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  1. mont royal

    1920-1946 rue Ste-Catherine ouest - 15 étages

    Excellent article on an amazing life story. However, it is hard to believe that he would ‘waste’ any money on aesthetics. His financial success is totally based on strict functionality.
  2. mont royal

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Agreed unnecessary cheap shot based on outdated demographics. If this project proceeds, Montreal should install toll booths on all the exit or entry points in and out of the complex.
  3. mont royal

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    It is misleading to refer to asylum seekers as immigrants. By doing so, it raises false concerns that they are jumping the queue and displacing those who have methodically applied for immigrant status. This is not the case. The immigration process is in a separate category all together and the number of immigrants allowed into Canada is not directly affected by the arrival of asylum-seekers. Furthermore, asylum seekers will only be in a position for permanent residence if they can achieve refugee status; which basically means that they have to prove that their lives would be in danger if they ae returned to their native land. A strong majority of the recent asylum seekers are being refused refugee status and are being deported. The biggest problem really is that it takes much effort and time to verify the potential danger a claimant might be in if they are refused refugee status. This, is turn, often leads to another humanitarian dilemma. It can take 2 or 3 years to determine that an asylum seeker will be endangered if they return home and that therefore Canada has an internationally approved responsibility towards them, By then it is most likely that their children will have integrated into Quebec society. Their French will be fluent; In fact, most will be more Quebecois than anything else by then. Their parents will most likely have been working, and have advanced quite a bit in integrating into the local community... and then, if it is decided that that do not qualify for refugee status,, everything changes for them. They have to pack up their bags and go back to their county of origin and restart a whole new process of adaptation and reintegration.. This global dilemma will only increase in intensity in the near future. Climate change will force the uprooting of millions of people who will have no option but to leave a country that is either suffering from severe drought, or is now under water.
  4. mont royal

    TOM Condos - 42 étages

    Tough luck: no patent on it.
  5. mont royal

    Dossier exportation Hydro-Québec

    Fair question..and there is a way to steal it back, but it would take time, commitment and patience. The population of Labrador is less than 30, 000. Most of its land mass borders on Quebec. If the GOQ and private Quebec investors began to invest heavily and create employment in Labrador, and if they insisted that employees be bilingual (basically meaning francophones, the majority of whom would come from Quebec) then within a generation or two, there would be a strong enough francophone population base to begin a political drive to have Labrador join Quebec. Even amongst the exiting population, there is no love lost for Newfoundland. In fact there has been a history of promoting Labrador independence. But by any economic and social standard, the quality of life in Labrador would be enhanced best if it were to become part of Quebec.
  6. mont royal

    Dossier exportation Hydro-Québec

    We don't claim it. We buy it.
  7. mont royal

    Dossier exportation Hydro-Québec

    We should now offer Newfoundland substantial long-term payments from the Churchill revenues... on condition that they cede Labrador to Quebec. Historically, Newfoundland has effectively ignored Labrador and there is a lot of resentment amongst Labradorians as a result. Quebec could do a much better job of economic and social development there than can Newfoundland, which is facing its own huge economic an social challenges.
  8. mont royal

    Humaniti - 39 étages

    Good point. The Seven Sisters in Moscow are all from the Soviet period and they are classical beauties.
  9. mont royal

    Montréal fera plus de place aux minorités dans ses C.A.

    Clearly, they don’t hire now on the basis of qualifications! They hire on the basis of whether person X,Y, or Z is white and francophone. Quotas are not the best answer: what is needed is the explicit recognition that the current practice is biased and employers do not make the required effort to find those with the best qualifications.
  10. mont royal

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Right. Put the colonials in the frontlines.
  11. mont royal

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    This week’s studies on the demographics of immigrant groups in Toronto makes it very clear how entrenched racism is in Toronto. Nosurprise there. Don’ t forget; Ontario is the world capital of political correctness; none of these issues can be discussed openly. Quebec is at the other end of the spectrum; unpleasant issues must be openly discussed and dealt with. Yes, it is difficult and tense sometimes, but we get through it and move on. Meanwhile in Ontario, including Toronto, the evils of racism and bigotry fester dangerously below the surface until they explode... literally.
  12. mont royal

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Ontario is already seeing how its dependence on the American-dominated aut0- manufacturing business is making them vulnerable As Trump threatens additional tariffs there. 50, 000 new employees under American control would only deepen their branch-plant dependence. We have some of that same effect here, but we are nowhere near as vulnerable as Ontario.
  13. mont royal

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    `Anything to make a profit: Gee whiz, that's awful,,,.so different from our benevolent Canadian corporate leadership. Thankfully, they are so community- minded here; always thinking first of what`s best for the community; never putting profit first. .
  14. mont royal

    Le Quebec perd ses sieges sociaux

    I agree that this issue needs to be looked at closely. Montreal based head offices need to respond as did a recent Toronto-based company: when the newly employed CEO insisted that he continue to reside in Vancouver, the Board simply decided not to hire him. Even in the era of global communications, there are very strong arguments to be made as to why the CEO should work alongside his colleagues in the Head Office. It is important to sensitize Quebec -based enterprises to push hard for senior officials, and especially the CEOs, to reside in Montreal. Bell Canada is a good case in point. When the CEO was hired and requested to come to the Montreal Head Office, he refused on the basis that this would disrupt the education of hos children. (You have to only imagine how many employees are transferred annually by Bell with no thought given to the impact on the children.). Since then Mr. Cope has refused to speak in French when he comes to Montreal and has gradually shifted responsibilities to where he is located, which of course only reinforces the argument that the CEO should be close to the head Office personnel. This was never a business decision; this appears to be an expression of intolerance and bigotry on the part of the CEO. As much as I would agree that something should be done about this phenomenon, the situation is not so one-sided as the article implies. First issue; who belongs to Quebec Inc.? I have always understood that Quebec Inc. refers to the boom of entrepreneurial spirit that emerged amongst Quebecers as a result of the Quiet Revolution. A new breed of Quebecer emerged and a new and local body of knowledge was being generated by such institutions as HEC. Of the list in the Journal de M, only one company really falls into that category, Couch-Tard, and it has just spent millions on expanding its HQ. (I still agree that their CEO should be required to move to Montreal; otherwise he will slowly surround himself with senior official that he knows should be close by). Each company on the list should be looked at independently, but neither Molson’s nor Bell can properly be identified as being part of Quebec Inc. They both are descendants of corporations founded and overseen by the Anglo elite long before the Quiet Revolution. Another point: so far this year up to Sept 1, by my calculation Quebec Corporations have bought out 35 companies located outside of Quebec. In each case this is a strengthening of Head Office impact in Quebec. On the other side of the ledger, only 4 Quebec-owned companies have been bought by outside interests and, in some of these cases, the head Office remains in Montreal. (These numbers may not be totally accurate, but I have tried to follow this issue closely since January. This is a rather staggering differential and bodes well for the long-term strength and dynamism of Quebec Inc.
  15. mont royal

    Royalmount "Quinze40"