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Alleys/Ruelles with commercial activity


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I've been reading about how American cities revitalize their alleyways, and in many cases it involves opening up cafes, shops, and restaurants facing the alley, making them into cozy hubs of pedestrian activity. Here's an article with photos about revitalized alleys in Detroit: http://www.modeldmedia.com/features/green-alley-revolution-112717.aspx


In Montreal we have Ruelles Vertes,  but as far as I can tell these are all located between residential streets. We have plenty of alleys next to commercial streets too. How cool would it be if those alleys were brought to life by not only making them green alleys, but also having businesses opening entrances and terraces on the alley? They could have a similar layout to the businesses on the north side of Jean Talon market, which have entrances on both ends on Rue Jean-Talon (front) and Place du Marché-du-Nord (back).

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