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  1. Ridiculous! Every true Montrealer knows that, while on the island, no matter what direction the St Lawrence river is from you, it is east. Simple! Why confuse it with maps, direction finders, compasses, tree moss, sun position, etc?
  2. 18 hours ago Air Canada (AC, Montréal Trudeau) has outlined its proposed plans for the deployment of two B737 MAX aircraft due to enter its fleet by the end of 2017. The new narrow-bodies are likely to be used on routes from Victoria Int'l to Toronto Pearson and Montréal Trudeau, and between Calgary and Halifax, reports Skies Mag. Although the above explanation is somewhat ambiguous, and it could be interpreted as stating that the Victoria flights will go to Montreal via Toronto, the most sensible interpretation is that the flights from Victoria to YUL will be non-stop.
  3. These are very helpful clarifications and I would agree that the context of these statistics should be presented more clearly. I am not sure though that the figures should be defined as `alternate facts`, which, let’s face it, is just a euphemism for a `lie`. Yes, it may be intentional misleading to not clarify the context, but if it really means that we have the most international conferences (not delegates) in Montreal, that is still a significant accomplishment in and of itself. It should be a source of civic pride, rather than disdain
  4. There has never been any ambiguity about these stats. It has always been made clear that they are talking about international conventions; not domestic or North American. In my view, the fact that Montreal remains the most popular North American city for international gatherings tells an important story. Nor is it the least surprising that domestic (i.e. American conferences) don`t leave the USA. I cannot imagine a conference for a Canadian association of some kind being held outside of Canada; it would be a offence to the constituency and there would be no local hosting partner.
  5. It’s pretty sad when you have to add Kitchener-Waterloo as being part of the GTA in order to defend Toronto itself. If you want to compare Montreal with Southern Ontario, then go ahead, but in so doing you are already admitting that Montreal is performing very competitively. It reminds me of a few years’ ago when Calgary was maintaining that it had more head offices than Montreal; but then, when you looked at it closely; they were excluding places like St Laurent, Laval, and the south Shore, anything outside of Montreal City proper. When you have to start cheating on the edges and redefining your ground in order to make your point, then you are obviously in trouble.
  6. I seriously hope that you are not passing your self off as an expert in AI. This is not an expert forum...thankfully. The Waterloo founders of Maluubu have moved to Montreal; to be in the center of the work on deep learning. The work here is clearly recognized globally as state of the art. I am sorry, but your capacity for critical thinking is no more than a negative emotional reflex to any indicator that Montreal is doing somethin interesting. You are really stuck in the 60s. Get over it. Your Trumpist world-view is tiresome.
  7. Great news. Interesting that Montreal is their first Canadian destination!
  8. That article says it all! Out of IBM no less, so no bias there. World's leading!!! Any argument that Toronto is ahead in AI has no foundation in fact. Some people just enjoy sucking lemons.
  9. You are not wrong, although I believe that the third city was Edmonton. As soon as the news came out that Montreal was leading in AI, the Globe and Mail came out with an editorial urging the Federal government to support Canada's AI development, especially in Toronto. Within days the Feds gave equal funds to the 3 cities. Your point is dead-on.
  10. Any third party reports (that is, objective reports) classify Montreal as a global hotbed of AI. The national (read Toronto) media is now mounting a massive PR campaign to publicize what’s happening in AI in Toronto. Any minor investment instantly becomes national news. This is definitely a catch-up exercise and, typically for Toronto, is probably more hype than reality. Of course, in so doing, the same national media deliberately excludes any news about developments in Montreal. I have no hesitation though in admitting that Toronto is Number One in the country in overstating its accomplishments and in producing endless hyperbole about what a world-class city it is. Seldom do I see these self-serving views mirrored by outside observers.
  11. Of course I am disappointed ...and angry. I am angry because I am convinced that Montreal has the better expertise to determine how best to finance infrastructure. So, it is certain to me that this was a political choice, one that was not based on existing expertise, but that was based on banal political considerations i.e. shoring up the Liberal vote in Toronto. That being said; Montreal is not going to lose our expertize. The Caisse in particular will continue to fund infrastructural projects in and outside of Quebec and importantly, it will do so within market conditions. BIC on the other hand is not an arms-length Crown Corporation. As I understand it, all final decisions will be made by parliament. So the development of financial expertise within BIC will be muted; the projects will ultimately be selected, not based on market conditions, but rather on political options. This is a longstanding, if somewhat crooked governmental practice; it will mean that projects will be selected in order to strengthen the government’s political standing through the balancing of regions, the choice of implementing companies, etc. The employees at BIC will be government functionaries; not financial wizards. Ironically, in my view, the choice of Toronto was, in and of itself, a bad political decision. If Toronto had missed out, the political damage would have been minimal. The Toronto financial community is doing OK; this is not a big deal for them. This will not be the case in Quebec. The federal Liberals will lose credibility here, because Quebecers realize only too well that they got screwed by the Feds, once again.
  12. The recent consultants report basically recommended against the need for an independent or arms length Infrastructure bank. So, maybe this will be a coquille vide, or a stillborn bank, and the real decision-making action will stay within the Ottawa bureaucracy.
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