profits. That is the norm whenever outright capitalism is encouraged. However, in and of itself, that is not enough. There are many other objectives in a city’s development which go beyond short-term profit for developers with deep pockets. This is our city; we live in it daily, we generally love the quality of life that it provides us, and we want it to get better. Like many of us on this forum, I love strolling through the streets and surveying the energy and beauty of the people and the beauty and comfort of so many of our buildings. In most NA cities (and towns), there is no pleasure in strolling the streets; they are often empty and the surrounding buildings offer no solace. So, when an outside developer comes into town, I expect and insist that they respect and even augment our heritage. The developers at YUL seem to understand this. I am far from convinced that CF appreciates this aspect of our local culture. This wonderful forum allows me to voice my concerns and in some small unmeasurable way, contribute to the quality of our life.
  9. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    In Toronto, its not about design ; its about money. The last thing a Toronto developer wants is to have Montreal outshine their hometown. Yes, a boycott might have a positive influence. Also, we should put pressure on les Canadiens; they are very brand conscious and the Toronto boys are selling their product well mostly because they have associated themselves with the Habs brand..
  10. BOMBARDIER C series

    The protectionist reflex of the Americans is rewarded here, but probably only for the short term. Yes, jobs will be created in Alabama, but all corporate decisions will be done outside of the USA. BBD loses ultimate control pf the CSeries, but the security that comes with Airbus should mean an immediate jump in sales and for all the airplanes destined for outside of the USA, there will be immense employment opportunities at Mirabel. It is possible that there will be additional planes built under the legal definition of CSeries, probably stretched versions. These will be in direct competition with the more outdated Boeing models, but again, when appropriate, they can be assembled in the USA. The research and development work will be done in Montreal. The debts to both government bodies will be easily repaid as sales increase. My understanding is that this is a time-limited agreement, and it will be restricted to the CSeries, including any new versions. However, the financial security that this will bring to BBD will allow them to concentrate on non-CSeries planes, including, but not restricted to small jets. Boeing will lose the most in this. They are almost a generation behind BBD and this frees up BBD to keep and even strengthen its technological advantage. BBD has had the technology but not the marketing. Now they have the best of all worlds; the marketing of Airbus, their own technological superiority, access to the American market and financial security, Yes, full control would have been ideal; but the ruthless hypocracy of Boeing made some kind of shift absolutely necessary. I believe that this is a devastating counter-punch by BBD.
  11. BOMBARDIER C series

    This is definitely a Plan B, but a very brilliant one.
  12. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    According to the criteria as I understood them, it is far from certain that Amazon is looking for a suburban campus. In fact, ready proximity to public transport and to an urban environment seems to be important criteria. Whatever the case, the cities of Brossard, Laval and Montreal better speak with one voice if we are to have any chance of attracting Amazon. If they start backbiting each other, it will be game over.
  13. Montréal, 3 é Centre Financier en Amérique du Nord

    Is this a useless indicator for New York? for London? for Toronto? Or is this famous bias you keep referring to exist only towards Montreal? This analysis comes our of London and China...why would they have a special bais in favour of Montreal? Maybe the bais is actually quite closer than you think... like about 3 inches above your forehead.
  14. Statistiques PAX

    Even though it is true that Africa as a whole is now the fasted growing economy, we are not talking about countries or continents immigrating here; we are talking about individuals. As a rule, Senegalese will probably adapt quicker to Quebec than will Koreans. That being said, I have heard that a growing number of Korean shop keepers are moving to Montreal from Toronto, since they will earn basically the same amount of money here, but it will go further.
  15. Le Wellington Griffintown (Phase 3) - 19 étages

    Sorry, but don`t even try to out-Rocco Rocco.