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  1. We will see whether they survive or not. Of course , more choice is good for the consumer...but obviously they have to deliver the goods. I can’ t believe that you are arguing that less choice is better for the consumer. Or, are you simply gloating because the new competition is so shoddy?
  2. Their name says it all; W.E.S.T J.E.T. (We`re English Speaking Transport. Just English. Thanks. )
  3. mont royal

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Definitely has a post-apocalyptic look to it.
  4. You infer that this applies to Montreal parks in general. Not so. We have many absolutely beautiful parks; too many to even begin to list them here.
  5. Right. The last thing we want to see is consumer choice and satisfaction.
  6. mont royal

    Le Carré Saint-Laurent - 10,20 étages

    They tried...but for him, it wasn’t about money. It was about safeguarding the raunchy history of the Main.
  7. Part of their problem may be that they only have one aircraft based at Orly. I see that they have ordered more 330s, two of which will be based at Orly. Certainly an embarrassing beginning. Will they learn from their mistakes...or not?
  8. mont royal

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Piquant; difficile à digérer
  9. mont royal

    PC victory effect on Quebec

    Ford will be business-friendly, but his huge projected budget cuts will most likely have a serious negative impact on quality of life. Young entrepreneurs, many of whom have a clear social vision and are determined to use their business skills to improve our quality of life, may now find it more interesting to invest and work in Quebec, rather than in Ontario. Also, Ford has a majority based on a very low popular vote, so we can expect to see growing political instability in Ontario...something that discourages investors.
  10. mont royal


    Yul to Tokyo is about one hour quicker than flying non-stop from Toronto or Chicago and 2 hours quicker than from Detroit or New York. So personally, if I was flying from anywhere south west or south east of Montreal and I had to transfer somewhere for a direct flight, my first choice for comfort would be Montreal. When you get up past 10 hours non-stop, each extra hour is wicked. This could be a bonanza for YUL.
  11. mont royal

    ***Liste des projets proposés***

    Below is this June' s update of my list of buildings under construction, or approved. It is limited to buildings of a minimum of 15 floors and on the island of Montreal. 'Under construction' is limited to where a crane is in place. Duke is an exception...since there appeared to be a crane there a few weeks ago, and although it has since been removed, I have no doubts that the construction process will not be interrupted. Since the demolition of the Childrens' is ongoing I have added to the second column only those which have been officially announced. Some comparisons with a year ago. The combined numbers of those actually underway is down to 43 from 48 last year. However the number of announced sites is up from 27 to 33. Also from last June to today, I have counted 15 buildings as being completed. That is more than double of any previous 12-month period going back to 2013-14. I am sure that there are some errors here. I do this just on the basis of what I see on-line or in the press (I have no inside information.). Also, I get confused about Griffentown with all of its Griffens, Lowneys, etc. etc. Perhaps Scarlet Coral could advise me on what corrections need to be made here. Montreal Construction, June 2017-18 Under construction TDC 3 (55) TDC 2 (51) TOM (42) Humaniti (39) YUL 2 (38) Evolo X (36) Le Smith, Canvar (26) Drummond 1 (24) Le Duke (24) Bassin du Havre, Quai 4 (21) 20 de Maisonneuve (20) Lowney sur Ville 1 (20) O`Nessy (20) Condo Solano 6 (20) Laurent et Clark (20) St M (19) Stanhope (19) Ogilvy (18) Union 1 (18) Union 2 (18) Exalto (17) St Maurice (16) 1441 Rene L (16) Brix (Dowd) (16) Centra Condos (16) O`Nessy (15) 21ieme Arrondissement (15) Gallery sur le canal (15) 1437 RL (15) Demolition/Excavation phase Banque Nat (46) Metro Lucien Allier (45) Childrens 1, Seniors Residence (38) 628 St Jacques (35) Tour QdS (30). Icone 2 (27) Childrens, Est-West 1 (27) Childrens, Est-West 2 (27) Metro Lucien Allier 2 (25) Laurent and Clark (25) Condos McKay (24) Drummond 2 (24) Lowney sur ville 4 (22) Childrens 6, Public Housing (20) Announced, approved and/or on sale Victoria sur le parc (56) 1500 RL (ex-Babylon) (40) Maritime Plaza (37) Domtar Gardens (36) Children`s Hospital 3 (32) Symphonia Pop (32) Children`s Hospital 4 (28) Hotel MacKay (26) Voltige 1 (26) Children`s Hospital 5 (24) 2055 Drummond (24) Enticy, RL (24) Tour Peel (23) Hexagon 2 (22) MaryRobert 1 (22) MaryRobert 2 (22) Children`s Hospital 6 (20) Gare Viger (20) Lowney sur ville 2 (20) Lowney sur ville 3 (20) Zenith (20) Voltige 2 (20) Les Bassins (Musto) 1 (20) Les Bassins (Musto) 2 (20) 1190 Drummond (19) 1492 MacKay (18) Carrefour de la Création (15) Murray 4 (15) Murray 5 (15) Carré St-Laurent (15) GH Griffentown 1 (15) GH Griffentown 2 (15) 1200 McKay (15) Total: 76 Completed since June 1, 2017 Evolo S (27) Holiday Inn (37) La Catherine (15) CHUM (20) CHUM (17) Wellington, Murray 3 (19) Manuvie (28) Icone 1 (40) Six 88 (16) Maison Hauntée; Hotel Monville (20) YOO (20) AC Hotel (37) Roccabella 2 (41) Myriade (22) YUL 1 (38) Completed Previous Years 2013-14: 4 2014-15 : 5 2015-16: 6 2016-17: 6 2017-18: 15