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  1. Humaniti - 39 étages

    Thanks Rocco. Only in Montreal! I never realized before that never in history has any city other than Montreal had setbacks and delays in construction! You learn something every day!
  2. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Interesting. This has, on occasion, been a good debate. I think that, under classification 3, we need to add a second category. We have seen many ideological positions which have been part of the dialogue here and which stem from the belief that any private sector initiative is positive, that it is therefore a private matter, that the risk will be taken on by the private sector, and that therefore the government (i.e. the public) should be grateful and allow them to proceed irrespective of public concerns. I would define that as ideological-based because it is such a simplistic analysis and seemingly stems from a belief system rather than an integrous analysis. Perhaps a fourth category should be added entitled something like 'The Public Interest`. This is our city; not the developers`, and if we do not work together and find common solutions the city will be the worse off for it.
  3. 600 Peel (tour résidentielle 210 mètres) - ?? étages

    I agree totally that urban quality of life is created at the street level...and no, it doesn`t require low level buildings, but, nor does it require towers. In other words, there is no relationship between height and the urban street life. Would saints Catherine, Laurent or Denis be more lively if towers replaced their current buildings? Ce n’est pas évident. Basically the height is irrelevant; it all depends on what is happening below. Both NYC and Hong Kong have good street level life in the midst of towering buildings. In fact, because of the street level action the height becomes not only irrelevant, but virtually invisible from the street. I just had a good overview of Griffentown coming in by train from Toronto. Maybe Griffentown will not get accolades on the view from the bridges, but up close, it looks very urban and very dynamic.
  4. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    I understand the Quebec City-Montreal rivalry...but, this is not yet an international flight!
  5. McGill: RVH Campus

    I couldn't agree more. We look back now at the Drapeau era demolitions with shame and horror. We don't want future generations asking how stupid we must have been to tear down such key icons of the city.
  6. 975 Lucien-L'Allier - 45 étages

    I think that the emergency exits are on the 13th floor. Giant chutes! The toilets at each end will get pretty crowded though.
  7. 600 Peel (tour résidentielle 210 mètres) - ?? étages

    CF is used to the Toronto dynamic where developers rule, and citizens keep their mouths shut.
  8. I came across the following by accident. Although written a couple of years ago, there is nothing dated about it. Elizabeth Patterson: Our Montreal Voyageur Van Osdol and Magruder News July 7, 2016 This past month I traveled to Montreal. It was my first time there, and while you are only a few hours away from the U.S. border, you feel like you have travelled across the ocean to Europe. Bold, brazen and beautiful, Montreal is a tantalizing tale of two worlds: New-world energy and excitement meets old-world glamour and grace. The 17th century Montreal is still very apparent in Old Montreal today. It has retained much of its charm with cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and original architecture. Montreal is a modern, diverse city with amazing shopping and fantastic food. Montreal is Canada’s most cultural juggernaut, with 250 theaters and dance companies, and more than 90 festivals. It’s also blessed with one of the most exciting food scenes in North America. You’ll find irresistible patisseries, English pubs, 87-year-old Jewish delis and magnificent food markets reminiscent of Paris. Culture buffs seeking Canadian and Québécois art have two solid choices: Traditional and classic pieces at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, or cutting-edge modern masterpieces at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. There is also McGill University, almost 200 years old with turreted Victorian buildings. My favorite day was hiking up Parc du Mont-Royal. Once you finally make it up to the top, you get a stunning view of the entire city. Be sure to visit the Gothic Revival Basilique Notre-Dame, the city’s most famous landmark, built in 1829. It is full of gorgeous carved wood, painted gilded sculptures and stained glass windows. Then head down to the Quartier des spectacles, the arts and entertainment district located in downtown Montreal, for some live music and shows. The writer Regis St. Louis said it best: “I’m always struck by the unbridled creativity of this city. You see it in the magnificent inventions being stirred up in restaurant kitchens, in the barroom and on stage, and you even see it walking down the street with incredible urban art lurking in unexpected places. The dual French-English mix adds dynamism to the city as does its unique mash-up of European and North American culture. Most captivating of all are the people themselves
  9. According to LH schedule on line , the 340 flight to Frankfurt will be increased by one and will be daily this summer.
  10. A Globe and Mail take on the need for height limitations in Montreal
  11. Le Smith - 26 étages

    Not just American cities; after 5PM most of downtown Toronto is dead; Ottawa is abandoned, Calgary deserted,... etc.
  12. Tour Quartier des spectacles (Spectrum) - 14, 33 étages

    On the other side of the coin, Montreal is experiencing extraordinary job growth. The JLL report for the last 2017 quarter points out that in that quarter 3 new office buildings were concluded with only 27%total vacancy on entering the market. That’s impressive!
  13. Very interesting ideas, but most of them belong in the Visions category. They do not necessarily bear any resemblance to reality. It’s fun...but not really informative. However, it is revealing how many equate height with quality. IMO , there is absolutely no correlation between the two. A huge stand-alone Collossus would only deminish the street buzz of Montreal.
  14. Le Drummond - 2 * 24 étages

    It looks as if they are starting work on Drummond 2
  15. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    You're right. It is a joke....sort of.