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The World's Most Hipster Neighborhoods*|*SmarterTravel


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Mile End, Montreal, Canada


Mile End in Montreal is where the ultimate hipster band Arcade Fire launched its career, so if you're an indie music lover you should definitely add this spot to your travel list. Plus, you'll get the chance to spot a rare breed—the French Canadian hipster—in its natural habitat. Soak up the vibe in great cafes, art studios, and at local shows.


Hipster Haunt: Casa del Popolo describes itself as "Montreal's only family-run neighborhood vegetarian hot-spot. Part fair-trade cafe, part music venue, part resto-bar, and part art gallery." Come here for vegetarian pate, a band you've never heard of (but that will probably be really cool in the next few years), and a cheap beer.


(Photo: Christophe via flickr/CC Attribution)


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